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Bonaldo Slot Table

Unleash the hidden charm of your dining room with Bonaldo Slot dining table.

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The Slot modern dining table embodies the extensive formal and technological research that has always underpinned Bonaldo’s products. For this collection, designer Giuseppe Viganò has drawn inspiration from the world of geometry, from which he has borrowed different shapes and harmonized them in a single design.

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The collection plays with minimal shapes expressed in space: the horizontal top is supported by two supports with a characteristic H shape, one vertical and one slanted, united by a transverse element that conveys a sensation of movement.

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The legs and central stem are made of metal, while the top with rounded corners is available in numerous finishes, from wood to ceramic, marble and crystal, creating combinations of materials that are always different and can respond to any furnishing and style requirement.

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Transform your dining space with the Bonaldo Slot dining table. A hidden truth: it’s not just a table, it’s an experience. Sleek design, quality craftsmanship and endless possibilities for customization. Elevate your meals and impress your guests with this stunning piece!

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Your dining table says more about your home than you think. Upgrade to the sleek and stylish Bonaldo Slot table for a touch of modern elegance.


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