The Fusion of Art and Design in the Home

Bd calvet collection

The fusion of art and design in the home: new trends aim for absolute beauty.

Antoni gaudi calvet chair

The latest trends in interior design show an appreciation for artistic furniture, i.e. furniture designed by distinguished artists who, by combining design and quality materials, have created a perfect fusion of functionality and beauty.

Bd dalilips sofa

Get the look with Dalilips sofa

Many furniture manufacturers try to reach agreements with the families of famous artists to authenticate and certify all products designed by the chosen artist. For example, the famous Spanish furniture manufacturer BD Barcelona Design has managed to reach an agreement to authenticate and certify all products by Antoni Gaudi.

Calvet armchair

Antoni Gaudì Calvet armchair

Buying such a product means having a real work of art in the home that will attract all the attention and the rest of the furniture will be built around it!

Bd gaulino chair

Get the look with Gaulino chair

Interior designers aim to cultivate beauty and venture on the luxury of things well done, while combining art with functionality to offer unique pieces with a strong personality. In contrast with what happened in general to almost all the Modernista furniture which ended up going out of fashion, furniture designed by artists like Gaudì or Salvador Dalì is still as modern today as it was when it was first designed.

Calvet mirror

Antoni Gaudi Calvet mirror

This project is a hallmark on the long tradition of BD’s reproductions of Salvador Dali’s furniture. This is Xai,  a sculpture-small table, absolutely unique and iconic!

Bd xai small table

Salvador Dalì Xai small table

What about the Salvador Dalì Vis à Vis sofa?! A typical surreal interpretation of a piece of furniture extremely bourgeois and conventional. This piece carries the appearance of human elements – a feminine hand, one with a jewel and another masculine one with a watch– embracing those seated.

Bd vis à vis sofa

Salvador Dalì Vis à Vis sofa

People shape cultures, and cultures shape lives. Each home, in each culture, creates a sense of belonging based on unique architecture, objects, traditions, and the people that inhabit it. The concept of this object (below) is to weave together these experiences. The hen, which in the past was found in most homes, providing eggs and meat, represents home and living. The candle holder brings a sense of home, whilst the hen standing on the egg, represents the transformed city. This is the story how the egg and the hen, the city and the culture, each formed the other in a cycle of creation, always posing the question: What came first?

Bd walking hen

Aisha Al Sowaidi Walking Hen candelholder

Alessandro Mendini is another unique artist characterised by his great generosity amongst many of his other qualities. He was the one that defined the concept of “neoartesanado postindustrial” (new post industrial crafted art) much like what we do at BD, ever since the business started in 1972.

Bd cristallo cupboard

Alessandro Mendini Cristallo cupboard

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Going to Work in 2022


Going to work in 2022: the new concept of family-friendly offices.

Sancal furniture collection

Due to the developments of the Covid19 pandemic, designers have once again revolutionised the concept of the office. Whereas in the mid-2020s the office was designed as a large space divided into many small ones, through glass walls, textile walls or screens, in order to provide greater separation and safety, now the trend is towards an office with many common spaces and reminiscent of a cosy family environment.

Sancal dividuals pouf

Get the look with Dividuals pouf

Why is this happening?
First of all, we have realised that it is not possible to live in isolation and without social contact for a prolonged period of time; human contact is fundamental in professional relationships because it stimulates creativity and the psycho-physical well-being of each worker; mass vaccinations have led to a relaxation of the rules of distancing.

Sancal remnant sofa

Get the look with Remnant sofa

Within the new 2022 office, the introduction of a complete and professional kitchen was conceived in order to ensure that everyone could take a break, cook something and enjoy lunch alone or in company. For this project the designer opted for a minimalist, essential and functional style.

Sancal totem stool Sancal totem stool 1

Get the look with Totem stool

Of course, smaller, glass-enclosed spaces are created for moments that require privacy and greater concentration. Simple, almost empty spaces: just a table and chairs around it.

Sancal roll chair The office of 2022

No separating elements, no architectural barriers, just the management of a very large space that always guarantees a certain safety distance and privacy but at the same time does not separate people but unites them.

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Lomuarredi Advent Calendar

Lomuarredi advent calendar

Our Advent Calendar: Lomuarredi is proposing an original calendar where every day gift ideas will be proposed!

Lots of very useful gift ideas to make your home a welcoming, elegant place full of Italian design furniture! All the products are part of the Miniforms collection, a well-known Made in Italy furniture manufacturer with an original and unmistakable style.

You can shop Miniforms collection online on our website Lomuarredi

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Emeco Furniture

Emeco navy collection 2

Emeco furniture: Made in America, often by hand, mostly from recycled materials, but always to last.

Emeco chairs

Emeco became famous started creating, in 1944, the  1006 Navy Chair. This iconic model was made for warships and sailors. During 1944, salvaged aluminum was plentiful. Methods to make it highly resistant were not. Which lead to The Process. 77 steps that turn ordinary aluminum, extraordinarily strong. That’s how 1006 Navy Chair was born. Sturdy. Smart. Essentially the backbone and DNA of every chair Emeco will ever make. And what works for one demanding environment will eventually suit many, many others.

Emeco 1006 navy

Shop the 1006 Navy chair

Over the years, the 1006 Navy chair became increasingly popular and caught the attention of famous international designers and stylists such as Ettore Sottsass, Giorgio Armani and a bold young French designer called Philippe Starck who ordered a very large number of 1006 Navy chairs. That were destined for an eclectic, design-focused hotel in New York City. The Paramount.

Philippe stark

Thus began many collaborations with leading figures from the worlds of design and entertainment. Other designers took notice. Frank Gehry ordered 125 Hudson rolling chairs for his studio. Gregg personally delivered them. Their meeting resulted in the “Superlight” chair. Ettore Sottsass and Norman Foster also shared Emeco’s goal of clean-lined, useful, intelligent chairs. Nine-0 by Sottsass was unveiled at the Salone De Mobile in 2008. Foster’s 20-06 was chosen for Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Collection the same year it launched.

Emeco navy chair

In recent years, Emeco has focused its production on products made from recycled and eco-friendly materials to protect the environment. Thus was born the collaboration with Coca-Cola and the new 111 Navy chairs made with Cocal-Cola bottles. 111 Navy requires 111 rPET Coke bottles, new science and a lot of hard work. But this partnership can rescue tons of scrap plastic from landfills.

Emeco 111 navy

111 Navy succeeds in ways well beyond recycling. It inspires Emeco and many designers to think about original applications using reclaimed materials. Partnerships in this direction become the company focus. Subsequent work with Starck, Nendo, Grcic, Jasper Morrison give new breadth to Emeco’s initial purpose, the one that started it all, back in 1944.

Emeco 111 navy chair 1

Shop the 111 Navy chair

The collection has expanded over time and ranges from chairs with armrests to stools and chairs for children… new collections have also been created, such as Broom, 1 Inch Reclaimed, Alfi, Heritage, Kong available in our online shop Lomuarredi

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The Best Books on Architecture and Design

Christmas gifts 7

The best books on architecture and design to give as gifts this Christmas.


One of the most welcome gifts for Christmas is definitely a book; a book is perfect for a family member, a friend but also for an acquaintance or a work colleague. In this post we have gathered together the best books on architecture and design to give as gifts this Christmas.

Let’s discover more together!

The Iconic House By Dominic Bradbury, Richard Powers.

Christmas gifts 1

The Iconic House features over 100 of the most important and influential houses designed and built since 1900. International in scope and wide-ranging in style, the houses share a remarkable sensitivity to site and context, an appreciation of local materials and building traditions, and a careful understanding of clients’ needs. Each, however, has a unique approach that makes it groundbreaking and radical for its time. Concise, informative texts and fresh, vibrant illustrations, including specially commissioned photographs, floor plans and drawings, offer detailed documentation, while architect biographies, a bibliography, a gazetteer and list of houses by type provide further information.


Alan I Frank House

Christmas gifts 2

The Alan I W Frank House Book offers a rare opportunity to explore the house. It is the most important residence Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer, two of the best architects of the twentieth century, ever designed.


La Pedrera, Architecture and History By Carlos Flores, Josep Maria Huertas. Foreword Daniel Giralt-Miracle.

Christmas gifts 3

The book presents two aspects of the history of the building, the architectural and the social. Architectural historian Carlos Flores has has an admirable capacity for strictly architectural analysis and an admirable facility for making the architectonic subjects he deals with comprehensible and appealing.


The Architects Home By Gennaro Postiglione.

Christmas gifts 4

After a busy day at the drawing board, what kind of homes do today’s top architects return to? Find out in this fascinating glimpse into the self-designed domiciles of architects around the world. Packed with esoteric design and structural quirks, let’s discover exactly what form and function do together when they’re at home.


Brochure Museum-Apartment Casa Bloc, Dwelling 1/11. Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

Christmas gifts 4

Information about Casa Bloc building -a symbol of the rationalist architecture in Barcelona-, and of the restoration of one of the apartments.


Kelly Hoppen: The Art of Interior Design.

Christmas gifts 5

Kelly Hoppen offers a wealth of experience and advice on achieving your signature style, making this a definitive master class in home design. This book is a must for any home decorator wanting to give their home a touch of Kelly Hoppen’s distinctive style, the perfect combination of luxury with simplicity.


James Rose By Dean Carasis

Christmas gifts 6

The first biography of this important landscape architect, James Rose examines the work of one of the most radical figures in the history of mid-century modernist American landscape design. An artist who explored his profession with words and built works, Rose fearlessly critiqued the developing patterns of land use he witnessed during a period of rapid suburban development.


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Outdoor Furniture for Winter Season

Dedon tango armchair 1

Outdoor furniture for winter season: the best designer furniture to enjoy during the cold months.

Ogo don out sofa

Who said that outdoor furniture can only be used in the summer season! In the mountains, for example, there is nothing better than sipping an aperitif in the sunshine, in the snow, after a ski trip…

Dedon tango armchair

Get the look with: Tango armchair

The outdoor furniture collections, which are also used in the cold season, are made of materials that are even more resistant and high-performance than those suitable only for the summer season. They must be able to withstand low temperatures and severe weather conditions.

Outdoor furniture

Great designers are the creators of these beautiful and elegant collections produced by great names: Kettal, Dedon, Emu to name a few… Other companies, such as the Spanish company OGO, have created a collection of furnishing accessories, with original and attractive shapes, suitable for both summer and winter thanks to their special super-resistant fabrics.

Ogo don out sofa 1

Get the look with: Don Out sofa

Today’s outdoor furniture is in no way inferior to indoor furniture: the collections are so beautiful and well-designed that they would not be out of place in the home either. For example, the furnishings from the OGO collection are also suitable for interior decoration, creating a cosy atmosphere.

Ogo don out sofa 2

As far as materials are concerned, synthetic fibres or woven natural fibres such as rattan and wicker are particularly suitable for outdoor furniture, with which it is possible to make furniture without any limitation of shape, thus also favouring curved and rounded ones.

Dedon outdoor collection

If you would like to equip an outdoor space with special attention to detail, visit our furniture shop Lomuarredi


Decorating Home with Green Colour

Decorating with green colour 0

Decorating home with green: the freshest, most vital and versatile colour.

Decorating with green colour

According to Chromotherapy , the colour green is a symbol of harmony, the colour of nature and well-being, of calm and refreshment. Green is usually chosen to instil calm and serenity, and is therefore widely used to decorate many rooms in the home such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, etc.

Decorating with green colour 1

The colours that go best with green are metal, stone and all shades of wood from walnut to oak, from wengué to cherry. The combination of green and these materials creates brightness, warmth and cosiness.

Decorating with green colour 2

Vanity Fair armchair

In addition to these materials, green goes very well with most other colours. In fact, thanks to its versatility and the wide choice of shades, you can even opt to combine green with blue! This combination is suitable for rooms that make good use of natural light in order to bring out the brilliance of these two colours.

Decorating with green colour 3

A very interesting and elegant shade of green is Aqua Green. Delicate and discreet, this shade combines perfectly with light beige for a super cozy result!

Decorating with green colour

Dark green painted furniture creates a “natural” atmosphere and is perfect for The Jungle Style lovers! Dark green goes perfectly with any style of furniture, whether shabby, vintage, industrial, Provençal, contemporary or modern!

Decorating with green colour 5

La Isla sofa

As green is the colour that represents nature, it is advisable to create a real natural environment by adding plants, bamboo, flowers and other decorations that enhance the “Green” factor for an ecofriendly home!

Decorating wiht green colour 6

Sancal furniture collection

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The Best Luxury Sofas Manufacturers

Poltrona frau chester line sofa

The best luxury sofas manufacturers all Made in Italy.

Poliform sofas collection

A sophisticated designer sofa can completely transform the visual impact of a living room and, in particular, Italian sofa manufacturers are known worldwide for the high quality of the materials used, attention to detail, refinement and elegance of design.

Driade verlaine sofa

Driade Verlaine sofa.

Precious velvets, refined leathers and soft fabrics… everything necessary to make the sofa a unique jewel that can be customised according to the customer’s needs. In Italy, in fact, the culture of relaxation and rest is very marked; this is why furniture companies are very fertile and famous.

Poliform dune sofa

Poliform Dune sofa

Italian design not only represents tradition but is increasingly focusing on innovation, and in particular on the study and research of new materials to make seating more comfortable and ergonomic; technology combined with high craftsmanship gives life to long-lasting, fashion-proof furniture.

Poltrona Frau John John sofa

Poltrona Frau John John sofa

Which are the most famous Italian manufacturers of luxury sofas?


Driade was founded in 1968 and immediately distinguished itself as a true “aesthetic workshop” in the continuous search for beauty in living. The vast Driade catalogue includes furniture for the home, garden and public spaces. The collections include objects of art and everyday use, “souls” that blend harmoniously.

Driade verlaine sofa 1

Driade Verlaine sofa

Poltrona Frau

An ‘Italian myth’ known all over the world. Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau became the official supplier to the Italian royal family, the Savoy dynasty, a few years later in 1926. Since then, it has furnished all the most famous buildings, grand hotels, the interiors of the Turin Expo in 1928 and the sumptuous transatlantic liner Rex, pride of the Italian Navy.

Poltrona frau chester line sofa

Poltrona Frau Chester Line sofa


Founded in 1970 by Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani, Poliform has distinguished itself for its culture of savoir faire: work ethic and entrepreneurial vision, combined with technical knowledge and design mastery. A heritage that today lives and thrives in Poliform.

Poliform shangai sofa

Poliform Shangai sofa

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The Best Desks of 2021

Ercol treviso desk 1

The best desks of 2021 that can be adapted to any space and style requirement.

Designer desks

In the last couple of years, lifestyles and spaces have changed considerably. Inserting small desks in the living room or in the bedroom has become a need that many people have in common: modern models for all tastes, chosen according to different space and style requirements.

Wogg54 desk

At first it may seem difficult or even impossible to create a new space in the living room or bedroom: it is not always possible to allocate a stable desk or writing desk to the workstation. However, thanks to restyling projects, the wide range of versatile furniture on the market and a good interior designer, it is possible to create a small space that can accommodate everything you need.

Miniforms jumbo desk

Let’s discover together the best desks for this 2021! Modern, fashionable, high quality and very versatile!

Wogg54 desk

Wogg54, designed by Christophe Marchand for Wogg, is a sophisticated and elegant writing table with a simple but surprising design. The top and the structure follow the principle of the shelves and are combined in order to reach the perfect stability. Wogg54 Desk Wogg is composed by box containers that can be inserted precisely into the recesses and serve to accommodate writing utensils and small items of everyday use.

Wogg54 desk 1

Miniforms Jumbo desk

The Miniforms Jumbo desk, designed by Paolo Cappello was presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan. Its simple, slightly rounded and elegant lines maks Jumbo desk perfect for the decoration of living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.

Miniforms jumbo desk 1

Sancal Nudo desk

Sancal Nudo, designed by Juan Ibáñez is a modern and versatile collection of stools, low tables, benches and desks. The office desk model is an example of the versatility of the Nudo range, as its reduced size (120x70x74) makes it a practical option for a home office.

Sancal nudo desk

Ercol Treviso desk

The Ercol Treviso wooden desk designed by Matthew Hilton captures an element of architectural character, combined with a timeless elegance, amplified through the natural beauty of solid wood.

Ercol treviso desk

Bonaldo Scriba desk

Bonaldo Scriba is characterised by rigorous signs that bring to mind the typical desk of bygone times. The use of wood, in the Canaletto walnut finish, for the base, the top, the drawer and for the front part of the legs makes it a refined and linear product, suitable for contemporary environments but also ideal for the most sophisticated of spaces.

Bonaldo scriba desk

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Decorating Home with Blue

Sancal la isla

Decorating home with blue color: original ideas for furnishing your home with the most elegant and relaxing colour.

Sancal furniture collection

Although it may seem an odd choice, choosing blue as the main colour in the home is a winning tactic in most cases! Blue is by far the most relaxing and elegant colour; it gives a lot of depth to the environment, enriching it with its strong but discreet personality.

Sancal tonella

Get the look with: Tonella armchair

Painting the walls in blue creates a backdrop against which you can play with the colour of the furniture, ranging from pastel colours to neutral shades or daring here and there with some brighter shades such as yellow or orange…

Sancal tonella 1

If you are afraid of being too daring by painting your walls blue, you can opt for a more ‘classic’ style, i.e. combine white walls with blue furniture, such as armchairs, a sofa or other objects, and combine the various existing types of blue: Indigo, Ottanio, Avio, Oceano etc…

Sancal hera

Get the look with: Hera armchair

The main characteristics of this colour are:
-it adapts well to all styles, both classic and contemporary;
-it can be combined with a wide variety of materials: marble, wood, metal, even difficult ones!
-it adapts to all rooms in the house, from the kitchen to the living room, from the dining room to the bedroom…
-The colour blue influences the mood. Being the colour of the sky and the sea, blue has a calming effect.

Sancal mini tortuga

Get the look with: Mini Tortuga chair

It is not recommended to use dark blue in large quantities in large rooms: you may cause a depressing and gloomy atmosphere. Moreover, always make sure that the room is well lit by natural light, which, when combined with blue, will create bright and elegant shades.

Sancal mosaico

Get the look with: Mosaico bench

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