Between Art and Design

Bd barcelona design remix vol 6 furniture

Between art and design: entering Las Ánimas emotional design universe.

Las animas designers

Las Ánimas are Trini Salamanca and Pablo Párraga, a creative designer duo founded and established in Seville, Spain. Their work has a strong symbolic, mystical, tribal and esoteric component, and moves on the frontiers between art and design. Using a language of minimalist, geometric and iterative patterns, they experiment with the materials, their forms and textures, to create an iconography of retrofuturist, transgressor, brutalist and deeply evocative aesthetics.

Barcelona design remix vol 6 cupboard

The couple’s visual and emotional universe includes references as distant as science fiction, anthropology, the distortion of reality, cybernetics, duality, experimental electronic music, or architectural brutality; an imaginary that joins the elements of their social environment, recoding and projecting them from an atypical and personal insight.

Their corpus includes limited edition pieces of furniture, sculptures, interventions and unique objects. Sacred objects, created by themselves in their own studio, that challenge functionality and form; a symbolic Aesthetics dimension full of emotions that lead to a spiritual atmosphere lost in time.

Barcelona design remix vol 6 table img0

One of Las Ánimas’ most famous and interesting projects is the Remix Vol 6 collection produced by the Spanish company BD Barcelona Design.

“Respecting the original form and use at all times, we have transformed the surfaces of this office furniture into a black (and white) canvas, a futuristic checkerboard in continuous change and alteration thanks to interaction, which favors creativity, concentration and the creation of another universe with no rules other than the imagination». Las Ánimas.

Barcelona design remix vol 6 collection

The Remix Vol. 6 collection consists of:

– Remix Vol. 6 Cupboard

– Remix Vol. 6 Office Table

– Remix Vol. 6 Drawer Unit

These pieces of art are designed to fit into an office with a futuristic and eclectic style that focuses on innovation without neglecting the functionality, character and personality of the user. It is a unique series because there is only one copy. It is complemented by 570 small geometric pieces of wood of different colors, magnetized, also made by hand by the artists. With them you can make infinite combinations. It is part of the BD Art Editions catalogue.

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Gisele Bündchen’s House in Boston

Gisele-bundchen img4

Gisele Bündchen’s house in Boston: a mix of farmhouse and country style.


For the record, if Gisele Bündchen were not a model, she would want to be an interior designer, an architect or a farmer. And her passion for interior design is reflected in the way her Boston home has been decorated. A contamination of two styles, farmhouse and country chic, to create a cozy, informal but at the same time very elegant “nest.”

About her favourite place of the house.

Gisele Bündchen likes to spend time in what she calls the wooden barn, which is separated from the main house by a large lawn and is her “sanctuary.” The color scheme, as in the main house and the family home in Los Angeles, is strictly white and elegant materials such as wood, glass and stainless steel.

Gisele-bundchen img1

In the “barn,” Gisele likes to work at a desk with large crystals behind it and floating shelves on either side. Under the soaring beams are white sofas, and in the fireplace is a Buddha holding a piece of crystal (which Bündchen says she collects). Large glass doors open onto a large courtyard with manicured hedges and tall trees….

Gisele-bundchen img2

The dining area and kitchen in the main home are characterized by a very refined and elegant farmhouse style; it is a modern yet evocative of the past, always seeking a certain authenticity. It can be defined as a modern rustic style that is more refined, understated and very detailed.

Gisele-bundchen img3

Watch the full video Gisele Bündchen Boston House


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Wogg Furniture Collection

Wogg52 shelf box

Wogg furniture collection: prestigious Swiss made furniture suitable for the home and the office.

Wogg82 sideboard

Wogg, is a luxury furniture company that for over 20 years has been producing in collaboration with prestigious designers, high quality furniture, distinguished by an innovative character, always looking for a balance between purism and sensuality.

Wogg38 table

Get the look with Wogg 38 table

Advanced processing techniques, new materials and sophisticated functionality are the secret of Wogg innovative solutions.

Wogg17 ellipsetower

Get the look with Wogg17 Ellipsetower storage

At the same time, each individual piece of furniture is always clever in its function and can be used in many ways, stands for interesting technical solutions and exudes that certain something.

Wogg25 shelf tower

Get the look with Wogg25 Shelf Tower

To this day, the guiding star for every new project is: to think radically differently, in craftsmanship and design, and thereby arrive at unimagined solutions – constructively, typologically and aesthetically. This fearless attitude has led to WOGG regularly adding new, extraordinary narratives to design history.

Wogg79 wardrobe

Get the look with Wogg79 Wardrobe

In this collection – in the foreground – there is a reduction to the essential, so that people and spaces can occupy their rightful place.
Many of these pieces are already considered true furniture classics!

Wogg13 pillar box

Get the look with Wogg13 Pillar Box

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Nanimarquina Tones Collection

Nanimarquina tones collection 1

Nanimarquina Tones collection: contemporary revision of the traditional rug through color and the simplicity of shape.

Nanimarquina tones rug

2 Techinques

Hand-tufted technique allows the designer Clàudia Valsells’ work to be transferred literally, and is the closest thing to creating on a blank canvas. Kilim technique, instead, provides an aged and irregularly woven appearance by using of Afghani wool, which gives it a new perception.

Nanimarquina tones pieces rug

Get the Tones Pieces rug

4 Models

Four rug models that bring a distinctive, harmonious, rhythmic and sensitive touch, with color as the primary tool. The Tones collection is based on a design that invites you to live the rug, inviting people or furniture into the middle of it rather than merely being spectators of the piece. Nanimarquina Tones rug features an infinite wealth of shades, highlighting the chromatic harmony reminiscent of musical notes.

Nanimarquina tones 3 rug

Get the Tones 3 rug

Main Features

– Balanced colour work

– Very easy to match, like a plain model

– Tufting technique provides great comfort and quality

– Kilim technique connects with a genuine weaving style

– Excellent performance in high traffic areas.

Nanimarquina tones 1 rug

Get the Tones 1 rug


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5 Designer Icons for a Chic Home

Barcelona design monkey side table 1

5 designer icons for a chic home: 5 must have furniture conceived by top designers.

Barcelona design monkey coat stand

A piece of designer furniture or accessory is a great way to add a touch of elegance to the home. Let’s discover together the most iconic pieces of contemporary design.

Barcelona Design Monkey Side Table

Barcelona design monkey side table

Monkey was designed by Jaime Hayon, who created a bestseller decorative element that in these years has become a real icon in the design sector. The Monkey side table is functional, has got quality and a touch of humour, which is always welcome in the times we are living in. It is made from architectonic concrete in grey or black colours.


Barcelona Design Monkey Coat Stand

Barcelona design monkey coat stand 1

The Monkey coat stand is a new addition to the Monkey Collection. «We all want what can fall from above to be something good. For me, there’s nothing better than getting home to this smiling monkey to hang my jacket. It looks like he’s waiting for a banana to fall soon. This humourous side, also gives me happiness when leaving home for the day.» said the designer Jaime Hayon.


Barcelona Design Gaulinetta Chair

Barcelona design gaulineta chair

Barcelona Design Gaulinetta is an evolution of the Gaulino chair. «This permits us to make it in a reduced size without giving up any of its comfort. This is an ideal chair for dining and after, being able to tuck it away under the table. In homage to Enzo Mari, who called Tonietta, a derivative of Thonet, I’ve called this chair Gaulinetta, after the Gaulino» said Oscar Tusquets


Barcelona Design Mettsass Table

Barcelona design mettsass table

Mettsass was designed in 1972 by the well-know designer Ettore Sottsass Jr for Barcelona Design. It was one of his first works for the Spanish company that now has reproposed this original masterpiece without compromising its personality, that contributed to make it so famous 40 years ago. The structure is made of flat sheets of steel, painted in red RAL 3001. The top is available in glass in the same colour of the base.


Miniforms Soda Coffee Table

Miniforms soda coffee table

Miniforms Soda coffee table, designed by Yiannis Ghikas is a new entry in 2020 Miniforms catalogue. Soda coffee table was born upside-down, with a puff of air. It weighs 20 kilos, and it is blown, drawn out and shaped by three master glassmakers. The result is a single volume of glass with three large petals forming the stem. In Miniforms Soda, the glass vibrates: its tough, hammered surface fragments its transparency to give a primitive aesthetic.


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The Best Italian Luxury Kitchen Brands

Poliform varenna kitchens img2

The best Italian luxury kitchen brands: in the homeland of high-end kitchens.

Poliform varenna kitchen

Italy is undoubtedly the homeland of high-end kitchens. Italian manufacturers, in fact, are capable of combining culinary wisdom, traditional craftsmanship and design excellence. All ingredients that make them the spearhead of this sector.

Dada kitchens

What are the most prestigious, exclusive and famous Italian brands in the world? Let’s have a look!


“Boffi is a craftsman using industrial methods, with a history that begins in the 1950s. The kitchen manufacturer Boffi has always revolutionized the market: intriguing colour, laminate combined with wood, furniture with integrated handles… In 2015 Boffi concluded its “alliance” with De Padova, thus uniting two historical brands of Italian design.

Boffi kitchens


The name Modulnova is an immediate reference to Le Corbusier’s ‘Modulor’. Indeed, the key word in Modulnova kitchens is modularity. This company, founded in 1988, has always looked to the future by using materials little used in kitchens and focusing their collections on innovation.

Modulnova kitchens

Molteni Dada

Founded in 1937, the Dada company joined the famous Molteni Group in 1979. Specialising in kitchens, it has garnered success abroad, establishing itself globally. The brand has always relied on prominent collaborators: Michele de Lucchi, Ferruccio Laviani, Rodolfo Dordoni… A lover of “mix-and-match”, Dada offers solutions that combine elements from different series to offer maximum customisation.

Dada kitchens img1

Poliform Varenna

Lovers of Italian design are familiar with Poliform, a furniture manufacturer founded in 1942, and its prestigious collections. For the past 30 years Poliform has acquired Varenna, a company specialising in luxury kitchens designed by Paolo Piva, Carlo Colombo and Daniel Libeskind. An intelligent alliance that has made it possible to create innovative models, capable of creating elegant, exclusive but at the same time sober environments in the kitchen.

Poliform varenna kitchens img1

Veneta Cucine

Veneta Cucine is a family business with a 50-year history and has become the largest Italian kitchen furniture platform. In recent years, Veneta Cucine has made headlines for its ‘Credenza’ project designed by Michele de Lucchi, which brings together in 3 modular solid wood elements with recessed doors everything needed in the kitchen, making it ‘disappear’ by necessity inside a sideboard.

Veneta cucine kitchens


The key word that best defines the Valcucine company is ‘sustainable development’; in fact, since its origins 36 years ago, the Valcucine brand has made it a workhorse and a philosophy. The kitchens are all designed to be 100% ecological, made without formaldehyde and with wood from responsibly managed 1998, the company also contributed to the creation of the environmental association of industrialists ‘Bioforest’.

Valcucine kitchens


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Domestic Revolution

Cassina outdoor furniture img4

Domestic revolution: the home as a hybrid space in which indoor and outdoor constantly dialogue.

Cassina outdoor furniture

Cassina outdoor collection

How can we imagine the home of the future? Perhaps less technological than we may think, as we have all realised these days that the new luxury is nature and our relationship with it!

Cassina outdoor furniture img1

Cassina outdoor collection

The watchword representing the home of the future is ‘hybridisation’, i.e. a space in which outdoors and indoors almost merge and the outdoors becomes an extension of the domestic environment in the form of a greenhouse, a forest, a jungle, a new habitat to be enjoyed.

Le corbusier furniture img0

Le Corbusier outdoor collection

In this context, there is no shortage of furniture designed for the outdoors, which is so beautiful, functional and comfortable that it can also be placed indoors at will. So modular outdoor sofas to customise the garden or terrace with compositions to suit all sizes, rugs resistant to weather, sunlight and temperature changes…

Cassina outdoor furniture img2

Cassina outdoor collection

Renowned designer Patricia Urquiola proposes important reflections on the use of ‘greenery’ to improve air quality and regulate temperature control, exploiting the ability of plants to provide energy, oxygen, filter air and water.

Cassina outdoor furniture img3

Cassina outdoor collection

“Photosynthesis lamps, oxygenation machines, anti-smog plants, hydroponic gardens. Energy from biomass. Through biotechnology, we could have natural, yet high-performance interior textiles and materials, such as sofas that filter the air, soundproof upholstery or thermostatically controlled paneling, which remove or add heat and humidity.” Patricia Urquiola.

And you, what do you think? What will the house of the future look like?

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Connecting Spaces to Create a Sense of Fluidity

Dooor textile folding doors img4

Connecting spaces to create a sense of fluidity in the home thanks to textile folding doors.

Dooor textile folding doors

Created in the 1950’s as a result of the reflections on modern living carried out by various designers, the textile door is a furnishing accessory that can expand, delimit or screen interior spaces according to the desired configuration.

Dooor textile folding doors img 1

Dooor textile folding doors img6

The textile door collection of  Dooor brand keeps this extraordinary functional peculiarity intact while expanding its aesthetic horizon, thanks to new printing techniques and the use of highly technological covering materials.

Dooor textile folding doors img2

Dooor textile folding doors img5

The result is an architectural element with an essential style that connects spaces in continuity but at the same time represents a decorative element capable of strongly characterising the surrounding environment, profoundly connoting the environments in which it is inserted.

Dooor textile folding doors img3

Dooor textile folding doors img7

The door, in its nature, represents a point of access, the entrance to another world. An architectural element that separates, but at the same time connects. Thus Dooor enhances this innate vocation, generating an unprecedented link with different creative universes that come to life within each individual project, whether it is the design of a domestic, professional or contract environment.

Dooor textile folding doors img4

Dooor textile folding doors img8

Discover more about Dooor Textile Folding doors on Lomuarredi’s shop

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The New Rug Collection by Nanimarquina

Nanimarquina re-rug img0

The new rug collection by Nanimarquina: celebrating colour, simplicity and lightheartedness.

Nanimarquina rug collection 2022


The new carpet collection by Nanimarquina that will be officially presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2022 consists of 7 new items for both indoor and outdoor use. It is an explosive mix of elegance, use of colours, essentiality and, of course, very high quality!

Nanimarquina tones rug img0

Let’s delve into this preview of Nanimarquina’s new carpet collection!

Tones rug

Nanimarquina tones rug img1

Nanimarquina Tones was designed by Claudia Valsells who created an elegant collection focusing on color. Four rug models that bring a distinctive, harmonious, rhythmic and sensitive touch, with color as the primary tool. The Tones collection is based on a design that invites you to live the rug, inviting people or furniture into the middle of it rather than merely being spectators of the piece. Nanimarquina Tones rug features an infinite wealth of shades, highlighting the chromatic harmony reminiscent of musical notes.

Nanimarquina tones rug img2

Tones rug


Ceras rug

Nanimarquina ceras rug img0

Ceras collection, designed by Nani Marquina, arises from the manual process of the tracing of waxes combined with an exhaustive study of the colour to achieve the total balance. Thanks to the elegant design, the Ceras rug is perfect in almost any space and combined with any style.

Nanimarquina ceras rug img1

Ceras rug


Troupe rug

Nanimarquina troupe rug img0

Nanimarquina Troupe, designed by Jamie Hayon, is a rug that speaks of friends, children, free-spiritedness and spontaneity. Animals of different kinds and sizes float in space, strangers to boredom. The new Hayon’s work is characterized by a balanced and harmoniously matched color palette that enhances any space and style. Available in 4 different sizes the Troupe rug is a must-have piece for your home!

Nanimarquina troupe rug img1

Troupe rug


Re-rug collection

Nanimarquina re-rug img0

Re-rug collection, designed by Nani Marquina is born out of the desire to make use of excess production in the workshops of Nanimarquina’s suppliers in India…

Nanimarquina re-rug img1

Re-rug collection


Tiles rug

Nanimarquina tiles rug img0

Tiles collection, designed by Nani Marquina, is inspired by the rectangular and square patterns we found in pavements. Those modules, square and rectangle, create an architectural pattern that allows it to grow and shrink the rug maintaining the original combination. A similarity with the real pavements that we find in public spaces.

Nanimarquina tiles rug img1

Tiles rug

Nanimarquina tiles rug img2

Tiles rug


Shade Outdoor pouf

Nanimarquina shade outdoor pouf

Shade pouf outdoor, designed by Begum Cana Ozgur & Marcos Catalán, is a cylindrical seating accessory born from Shade collection that is light, manageable, and comes in 4 different colours. Now available for outdoor use thanks to the new structure made of recycled plastic.


Tres Outdoor pouf black

Nanimarquina tres outdoor pouf black

Tres Outdoor Pouf Black, designed by Nani Marquina + Elisa Padrón + Marcos Catalán is soft, comfortable and contemporary. Now available for outdoor use thanks to the new structure made of recycled plastic.


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Swimming Pool Life

OGO starfish pouf img4

Swimming pool life: the best poufs to use inside and outside the pool.

OGO starfish pouf

Starfish pouf

The warm weather is coming and it’s time to get your pool ready to enjoy the summer months to the fullest! What could be better than sunbathing in the water lying on a comfortable and original pouf! Let’s discover together the novelties for the summer 2022!

OGO starfish pouf img 1

The OGO Starfish pouf, designed by Nacho Timóm evokes a sense of marine feelings, and it will sure not go unnoticed! Conceived as a seat for two or a seat with a back, starfish is ideal for any surrounding. The garden, the patio… Throw it into the pool if you feel like it! Besides, you can combine its two sizes and different colours to create chilled out and relaxed areas that will definitely make all your friends jealous!

OGO starfish pouf img2

Get the Starfish pouf

Because the heat begins, and with it the orange and reddish tones that go with it, OGO this year has presented in limited edition, the new colour Savanne applied to the Ágora fabric, perfect for all their outdoor products and for use in water.

OGO don out sofa img0

OGO don out sofa img1

Get the Don Out sofa

Savanne is a perfect tone to combine with the other Ágora colours such Anthracite or White and in more daring and colourful ranges with Coral, Green and Blue.

OGO starfish pouf img3

OGO products are able to create a natural paradise in which to disconnect and enjoy the pleasures that the swimming pool and the garden offer.

OGO sit pool 1 lounge chair img0

OGO sit pool 1 lounge chair img1

Get the Sit Pool 1 lounge chair

Shop the entire collection of outdoor products by OGO and ask about the new limited edition Savanne color on Lomuarredi shop

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