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    Sancal Body Chair

    Perfect for lounging, working or dining, this multifunctional piece is a must-have for any modern space. Body is a design by Sylvain Willenz for Sancal. Its name refers to its backrest, which recalls the shape of a human body silhouette, in particular back and shoulders. Made in ash wood, the several layers of moulded veneer give shape to a structure with organic, smooth, and simple lines, whether seen from the front, or form the back when stored. The uniqueness of singular wood exterior and its curvature create unique details for Sancal’s first “non” upholstered chair. The quotation marks make sense because Body is not only available in this finishing, as…

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    Choosing Ecofriendly Furniture

    It’s time to make a change and opt for eco-friendly furniture! Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to sustainable, stylish pieces. Introducing our 136 sample collection, made from post-consumer plastic! When we think of the circular economy, we often imagine an infinite loop where our plastic bottles get converted into new bottles of the same quality. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Most recycling is actually “downcycling”, which means that the quality of the materials is degraded and used in ever worse products with each cycle until they can no longer be recycled and are thrown away. Sancal’s sample Book 136 is different, made entirely from post-consumer plastic…

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    Furniture Goals 2024

    Ready to elevate your home decor game? Here’s a hidden truth: furniture is the key to creating a stylish and cozy space. Product in the picture: Miniforms Plauto table  Ready to elevate your space? Furniture goals are more than just a Pinterest board – they’re a hidden reflection of who we are, our style and the comfort we crave. From statement pieces to functional finds, let’s make your dream home a reality. By 2024, aim for these furniture goals: 1. Invest in quality pieces 2. Mix and match different styles 3. Embrace sustainable options 4. Create multi-functional spaces 5. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Product in the picture: Tom Dixon Fat chair…

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    Sancal Totem Stool

    Sancal Totem stool: a versatile piece that adds functionality and style to any space. From a simple black and white graphic silhouette to a colourful Totem. As a teenager, Sylvain Willenz began scribbling comics as he wanted to be a cartoonist. His wish was to create something that would come to life, something he could use and live with. At this point he discovered industrial design, a discipline in which he could apply his passion for drawing. The paper is pierced by his sketches, resulting in clean and simple designs with a subtle graphic touch. An elegant and timeless style in which materials take on special relevance. And of course,…

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    Furry Fabrics for a Very Warm Winter

    Unleash the warmth this winter with Sancal’s luxurious furry fabrics! Get the Sancal Duo Mini sofa Shhh…the secret to staying cozy this winter? Furry fabrics! Soft, warm, and oh-so-stylish. Get ready to cuddle up in these must-have pieces: the Argo textile, designed by Raff Simons for Kvadrat, is an example of a long, silky pile. An irresistible tactile element! Here below the Core sofa in shades of pink. The natural sheen of the mohair fibers catches the light, emphasizing Argo’s richly textured curls. This exclusive fabric is available in refined neutrals and contemporary yellow, pink and blue.  Get the Sancal Core sofa Another furry textile is Sancal’s 130 sample book. Although this…

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    Sancal Día y Noche Fiesta Collection

    Unleash the hidden beauty of your home decor with Sancal’s Día y Noche Fiesta collection. Product in the photo: Link sofa Fiesta is a commemorative and exclusive textile designed for and by Sancal, to celebrate an important milestone: fifty years furnishing the most varied spaces. It’s been developed together with the textile company Byborre. Product in the photo: Remnant armchair Día y Noche (Day and Night) are the definitive Fiesta tones that will form part of Sancal’s permanent collection of textiles and will be available for all pieces. Sancal has chosen the infallible black and white duo because they share elegance and timelessness. Product in the photo: Tortuga lounge chair Opposites, they share…

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    Sancal Momic Sofa

    Life is all about balance, and the Momic sofa by Sancal has it all: comfort, style & practicality. As its name suggests, Momic by Rafa García is the reinterpretation of the classic shapes of 50s sofa aesthetics (Modern Mid-Century) for a modern lifestyle. Delicate lines, soft curves and organic shapes create a seating family of elegant simplicity and timeless appearance. Modern flair for contemporary, dynamic interiors. Wish you could spend every night lounging in style? Check out the Momic sofa by Sancal – luxurious comfort, modern design, and elegant lines make this piece of furniture a must-have. The perfect balance of comfort and style: Sancal Momic sofa. Its sleek design…

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    Sancal Core Sofa

    Sancal Core sofa: introducing a contemporary original that will transform any room into an artfully modern space. Core‘s volumes show matter in its pure state. Its formal design, which brings to mind classically-inspired furniture and shapes, presents its most contemporary facet through the materials used. Its generous and comfortable seat is embraced by a delicate quilted back. The balance of the Core resides in the harmonious union of its parts, which naturally fit together like elements chiselled by a sculptor, as if they have been built from a single block of material. The sobriety of the armchair and sofas can be emphasized by using neutral fabrics or contrasted with bold…

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    Sancal La Isla Sofa

    Sancal La Isla sofa: a seating programme for social areas. Sancal turned to Note design studio to provide “some relief for weary travellers”. They came up with La Isla as a solution. Its seductive curves and soft upholstery call out to all those navigating a lobby, desperately seeking refuge. Once installed on La Isla sofa anybody will not be disappointed. The upholstery is just as comfortable as it looks with generous proportions and soft materials. A place to share with strangers while respecting their privacy; isolated but not excluded. The La Isla sofa comes in three different sizes and a selection of fabrics from Sancal’s collection. The plinth can be…

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    Modern Furniture: Quality, Style and Comfort

    When it comes to furnishing a home, modern furniture is a popular choice. Get the look with Miniforms Colony armchair When it comes to furnishing a home, modern furniture is a popular choice for many people. Whether you’re looking for a few accent pieces or an entire living room set, modern furniture offers a range of options that can fit any budget and style. Modern furniture is known for its clean lines and sleek design. From contemporary to mid-century modern, there are many different styles to choose from. Get the look with Miniforms Valerie chair Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something more subtle, modern furniture can help you create…