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Sancal La Isla Sofa

Sancal La Isla sofa: a seating programme for social areas.

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Sancal turned to Note design studio to provide “some relief for weary travellers”. They came up with La Isla as a solution. Its seductive curves and soft upholstery call out to all those navigating a lobby, desperately seeking refuge.

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Once installed on La Isla sofa anybody will not be disappointed. The upholstery is just as comfortable as it looks with generous proportions and soft materials. A place to share with strangers while respecting their privacy; isolated but not excluded.

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The La Isla sofa comes in three different sizes and a selection of fabrics from Sancal’s collection. The plinth can be lacquered in any of the colours as per the chart in the price list by  choosing from textures and shades that will make you feel unique. You can shop Sancal La Isla sofa on LOMUARREDI

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Break away from the boxy look and add some edge to your living space with a sofa that has an original shape! Choose from fun curves, asymmetrical lines, or unique angles – it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

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