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Sancal Totem Stool

Sancal Totem stool: a versatile piece that adds functionality and style to any space.

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From a simple black and white graphic silhouette to a colourful Totem. As a teenager, Sylvain Willenz began scribbling comics as he wanted to be a cartoonist. His wish was to create something that would come to life, something he could use and live with. At this point he discovered industrial design, a discipline in which he could apply his passion for drawing.

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The paper is pierced by his sketches, resulting in clean and simple designs with a subtle graphic touch. An elegant and timeless style in which materials take on special relevance. And of course, he has also transferred it to textile design.

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Totem is Sylvain’s first collaboration with Sancal and his style can be clearly seen in it as this design seems to be sketched on a blank piece of paper on which he draws a straight line and a circle. With this basic lines he formally reduces the archetype of a stool. Its defined, clear lines transcend beyond its use as a stool to become a sculptural decorative object.

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In addition to its use in domestic and restaurant projects, Totem can also be found in retail spaces, clinics, or offices. Let’s visit the selection of inspirational projects.

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Unleash the hidden truth of uncomfortable seating with Sancal’s Totem stool. Say goodbye to numb bottoms and hello to stylish comfort. Made with sustainable materials, it’s a win-win for you and the environment. Upgrade your seating game today!

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Looking for a versatile and stylish addition to your home? The Sancal Totem stool is more than just a piece of furniture – it’s a hidden gem that elevates any space. Compact, functional, and visually stunning. Explore the endless possibilities with this must-have item on LOMUARREDI’S SHOP

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