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    Zanaboni Furniture Collection

    Zanaboni furniture collection: immersing in a world of sophistication, where every piece tells a story. Zanaboni was born in 1967 in Meda as a company dedicated to the re-edition of classic and contemporary furnishings with an exquisitely neoclassical taste. Over time the company has established itself as one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury market segment and an ambassador of the “made in Italy” values. Zanaboni collections range from upholstery items to furniture, from lighting to fabrics. Born from the desire to create fine furnishings, the company stands out for its unique and exclusive style, where the excellence of its artisanal production, inspired by Italian craftsmanship, blends with…

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    Benefits of Choosing a Green Kitchen

    Unleash the hidden potential of your kitchen with a touch of green! From promoting relaxation to boosting appetite, here’s why a green colour kitchen is the way to go. Elegant and refined, green is one of the must-have colours of the year. Perfect for the walls of our rooms, but above all for giving new life to the furniture in the kitchen area. Do you know the hidden truth behind choosing a green colour kitchen? Not only does it add a touch of freshness, but also offers numerous benefits like: – Promotes relaxation and calmness. – Increases energy efficiency. – Enhances creativity and productivity. Associated with calm and nature, this…

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    Furniture Goals 2024

    Ready to elevate your home decor game? Here’s a hidden truth: furniture is the key to creating a stylish and cozy space. Product in the picture: Miniforms Plauto table  Ready to elevate your space? Furniture goals are more than just a Pinterest board – they’re a hidden reflection of who we are, our style and the comfort we crave. From statement pieces to functional finds, let’s make your dream home a reality. By 2024, aim for these furniture goals: 1. Invest in quality pieces 2. Mix and match different styles 3. Embrace sustainable options 4. Create multi-functional spaces 5. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Product in the picture: Tom Dixon Fat chair…

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    Noctis Hello Bed

    Sleep is supposed to be a peaceful refuge, but for many, it’s anything but. The reality? Nocis Hello bed could be the answer to your tossing and turning woes. Born from the desire to go beyond the simple design of an object, this bed focuses on the search for essentiality, with genuine work done on shapes and materials and with a very precise vision: that of taking a step towards the future. Thus was born this headboard which, like wings, embraces the swivel bed, giving it character and catching the eye. A metaphor for well-being, also available with the two removable memory foam cushions and fully customisable, in the Noctis…

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    Santambrogio Salotti Glamour Bed

    Experiencing luxury and comfort like never before with its intricate design and superior quality materials. Glamour: the perfect combination of design, elegance and functionality. This bed was born from the idea of wanting to produce a unique bed that has never been seen before; it took us more than a year of work starting from the design and then creating the first prototypes and finally saying: we present the Glamour bed. The supporting frame is in reinforced metal and solid wood with an orthopedic wooden support surface with aeration system for the mattress. Santambrogio Salotti produces it in two sizes: double and king size with completely removable headboard cover. The…

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    Sancal Totem Stool

    Sancal Totem stool: a versatile piece that adds functionality and style to any space. From a simple black and white graphic silhouette to a colourful Totem. As a teenager, Sylvain Willenz began scribbling comics as he wanted to be a cartoonist. His wish was to create something that would come to life, something he could use and live with. At this point he discovered industrial design, a discipline in which he could apply his passion for drawing. The paper is pierced by his sketches, resulting in clean and simple designs with a subtle graphic touch. An elegant and timeless style in which materials take on special relevance. And of course,…

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    Opting for a Round Sofa for Living Room Decor

    From large configurations suitable for generous square footage to alternative solutions for those who like the idea of a circle design. Desiree Lacoon Island sofa Thanks in part to the trend of curved sofas, the pleasure of having a round sofa can find fertile ground. Not least because this shape lends itself to being juxtaposed with a day bed, a seat that responds to that transition whereby the sofa at home, from a place to sit with guests increasingly becomes a more intimate place to spend time at home reading, using mobile devices and even working. Maxalto Amoenus sofa Paradoxically, with respect to the latter use, the round sofa, in…

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    Color Scheme for the Bedroom

    Color scheme for the bedroom: in the sleeping area, two colors are better than one and three better than two. Watchword: “color harmony”! Especially if we talk about the bedroom. Because in the room dedicated to rest should prevail the feeling of serenity, including through color. Composing the moodboard and finding the right balance between color and materials is the main phase of the interior design project and is also the one that will dictate the style of the space. There are various ways to build a color scheme: once we keep in mind a few simple rules, it is good to visualize the shade that best identifies our personality.…

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    Furry Fabrics for a Very Warm Winter

    Unleash the warmth this winter with Sancal’s luxurious furry fabrics! Get the Sancal Duo Mini sofa Shhh…the secret to staying cozy this winter? Furry fabrics! Soft, warm, and oh-so-stylish. Get ready to cuddle up in these must-have pieces: the Argo textile, designed by Raff Simons for Kvadrat, is an example of a long, silky pile. An irresistible tactile element! Here below the Core sofa in shades of pink. The natural sheen of the mohair fibers catches the light, emphasizing Argo’s richly textured curls. This exclusive fabric is available in refined neutrals and contemporary yellow, pink and blue.  Get the Sancal Core sofa Another furry textile is Sancal’s 130 sample book. Although this…

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    Miniforms Pinto Side Table

    Miniforms Pinto: a single-material, strongly sculptural coffee table collection. Expressed in three “flavors” and two sizes, Pinto brings with it the idea of ​​travel: under a powerful surface, fragments of marble and stones condense the joy of Venetian festivals in a dress with primitive charm. The hardness of the cement appears so soft and malleable, giving elegance to the industrial taste while maintaining the characteristics of the material unchanged: durable and contemporary, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Can unreinforced concrete stand up? Apparently yes, after many tests in search of the perfect mixture and the ideal mould. And can a thought be lightened? Miniforms excavated the material until it…