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    Opting for a Round Sofa for Living Room Decor

    From large configurations suitable for generous square footage to alternative solutions for those who like the idea of a circle design. Desiree Lacoon Island sofa Thanks in part to the trend of curved sofas, the pleasure of having a round sofa can find fertile ground. Not least because this shape lends itself to being juxtaposed with a day bed, a seat that responds to that transition whereby the sofa at home, from a place to sit with guests increasingly becomes a more intimate place to spend time at home reading, using mobile devices and even working. Maxalto Amoenus sofa Paradoxically, with respect to the latter use, the round sofa, in…

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    Little Islands of Relaxation

    Little islands of relaxation: living room and dining room armchairs create magical corners of leisure and rest in which to relax. True Design Clara armchair Attracting attention with their strong character and timeless design, living room and dining room armchairs create magical corners of leisure and rest in which to relax and enjoy the evening or weekend. Gallotti&Radice Audrey armchair Furnishing the living room with armchairs instead of a sofa? Or furnish the dining room by focusing on armchairs instead of chairs or a table? Excellent idea, all the more so if the armchairs are colourful, modern, original and, why not, also designer ones!  Poltrona Frau Archibald armchair Whether leather…

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    5 Designer Icons for a Chic Home

    5 designer icons for a chic home: 5 must have furniture conceived by top designers. A piece of designer furniture or accessory is a great way to add a touch of elegance to the home. Let’s discover together the most iconic pieces of contemporary design. Barcelona Design Monkey Side Table Monkey was designed by Jaime Hayon, who created a bestseller decorative element that in these years has become a real icon in the design sector. The Monkey side table is functional, has got quality and a touch of humour, which is always welcome in the times we are living in. It is made from architectonic concrete in grey or black…

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    The Best Luxury Sofas Manufacturers

    The best luxury sofas manufacturers all Made in Italy. A sophisticated designer sofa can completely transform the visual impact of a living room and, in particular, Italian sofa manufacturers are known worldwide for the high quality of the materials used, attention to detail, refinement and elegance of design. Driade Verlaine sofa. Precious velvets, refined leathers and soft fabrics… everything necessary to make the sofa a unique jewel that can be customised according to the customer’s needs. In Italy, in fact, the culture of relaxation and rest is very marked; this is why furniture companies are very fertile and famous. Poliform Dune sofa Italian design not only represents tradition but is…

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    Decorating the Living Room with Red

    Decorating the living room with red: the colour of passion adds a touch of exclusivity to the room. All lovers of red should know that very little is needed to brighten up a monochromatic and characterless environment. If your living room is therefore monochromatic, you can decide to add small touches of colour, such as the upholstery of an armchair or a sofa, to give more personality to the space. Get the look with Vermelha chair So how best to use red in living room furniture? A good strategy, as we were saying before, is to choose this colour for single elements: for example for a chair, a sofa, a desk,…

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    5 Must-Have Designer Rugs for your Living Room.

    5 must-have handmade rugs ideal for the decoration of your living room. The rug is one of the most popular pieces of furniture to decorate the living room, making it warm and cosy. In addition of being a decorative element, the rug can be also functional, indeed, if you have children, it dampens noise and possible falls. In this post we recommend some entirely handmade decorative carpets designed by famous designers, ideal for adding a touch of colour and hygge style to your living room. Rectangular, square or round, it doesn’t matter the shape or size, what matters is quality, elegance and functionality! Let’s discover together the 5 must-have designer…

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    The 4 Chicest Modern Sofas of 2021

    The 4 chicest modern sofas of 2021: let’s discover the best designer sofas in vogue for this year! This year’s interior designers offer a wide choice of very comfortable, modern, chic sofas with an exclusive and easily recognisable design. Leaving aside minimalism and the essential, the design world for this 2021 opts exclusively for comfort with elegant, enveloping and soft lines without neglecting quality in the least. Let’s discover together the 4 chicest modern sofas that can not be missed in a home! 1 Bonaldo Cave sofa The Cave sofa, characterised by a sophisticated yet linear style, great comfort and the typical quality of Made in Italy, is one of the…

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    Ideas and Tips: How to Make the Living Room Larger

    Ideas and tips: how to make the living room larger in just a few steps. The sofa is the reference point and focal element of the living room, and it is on this piece of furniture that we must focus all our attention to make the living room larger. The choice of sofa is certainly one of the best memories we all have of when we were setting up our home. The simplest and most obvious reasoning would lead us to prefer a small sofa, and perhaps a couple of armchairs, in a small living room. This is a furnishing mistake, for the simple reason that so many small pieces…

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    Home Decor Ideas for Autumn Season

    Home decor ideas for autumn season: how to give the home a warmer and more comfortable look. With the arrival of autumn we feel the need to make the house a welcoming retreat, a nest in which to take refuge when the days get shorter and protect us from the temperatures that begin to drop. Let’s discover together the most effective tricks to use to decorate the house in the cold seasons! Accessories It takes little to give rooms a more comfortable look, for example by choosing the right textiles for the living room and bedroom, opting for soft and comfortable pillows, rugs, poufs, wool blankets and fabric covers. Get…

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    Small Living Room Decor

    Small living room decor: some creative and smart solutions to furnish a small living room following the latest trends. When you have a small living room you should use some tricks to make it cosy and elegant, avoiding the two most common mistakes: making the room “heavy” and making it less functional. So the two keywords for this year will be: order and minimalism! Get the look with:  Mastea coffee table Order Order always comes first! In a small space it is necessary that the visual impact is always pleasant and harmonious, so it is important to avoid clutter or a decorative style that includes too many accessories, such as…