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The New Furniture Collection by Bonaldo

The new furniture collection by Bonaldo exhibited at the Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan.

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Bonaldo, a company from the Veneto region, based in Padua, was founded in 1936 as an artisan business specialising in the production of metal bed bases. Over the years it has embarked on an articulated industrial path that interprets design innovation as an overall process and not as a mere technological renewal.

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The contemporary home is an infinite cosmos of possibilities: Bonaldo interprets it through B/Style, a total look furnishing programme that makes all its elements dialogue and interact, establishing an aesthetic intimacy and emotional comfort with users that goes beyond any kind of representative design.

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Tables and chairs, armchairs and sofas, beds, lamps and complements that make up B/Style offer transversal responses that overcome the distances between styles and atmospheres in the home, introducing a “more” in interior design that is resistant to the flow of fashions and tastes. The overall vision developed by Bonaldo opens a new season in integrated interior design: B/Style is the key to entry.

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At the Salone del Mobile in Milan this year, Bonaldo presented one of its best collections: elegant, sophisticated, functional. A ‘hymn to conviviality and the joy of being together’. The new collection consists of four products: a dining chair, a dining table, a coffee table and a Tv stand.


Youpi chair

The Youpi chair is characterised by a back profile reminiscent of a stylised human figure, ready to welcome in a comfortable embrace. Designed by Fabrice Berrux, the Youpi chair impresses with its original shape, which adds style and lightness to a space. The structure is composed of a series of different shapes that come together harmoniously thanks to the fabric or leather upholstery that covers it entirely: the circular backrest flows into the wide seat and the whole is supported by a cylindrical, flared base. Youpi is also available in the version with four metal legs.

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Padiglioni table

The Padiglioni table by Alain Gilles is inspired by the iconic Barcelona Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe. The focal point of this table is the base which is composed of three asymmetrical elements, each with a shape particular shape and placed in seemingly random positions to make the composition visually dynamic. It is precisely because of this asymmetry of the base that the observer close-up will notice, as they move around the table, that it changes appearance depending on the point of observation. A structure accentuated by the table top whose linear shape tapered edge contrasts with the legs and completes the overall image. A story of contrasts that dialogue with each other and of skilfully balances achieved, the Padiglioni table is the highest expression of the creative ability of Alain Gilles and the production capacity of Bonaldo.

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Sculptural Tv stand

Designed by Alain Gilles, this TV stand is a piece with considerable impact even though it has a simple and linear design. Sculptural appears as a single wooden element supported by five legs which form the base. The surface develops in a downward arc while it has a cavity in the rear which is useful for concealing cables, thereby ensuring the maximum in aesthetic performance. Whether used as a TV stand or a low console, placed against a wall under the TV or in the living room in front of a sofa, Sculptural genuinely resembles a sculpture and this is its true stylistic hallmark of this project.

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Kasumi coffee table

Clearly inspired by Japanese culture, Kasumi is a new coffee table whose form calls to mind the outdoor stage used for Noh, the ancient traditional Japanese theatre. Structurally, the
essential design of the Kasumi coffee table features two flat surfaces, a larger lower piece and a smaller offset upper section which are connected by a vertical supporting element
whose sinuous shapes soften the geometric rigour of the two flat tops. Remaining faithful to its source of inspiration, Kasumi strikes the observer as a genuine stage on which to present

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Bonaldo collection is available on request in our shop Lomuarredi

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