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Sancal Body Chair

Perfect for lounging, working or dining, this multifunctional piece is a must-have for any modern space.

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Body is a design by Sylvain Willenz for Sancal. Its name refers to its backrest, which recalls the shape of a human body silhouette, in particular back and shoulders. Made in ash wood, the several layers of moulded veneer give shape to a structure with organic, smooth, and simple lines, whether seen from the front, or form the back when stored. The uniqueness of singular wood exterior and its curvature create unique details for Sancal’s first “non” upholstered chair. The quotation marks make sense because Body is not only available in this finishing, as there are other ones.

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From a single, humanised structure, Sancal presents a wide-ranging collection. A wide colour palette is one of the main features. Apart from its natural finish, it can be stained in all the colours from Sancal’s range. There is also an upholstered version; a practical padded textile cover has been created which can be easily removed or put on at any time. Both upholstered options are available in a wide range of fabrics.

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It defines an entire seating programme whose unique structure can incorporate various types of leg. Now, Sancal adds a new dimension with a lacquered metal sled leg. This version can be joined with an ingenious connector, and stacked for storage, making it ideal for auditoriums. Optionally, a writing tablet can be incorporated, made of ash veneered marine board.

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Other leg options available are cantilever base, totally upholstered, wood, metal and a base with castors. The metal arms can only be attached to the seats with 4 wooden or metal legs. In short, a new basic, elegant, sustainable and minimalist chair that works in all types of interiors thanks to its universal and customisable character.

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Get ready to experience the hidden truth of ultimate comfort and versatility with Sancal’s Body chair. From lounging to working, this multifunctional chair has got you covered. Say goodbye to one-dimensional seating and hello to a world of possibilities!

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