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Connecting Spaces to Create a Sense of Fluidity

Connecting spaces to create a sense of fluidity in the home thanks to textile folding doors.

Dooor textile folding doors

Created in the 1950’s as a result of the reflections on modern living carried out by various designers, the textile door is a furnishing accessory that can expand, delimit or screen interior spaces according to the desired configuration.

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The textile door collection of  Dooor brand keeps this extraordinary functional peculiarity intact while expanding its aesthetic horizon, thanks to new printing techniques and the use of highly technological covering materials.

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The result is an architectural element with an essential style that connects spaces in continuity but at the same time represents a decorative element capable of strongly characterising the surrounding environment, profoundly connoting the environments in which it is inserted.

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The door, in its nature, represents a point of access, the entrance to another world. An architectural element that separates, but at the same time connects. Thus Dooor enhances this innate vocation, generating an unprecedented link with different creative universes that come to life within each individual project, whether it is the design of a domestic, professional or contract environment.

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