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Miniforms Caruso Cabinet

Miniforms Caruso cabinet: are you ready to experience music like never before? Introducing the revolutionary cabinet that plays music.

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It almost feels like a ritual. Sitting down, with soft light, and pressing play on your smartphone. Then letting vibrations do their thing.

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Miniforms Caruso cabinet invites you to sit down, take a break, and find again the magic to hear and see an object that plays good music. It stands on the edge of irony, a little futuristic, a little nostalgic, managing to combine hi-tech to the living for a multi-sensory décor.

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Features: 50 watt of high fidelity.

Caruso is equipped with a 50 Watt Hi-Fi system. Just one single speaker loud as you need: immersive basses that massage the ears and rich highs. You can connect any device with built-in Bluetooth to Caruso. Switch it on and connect to “Miniforms Audio”. Then play the music.

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The truth about music? It can be played from any surface, even cabinets. Step up your sound game and get a cabinet that plays music today with Miniforms Caruso! Get yourself a cabinet with built-in speakers that plays soothing tunes – it’s the perfect way to bring life into any room!

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The Caruso cabinet by Miniforms is available in our shop LOMUARREDI

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