Poltrona frau chester line sofa

The Best Luxury Sofas Manufacturers

The best luxury sofas manufacturers all Made in Italy.

Poliform sofas collection

A sophisticated designer sofa can completely transform the visual impact of a living room and, in particular, Italian sofa manufacturers are known worldwide for the high quality of the materials used, attention to detail, refinement and elegance of design.

Driade verlaine sofa

Driade Verlaine sofa.

Precious velvets, refined leathers and soft fabrics… everything necessary to make the sofa a unique jewel that can be customised according to the customer’s needs. In Italy, in fact, the culture of relaxation and rest is very marked; this is why furniture companies are very fertile and famous.

Poliform dune sofa

Poliform Dune sofa

Italian design not only represents tradition but is increasingly focusing on innovation, and in particular on the study and research of new materials to make seating more comfortable and ergonomic; technology combined with high craftsmanship gives life to long-lasting, fashion-proof furniture.

Poltrona Frau John John sofa

Poltrona Frau John John sofa

Which are the most famous Italian manufacturers of luxury sofas?


Driade was founded in 1968 and immediately distinguished itself as a true “aesthetic workshop” in the continuous search for beauty in living. The vast Driade catalogue includes furniture for the home, garden and public spaces. The collections include objects of art and everyday use, “souls” that blend harmoniously.

Driade verlaine sofa 1

Driade Verlaine sofa

Poltrona Frau

An ‘Italian myth’ known all over the world. Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau became the official supplier to the Italian royal family, the Savoy dynasty, a few years later in 1926. Since then, it has furnished all the most famous buildings, grand hotels, the interiors of the Turin Expo in 1928 and the sumptuous transatlantic liner Rex, pride of the Italian Navy.

Poltrona frau chester line sofa

Poltrona Frau Chester Line sofa


Founded in 1970 by Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani, Poliform has distinguished itself for its culture of savoir faire: work ethic and entrepreneurial vision, combined with technical knowledge and design mastery. A heritage that today lives and thrives in Poliform.

Poliform shangai sofa

Poliform Shangai sofa

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