• decapo miniforms

    Decapo Table Miniforms

    Decapo Table Miniforms, a minimalist and essential dining table suitable for any style and need.     Francesco Beghetto, a famous Italian designer who graduated in Industrial Design in Milan in 2005, is the creator of the Decapo table Miniforms, a table that has been a great success not only in Italy but also in the rest of the world, furnishing dining rooms and kitchens. Many are the products designed by Francesco Beghetto for the Italian company Miniforms, just think of the famous Leda Chair  Lem Armchair  Lem Sofa  Sergia Armchair      Leda Chair Lem Sofa Sergia Armchair Decapo Table, design and functionality. The Decapo Miniforms table is famous for its simplicity and…

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    The Jungle Style

    The Jungle style. Exotic influence turns your home into a Caribbean oasis.     Floral decorations and prints with large green leaves are the protagonists in environments that recall the atmosphere of distant countries. The style of a house reflects who lives in it: the choice of a piece of furniture or the colour of the walls reflects the personality of those who love to make domestic spaces a place where they feel good, spending relaxing moments. This is also the case with the furnishings of the living room, par excellence the room to be dedicated to aperitifs with friends or to Sunday naps in the middle of the afternoon. Jungle style…

  • furnishing trends

    Furnishing trends for 2019: what you like is in fashion

    Furnishing trends for 2019: what you like is in fashion. A trend that leaves everyone free to cultivate creativity.   A trend that comes from international fairs and leaves everyone free to cultivate their creativity. Relying on craftsmanship and a mix of styles. With only one firm point: the elegance of solid wood. Enough with furniture that follows a single trend. Whether it’s modern, urban, Scandinavian, artisanal, shabby chic, classic, everything is allowed as long as it’s pleasing to the end consumer and follows his individuality and creativity. It seems the simplest of conclusions, but from the latest trade fairs – first and foremost Tendence 2018 , the international consumer goods…

  • lem modular miniforms

    Eight coffee tables to match with a fabric sofa

    Eight coffee tables to match with a fabric sofa. How to create the perfect match with the most classic of upholstered items: the fabric sofa.   Couple of honor in the living room, sofa and coffee table are the heart of the conversation area, to be organized according to the size of the room should also be composed stylistically in the best way. And if one of the two elements is the (more or less) classic fabric sofa, for the second element the choices can be different. From the most classic and traditional solutions to the most original and less conventional, there are different interpretations that can be given to this…

  • kitchen worktops

    The most innovative materials for your kitchen worktop

    The most innovative materials for your kitchen worktop. Elegant and super functional worktops, thanks to the latest generation materials.     For many of us, the kitchen is the most lived-in home environment, the one where we spend the most time. Here we prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, which means washing, shredding, kneading, seasoning, cooking and, at the end, cleaning… These are all daily activities that take place on tops and worktops that must be practical and functional, but also resistant and easy to keep clean. The market really offers a rich choice of solutions ranging from the most classic materials, but technologically enhanced, to those of the latest generation. In fact,…

  • living room decor ideas

    The Guide for a Perfect Living Room

    The Guide for a Perfect Living Room. How to choose the right furniture and how to arrange them to better furnish the space.     The living room represents the heart of the house, indeed, it is the image. It is the environment in which we spend the most time, in which we meet with friends and relatives, where we sit down for moments of relaxation in front of the TV or with a good book. Yet, even if we take it for granted that there are furnishings to be included, it is not at all easy to create the room we have in mind. In our living room there will…

  • amalia sideboard modà collection

    The most elegant sideboards of 2018

    The most elegant sideboards of 2018 that can’t miss in your beautiful home.   The right sideboard for your needs. There are many different types of sideboard solutions available and knowing which to go for to suit your needs may not be as obvious as it sounds. The cost is a little bit high because design sideboards are really a kind of artistic work. Made generally of wood, they combine the utmost design with high quality of the materials used and they can be inserted in living rooms as well as bedrooms or dining rooms. As with any big purchase, it’s important to take the time to consider if the sideboard…

  • design rug nanimarquina

    The best modern rugs of 2018

    This month we have collected for you the best modern rugs of 2018 created by the most famous designers.     Designer rugs are a great way to personalise the house or the office of our dreams. Modern and contemporary rugs can be bold and colourful, calm and cosy, square, round or rectangular, natural or handmade and even waterproof. With all this choice available, it can be hard to decide which floor rug is right for you and your home. The type of rug you choose will depend on a number of options from taste to practicality, but we have selected some of the most beautiful and famous modern rugs…

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    Your New Bed Buying Guide

    Your New Bed Buying Guide for the purchasing of the most important item of your home. It’s never easy to choose the right bed for our needs. There are so many factors to consider: model, design, comfort, mattress, slatted base, costs, upholstery… Our New Bed Buying Guide aims to talk you through the many options available, from style to materials, to help you make a clear and informed decision.   What are your primary needs? As a starting point it is better to consider what you need, not only from the personal point of view but also according to the characteristics of the room in which the bed will be placed.…

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    Lomuarredi furnishes Airbnb

    Lomuarredi furnishes Airbnb, decorating the houses of their associates. About Airbnb   Airbnb is an online portal that connects people looking for accommodation or a room for short periods with people who have extra space to rent, usually private. You can rent directly from the owners your favourite accommodation for your dream holidays. 24 hour support, secure payments, great homes and accommodations, more than 4.5M of accommodations, unbeatable prices, Airbnb host warranty, 191 countries around the world, detailed traveller reviews and free registration. These are some of the great advantages of going on holiday using Airbnb, which offers its services in almost every place in the world. Are you planning to provide…