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Furnishing Home in 2024: Back to the Past

In 2024, furnishing your home will be all about embracing the past. Say goodbye to modern minimalism and hello to cozy nostalgia with vintage finds, retro patterns, and classic pieces.

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Cassina Cornaro sofa

Furniture trends have an extended and diluted life compared to fashion trends. However, there are one or more moments during the year when one can get a general look at what directions they will take in the months to follow, or at confirmations among existing ones. The Salone del Mobile is certainly the right opportunity to figure out how to furnish the home: this is the event when companies and designers test the public with the proposals they have been working on most of the year.

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Cassina Moncloud armchair

For 2024 from the point of view of forms there will be a “return to the past” with reissues of famous furniture in combination with the use of ecofriendly materials. Well, in 2024, it’s time to go back to the past and embrace classic furnishings. Say goodbye to fast fashion furniture and hello to timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

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Cassina Scarpa 121 chair

Much of the furniture offered in recent seasons has increasingly told of the desire and search for line of curved shapes and lines, not only in upholstered furniture, a way to suggest feelings of comfort and coziness. This trend has not died out, on the contrary: the structures of seats, complements and even beds often bear this sign. What is new in this is the search for tubular profiles to decline these round lines.

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Cassina Indochine Chaise Longue

Stepping into a vintage bedroom that exudes warmth and luxury with its wood and leather accents. A space where time stands still, inviting you to relax and unwind. Where “old style” charm meets timeless elegance. Discovering the hidden beauty of old-world craftsmanship in every corner with Cassina furniture collection.

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Cassina Volage Ex-S Night Wood bed

On the subject of finishes, the increasingly mature idea of restoring sensations inspired by warm colors has gained ground. These kinds of suggestions have certainly been seen before, but they are finding more focused points of view with more precise choices through the use of geometric and esoteric patterns.

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Cassina Rigadino rug

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