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Miniforms: the New Products Presented at the Salone del Mobile 2024

Simple yet innovative designs that will elevate your home decor game. Don’t miss out on this must-see collection!

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Get ready to be amazed by the latest Miniforms products revealed at the Salone del Mobile 2024. From sleek furniture designs to innovative home decor, this brand continues to push boundaries and redefine modern living. Don’t miss out on the hidden truths of their stunning creations.

Albio table

The harmony of the Albio table conceals an imperial charm: this first version is crafted in Travertine marble, a material favoured by the Romans to build their most celebrated monuments. The top is rounded irregularly on every side and it rests on a sleek, faceted triangular base. The softness of its organic top is matched by the solid slab of its base, harmoniously combined in a single sculptural body. Finishes are available in full Travertine, wood or lacquer, as a dining table or in a smaller coffee table version, which can become modular if needed.

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ContainerUP cabinet

Container has dug its heels in to make itself heard: now it goes vertical and is calling itself UP. By growing taller it becomes compact yet spacious, with a strong decorative side expressed in blocks of colour: whether lacquered or in natural wood, a high impact is guaranteed.

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Nami desk and table

From a sketch on paper to a product and its name: Nami’s name echoes the sinuous inspiration of its base, crafted in bent wood. In the hands of the craftsman, the material seems almost elastic, modelled to express character and musicality. You can pick the genre yourself through tops and finishes: round, oval, rectangular, barrel-shaped, in wood or fully lacquered in 13 colours.

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Nebulona armchair

Tired of its hectic travels through space, Nebulona has decided to stay a while on planet Earth. Now its distinctive drop-shaped armrests encompass a plump and curvaceous seat, a clear invitation to a siesta. Surrender to its embrace and discover the beauty of travel, if only in the imagination.

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Rificolona lamp

Rificolona arrives hanging by a thread, to share a playful and creative spirit embodied by its materials: the shade, crafted entirely from recycled polyethylene, rotates in dialogue with the light, its density modified with a transparent spray. Rificolona delicately hovers over the elements in your living space, tilting according to necessity or the light desired at any given time of day.

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Behind every stunning Miniforms furniture piece lies a hidden truth – an undeniable love for design and craftsmanship. From sleek tables to modern chairs, their collection will capture your heart. Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself in our SHOP

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