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The Restyled Version of BD Multileg Cabinet

Perfect for any room, this restyled version with new colours is a must-have for modern living.

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The Multileg is a playful and modular design from Jaime Hayon. It is nearly 20 years old, and now available in a new finish and range of rich colours. It is subtle and elegant.

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“The new stained wood finishes in earthy tones offer a refreshing palette that warmly welcomes the Multileg family into a new realm. With their cool and contemporary aesthetic, they add a touch of modernity to any space.”

— Jaime Hayon

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Its simple design, smart modularity and dozen leg options emphasise Hayons’ creative flair and made the Multileg a contemporary classic. Now, it can be finished in veneered natural ash MDF with open-pore hazy blue, egg yolk, black, olive green and berry red colours.

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Varying from square blocks to classic turned wooden spirals, flutes, ball legs and warping trumpets, the legs evoke the classical and contemporary. The collection sits comfortably in a range of environments, with modularity and a colour range perfect for personal and public spaces.

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Discover the untold secrets of the new BD Multileg cabinet – a game changer in storage solutions. Sleek design, enhanced functionality and unmatched durability make it a must-have for every modern home or office!

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