The Best Designer Armchairs of All Time

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Let’s discover together the best designer armchairs of all time! Ready?

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The armchair is one of the most important elements of the living room; it must promote relaxation and rest, so it must be super comfortable, but it must furnish! Give a touch of elegance and class to the space. Find out with us the best designer armchairs of all time!

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1) Vanity Fair

The Vanity Fair armchair is the essence of timeless class; a small masterpiece that has become the emblem of Poltrona Frau. The refined design, the rounded lines, the reference to the vintage style, the very high quality of the upholstery make Vanity Fair a must!

Vanity fair armchair


2) Archibald

As well as being an iconic armchair that is world-famous for the beauty of its design, Archibald is chosen above all for its comfort. Sitting on Archibald is almost like floating on a cloud, so relaxing is its seat.

Archibald armchair

3) Mad Chair

Mad Chair is a sophisticated armchair with a typically Italian design that combines comfort, functionality and quality. Perfect in a living room, elegant in contract settings Mad Chair is versatile, unique and indispensable.

Mad Chair

4) Dragonfly

Dragonfly is both an armchair and a chaise longue. Thanks to a hidden mechanism, it can be transformed according to the needs of the moment. Sophisticated, modern and chic, it is perfect for minimalist and Scandinavian environments.

Dragonfly chaise longue

5) Bloomy

Bloomy, designed by Patricia Urquiola is modern, lively, colourful, you could almost say it is pure art. An icon capable of making your home a unique space full of personality!

Bloomy armchair

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The Coolest Italian Furniture for Summer 2021.

Italian furniture

The coolest Italian furniture for summer 2021: furniture with a “fresh”, informal and versatile design!

Miniforms celia cabinet

With the summer and the hot weather there is always a great desire for renewal, freshness and lightness… even in the home; renewing the furnishings by adding informal, unsophisticated but design and quality furnishing accessories can be a touch of class for a bright and modern summer home.

Miniforms colony coffee table

It is, of course, advisable to choose fresh materials such as Vienna straw for armchairs, tables and chairs, or glass, which lends lightness to the room and is so versatile that it can also be used in cold climates. Let’s see some examples together!

Soda coffee table

Miniforms soda coffee table

Soda is all made in Italy; made entirely of blown Murano glass, it is a true unique work of art. Thanks to the essential design and the particular effect of the glass, the Soda table is a must-have piece!

Mastea coffe table

Miniforms mastea

The Mastea coffee table is extremely elegant. The blown Murano glass forming the base is framed by a small base and a wooden top, giving Mastea a modern and chic character!

Kolos coffee table

Miniforms kolos coffee table

Kolos, on the other hand, is the essence of elegance. Made entirely of ceramic, it takes the shape of the Colosseum in Rome… eternal, unique, Italian…

Colony side table

Miniforms colony side table

The freshness and elegance of Vienna straw makes up the base of Colony, a service table with a slightly boho chic style, perfect for warm climates and summer atmospheres.

Colony armchair

Miniforms colony armchair

The Colony armchair is part of the same collection as the coffee table we have just mentioned; an essential wooden frame, available in various finishes, supports a comfortable Vienna straw shell. Colony is perfect in any domestic environment, from the living room to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the garden.


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The Best White Designer Tables.

Designer tables

Decorating the dining room with white color: let’s discover together the best designer white tables!

The best white designer tables

White is considered a ‘non-colour’ along with black and grey, but thanks to its elegance, brightness and versatility, it fits into any environment, style and décor. Perfect for minimalist, Scandinavian, modern and contemporary furniture.

Vesper table:

Sancal vesper table

Get the look with: Vesper table

A minimalist white table can be combined with various models of seats, in wood, plastic or upholstered, with or without armrests, in one colour or each in a different colour, recalling for example the boho chic style…

Illo table:

Miniforms illo table

Get the look with: Illo table

Wonderful if chosen with a top in white Calacatta or Carrara marble or ceramic! In this case the visual impact will be surprising thanks to the exclusive touch of these precious materials.

Rock table:

Mdf italia rock table

Product in the picture: MDF Italia Rock table

Have you ever considered buying a table made of concrete? There are models with a white concrete base suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The result is a table with a strong personality that will discreetly grab all the attention!

Saarinen table:

Saarinen table

Iconic tables such as the Saarinen one have also been made famous thanks to the white colour. Combined with the attractive silhouette of the base and the oval/round shape of the top, they are able to furnish any environment in an exclusive way: a home, an office, a meeting room…

Menù table:

Bonaldo menù table

If you have a lot of space in your dining room and you love rectangular shapes, we advise you to opt for an extensible table with an essential design, such as the Menù table by Bonaldo, to which you may combine white chairs for a very modern and up-to-date result.

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Salone del Mobile 2021

Salone del mobile 2021 img5

Salone del Mobile 2021: the new edition called “SuperSalone” between innovation, safety and design.

Salone del mobile 2021

There is much excitement for the new edition of the Salone del Mobile 2021, which will be different in its organisation and presentation but the same in terms of design, new proposals and emerging designers.

Salone del mobile 2021 img1

More an experience than a trade fair. More a collective exhibition than an expanse of stands. The project was presented on Wednesday by Claudio Feltrin, chairman of Federlegno Arredo, Stefano Boeri and the five co-designers: Andrea Caputo, Maria Cristina Didero, Anniina Koivu, Lukas Wegwerth and Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual of Studio Folder (the team will work with Giorgio Donà, director of Stefano Boeri Interiors).

Salone del mobile 2021 img2

No traditional stands, then. And no division between kitchens and living rooms, between light and bathroom. Participating manufacturers will have linear metres at their disposal: long parallel partitions will allow companies to present themselves on vertical walls, using, in some cases, horizontal surfaces as well. And long walls to cross freely.

Salone del mobile 2021 img3

Each pavilion, fitted out with components designed to be reused, will have a relaxation area, one dedicated to food, and a common space for events and meetings. At the entrance to the Fair (East Gate), thanks to the Forestami project, a green area will be created with 200 trees that will be planted at the end of the event.

Salone del mobile 2021 img4

The Supersalone will not be concentrated in a single space, but will connect with the whole city of Milan. Save the date: 05 to 10 September 2021!

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Creating a Stylish Bar Corner at Home.

Sancal midori stool

Creating a stylish bar corner at home: achieve the perfect bar corner without compromising on style and design!

Sancal tea stool

Who wouldn’t want a small bar in their home where they can enjoy cocktails with friends or family in total relaxation without having to go to a bar? If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen or an open space where the kitchen, dining room and living room are all in one room, creating a corner bar would give your home a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

Sancal magnum stool

Miniforms iola stool

The possibilities are endless, but as a general rule it is advisable to use the top of the kitchen island as a counter, preferably made of marble, with several high stools around it – bar stools – in a modern, essential and minimalist style. The minimalist style, in fact, is versatile and adapts to any type of existing furniture.

Miniforms pelleossa stool

Sancal tonella stool

A wide range of interesting stool models is available on the market, with wooden and metal frames, from original and artistic shapes to more classic and well-known models.

Miniforms valerie stool

Sancal perigallo stool

If you have a lot of friends, you will certainly not be able to accommodate them all in the counter area of your bar corner. It is therefore a good idea to make the relaxation area ultra comfortable: with high tables and other stools that perfectly recreate the atmosphere of a real bar!

Sancal dumbbell table

Sancal totem table

Create the perfect bar corner on: Lomuarredi’s shop

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The Most Beautiful Designer Rugs for Outdoors.

Nanimarquina shade rug 1

The most beautiful designer rugs for outdoors: handmade rugs for the decoration of your garden or terrace.

Nanimarquina silhouette rug

With the arrival of summer, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors, so even if you spend a lot of time indoors, it’s a good idea to make your terrace and/or garden a comfortable and welcoming environment. How? Let’s find out together!

Nanimarquina tres texture rug

Have you ever considered putting an elegant carpet in your outdoor area? Obviously made of water and weather resistant materials… No?! So here are the most beautiful designer rugs for outdoors!

Nanimarquina Tres Outdoor rug

Tres by Nanimarquina is a collection of luxury handmade rugs inspired by the ancient craft of weaving. The Tres collection is characterized by the attention to details, tradition and the use of elegant and sober colours.

Nanimarquina tres texture rug 1

Nanimarquina Silhouette rug

Silhouette, designed by Jaime Hayon is a collection of rugs suitable for indoor and outdoor use that highlights the acclaimed casual style of the designer and artist. Depicted with a delicate stroke, the illustration defines the silhouettes of several imaginary characters that intertwine and coexist in a beautiful composition.

Nanimarquina silhouette rug 1

Nanimarquina Shade rug

The Shade collection is inspired by magical moments in nature where colors melt and speak for themselves. Designer Begüm Cana Özgür emphasizes: “this is a handmade flat-weave rug that generates an incredible and well-rounded diffusion of color. The surface releases a sense of tranquillity and well-being that is balanced by the penetrating vibration of colors.”

Nanimarquina shade rug

Nanimarquina Oaxaca rug

The Oaxaca Outdoor Rug by Nanimarquina is a handmade luxury rug suitable for the outdoor use. The Oaxaca Outdoor rug was inspired by simple geometric shapes mixed with brightly coloured flowers bear fruit to a contemporary and daring piece.

Nanimarquina oaxaca rug

Nanimarquina Bicicleta rug

Nanimarquina Bicicleta Outdoor rug is innovative, original and eco-friendly. A conceptual rug, sustainable, and unprecedented, made from 100% recycled material, ideal for indoors and outdoors. Each piece is created with 130 to 140 bicycle tubes collected and manipulated in India.

Nanimarquina bicicleta rug

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Eco-Friendly Furniture

Eco friendly furniture 0

Eco-friendly furniture: designer products made from recycled materials.


When we talk about eco-friendly products, we mean all those products that aim to respect and care for the environment, both in terms of nature and the animal world. All good practices, objects, productions and consumptions aimed at saving energy and waste that use recycling of materials in the production system are to be considered eco-friendly, i.e. “friendly” towards Planet Earth.

Eco-friendly-furniture 1

The need to produce eco-friendly furniture and objects arose because of the deleterious consequences of global warming and has grown stronger in recent years, becoming a term in common use and a hallmark of many companies. In this sense, craft enterprises, but increasingly also larger industrial companies are becoming more and more attentive to this issue by carefully choosing the materials to be processed, limiting waste or basing their business precisely on recycling and creative reuse.

Eco friendly furniture 2

The fundamentals of eco-sustainability are the use of natural raw materials, recycling and energy saving. A famous example applied to the industrial production of chairs is the Emeco manufacturer.

Navy chair emeco

Emeco produces the iconic 111 Navy chairs from recycled Coca Cola bottles. In 2006, Coca-Cola approached Emeco to solve an environmental problem — taking Coca-Cola bottles out of landfill and “upcycling” them into an iconic structural item, made to last. Emeco committed to the challenge with the new material, taking soft recycled PET plastic, originally intended for short-lived fabric and textiles, and build a tough, one-piece, scratch-resistant chair for heavy-duty use. The development process required both determination and tenacity – and the help of experts at BASF. Finally, after 4 years of development, the chair was ready.

Emeco navy 111 chair

Another example of eco-friendly furniture is the Broom chair designed by Philippe Starck. Broom  in 2012 was Emeco’s first collection featuring reclaimed polypropylene with wood that would normally be swept into the trash. “Imagine,” says Philippe Starck, “there is a guy who takes a humble broom and starts to clean the work-shop and with this dust of nothing, with this he makes new magic. That’s why we call it Broom.”

Emeco broom chair

The Green’s chair by SitLand was instead the first multi-use and comfortable 100% recyclable chair in the field of technical public seats, waiting rooms and common spaces. 100% recyclable, this modern chair represents the new aware approach to the issue of environmental impact.

Sitland green’s chair


As an eco-sustainable strategy, many manufacturers, especially in northern Europe, have specialised in the production of all-wood furniture, from tables to chairs, from sofas to beds. The collection of the English company Ercol can be a good example.

Ercol furniture

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Our Interior Design Studio

Modern interior

Our interior design studio specialized in customized services for the home, the office and public spaces.

Interior design studio

In recent years, our interior design studio has specialised in offering a range of customised solutions according to the needs of our clients: from furnishing flats and luxury villas to contract and office environments. The customisation of the services we offer has allowed us to work all over the world, in countries with different time zones and diametrically opposed cultures.

Interior design

From the basic service, i.e. the supply of a single piece of furniture that blends perfectly with the environment, to the furnishing of entire buildings, offering furniture, lighting, accessories, glass and textiles doors belonging to different brands that together create a visually pleasing and functional environment.

Vitra lounge chair

Many brands have been chosen and mixed together by our clients, from Made in Italy products to famous Spanish, German, American, British and Belgian brands that have in common quality, functionality, aesthetic beauty, versatility…

Vitra furniture

Our interior design studio is at your complete disposal for your big or small, modern or contemporary, minimalist or luxury project. Get in touch with our team to receive a super competitive offer tailored to your needs!

Visit our shop Lomuarredi

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The most requested brands by our customers:

AcerbisAliasAlivarArflexArperBaxterB&B ItaliaBonaldoBontempiBusnelliCarl Hansen and SonCassinaCattelan ItaliaDedonDe PadovaDesaltoDriadeEdraEmmeBi EMUEthimoFiamFlexformGallotti & RadiceGervasoniGiorgettiHengejesseKettalKnollLagoLemaLiving DivaniMagisMaxaltoMDF ItaliaMolteniMorosoNatuzziNovaMobiliOzzio ItaliaPedraliPiancaPoliformPorroRimadesioRoyal BotaniaTom DixonVitraZanotta

Renovating a Loft with Style

Loft design 9

Renovating a loft with style: ideas and tips for decorating the most modern and exclusive of rooms!

Loft design 0

A loft is a large industrial space that has been converted into a private home, maintaining the structure and highlighting the typical characteristics of the industrial style. The result is an exclusive, luxurious space in which various styles are combined with elegance and sobriety.

Loft design 1

In a loft there will certainly be no lack of natural light, as the large windows will illuminate the space extensively, also allowing you to opt for dark colours on the furniture or walls without adding to the visual effect.

Loft design 2

If you decide to renovate a loft, you have to bear in mind that, since it is a modern or ultra-modern environment, you will need to focus on exclusive, designer furniture; in fact, filling a loft with furniture that lacks personality will detract from the entire environment.

Loft design 3

Open Space Kitchen

The often open-plan kitchen, i.e. in a single room that also includes the dining room and living room, is the focal point of a loft. Due to the large spaces available, interior designers opt for large island kitchens made of stainless steel and surrounded by bar stools. The dining room is often composed of long metal tables surrounded by industrial-style chairs such as the Navy chair

Emeco navy chair

Loft design 8

Living Room

To renovate the living room you can play with creativity by opting for extra-large colourful sofas and armchairs with original shapes, bookcases as high as the walls or placed in the middle of the room to divide the living room into two parts; another idea, for example, is to use glass partitions…

Loft design 4

Loft design 5


The bedroom in a loft is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and essentiality. A double bed upholstered in fabric or leather in the middle of the room with a bedside table on each side or a coffee table, a rug and an exclusive design or art object. That’s all it takes for a chic yet functional bedroom!

Loft design 5


The bathroom in a loft is definitely the realm of luxury! There is plenty of space for dream bathtubs as well as exclusive showers to enjoy a warm bath with a wonderful view of the city. Again, the style will be minimalist and will be enhanced by the design and quality of the elements such as washbasins, bathtub, shower, etc.

Loft design 6

Loft design 7

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5 Must-Have Designer Rugs for your Living Room.

Living room 3

5 must-have handmade rugs ideal for the decoration of your living room.

Living room

The rug is one of the most popular pieces of furniture to decorate the living room, making it warm and cosy. In addition of being a decorative element, the rug can be also functional, indeed, if you have children, it dampens noise and possible falls.

Living room 1

In this post we recommend some entirely handmade decorative carpets designed by famous designers, ideal for adding a touch of colour and hygge style to your living room. Rectangular, square or round, it doesn’t matter the shape or size, what matters is quality, elegance and functionality!

Living room 2

Let’s discover together the 5 must-have designer rugs for your living room!

 Jie rug

Jie is an elegant collection composed by two handmade rugs. It is characterized by different little decorations on it surface that make the rug a bit sophisticated and exclusive. Available in 3 different sizes,  Jie is suitable for the decoration of living rooms and bedrooms.

Nanimarquina jie rug

 Losanges rug

The Losanges rug was designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec who created an elegant collection of exclusive rugs available in three different sizes. With the Losanges collection, the designers continue their study of simplicity and elegance, reinterpreting the traditional Persian rug by using ancient kilim techniques.

Nanimarquina losanges rug

Capas rug

Capas is an elegant collection of handmade rugs, designed by Mathias Hahn. The collection is focused on the creation and use of layers of colors, tonality and shadow to generate intense depth while also being easy enough to blend into any environment, due to the presence of a wide range of chromatic shades.

Nanimarquina capas rug

Flora Promenade rug

The Flora Promenade rug, available in 2 shapes, is an exercise in reinterpreting the artist’s floral work transferred to the rug. The designer has worked carefully on the selection of each of the flowers, paying special attention to the scale and color in search of the appropriate compositional balance to ensure that Promenade is integrated and coexists in multiple spaces.

Nanimarquina flora promenade rug

Silhouette rug

Silhouette, designed by Jaime Hayon is a collection of rugs suitable for indoor and outdoor use that highlights the acclaimed casual style of the designer and artist. Depicted with a delicate stroke, the illustration defines the silhouettes of several imaginary characters that intertwine and coexist in a beautiful composition. Nine faces are distributed at different angles so that the rug can be viewed from any perspective, fitting perfectly in any space.

Nanimarquina silhouette rug

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