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The Public Spaces of the Future

The public spaces of the future: the evolution of meeting places in the post Covid era.

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Social distancing will be the new normality (at least temporarily), and therefore our society will have to adapt to the new circumstances that COVID-19 has brought in the daily life of each of us. Public spaces will have to be reorganized in order to accommodate a large number of people in total safety. Hotels, restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas, schools and universities will be the first to have to adapt to this epochal change and find the best solution to ensure both separation and conviviality.

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Designers around the world and furniture companies are studying sustainable solutions from the simplest plexiglass panels to furniture with fabric-covered panels incorporated directly into the structure, which in addition to providing privacy create an elegant barrier among people.

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Innovation will not automatically mean cold and aseptic environments. The public spaces of the future will be as warm and welcoming as our home, thanks to the use of versatile and above all smart furniture, made with materials that can be easily washed without losing beauty and elegance.

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The idea that, for the moment, is taking hold among the best designers is to create small private “rooms” in which small groups of people can gather. This idea can be applied to almost all public spaces, from restaurants to hotels, from university study rooms to offices.

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There are already on the market furniture characterized by the original extra height backrest, dedicated to discretion and relaxation, offering reserved moments of isolation, precious for a break or an impromptu work session. Often an elegant coffee table, with support and swivel top, completes the comfort of the furniture, customizable with USB charger.


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The real challenge will be to guarantee as much as possible the kind of life we already know in combination with the new safety standards that the various you are going to decide to adopt in the long term.

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