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    Opting for a Round Sofa for Living Room Decor

    From large configurations suitable for generous square footage to alternative solutions for those who like the idea of a circle design. Desiree Lacoon Island sofa Thanks in part to the trend of curved sofas, the pleasure of having a round sofa can find fertile ground. Not least because this shape lends itself to being juxtaposed with a day bed, a seat that responds to that transition whereby the sofa at home, from a place to sit with guests increasingly becomes a more intimate place to spend time at home reading, using mobile devices and even working. Maxalto Amoenus sofa Paradoxically, with respect to the latter use, the round sofa, in…

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    Color Scheme for the Bedroom

    Color scheme for the bedroom: in the sleeping area, two colors are better than one and three better than two. Watchword: “color harmony”! Especially if we talk about the bedroom. Because in the room dedicated to rest should prevail the feeling of serenity, including through color. Composing the moodboard and finding the right balance between color and materials is the main phase of the interior design project and is also the one that will dictate the style of the space. There are various ways to build a color scheme: once we keep in mind a few simple rules, it is good to visualize the shade that best identifies our personality.…

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    Furry Fabrics for a Very Warm Winter

    Unleash the warmth this winter with Sancal’s luxurious furry fabrics! Get the Sancal Duo Mini sofa Shhh…the secret to staying cozy this winter? Furry fabrics! Soft, warm, and oh-so-stylish. Get ready to cuddle up in these must-have pieces: the Argo textile, designed by Raff Simons for Kvadrat, is an example of a long, silky pile. An irresistible tactile element! Here below the Core sofa in shades of pink. The natural sheen of the mohair fibers catches the light, emphasizing Argo’s richly textured curls. This exclusive fabric is available in refined neutrals and contemporary yellow, pink and blue.  Get the Sancal Core sofa Another furry textile is Sancal’s 130 sample book. Although this…

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    Miniforms Pinto Side Table

    Miniforms Pinto: a single-material, strongly sculptural coffee table collection. Expressed in three “flavors” and two sizes, Pinto brings with it the idea of ​​travel: under a powerful surface, fragments of marble and stones condense the joy of Venetian festivals in a dress with primitive charm. The hardness of the cement appears so soft and malleable, giving elegance to the industrial taste while maintaining the characteristics of the material unchanged: durable and contemporary, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Can unreinforced concrete stand up? Apparently yes, after many tests in search of the perfect mixture and the ideal mould. And can a thought be lightened? Miniforms excavated the material until it…

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    Bonaldo Slot Table

    Unleash the hidden charm of your dining room with Bonaldo Slot dining table. The Slot modern dining table embodies the extensive formal and technological research that has always underpinned Bonaldo’s products. For this collection, designer Giuseppe Viganò has drawn inspiration from the world of geometry, from which he has borrowed different shapes and harmonized them in a single design. The collection plays with minimal shapes expressed in space: the horizontal top is supported by two supports with a characteristic H shape, one vertical and one slanted, united by a transverse element that conveys a sensation of movement. The legs and central stem are made of metal, while the top with…

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    Sancal Día y Noche Fiesta Collection

    Unleash the hidden beauty of your home decor with Sancal’s Día y Noche Fiesta collection. Product in the photo: Link sofa Fiesta is a commemorative and exclusive textile designed for and by Sancal, to celebrate an important milestone: fifty years furnishing the most varied spaces. It’s been developed together with the textile company Byborre. Product in the photo: Remnant armchair Día y Noche (Day and Night) are the definitive Fiesta tones that will form part of Sancal’s permanent collection of textiles and will be available for all pieces. Sancal has chosen the infallible black and white duo because they share elegance and timelessness. Product in the photo: Tortuga lounge chair Opposites, they share…

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    Miniforms Nebula Collection

    Nebula: a wide seating collection that has descended from space to tell us about its aesthetics. Step into a world of comfort and style with Miniforms Nebula seating collection. Unleash your inner design guru and transform any space into a modern masterpiece. Discover the hidden truth behind luxurious yet functional furniture! It thus takes on the consistency of a cloud, capable of transforming itself while remaining recognisable: the two teardrop-shaped armrests characterise the line composed of chair, armchair and lounge, each with different types of bases to adapt to every type of landing. What’s more, the shell that composes it is made exclusively of polyurethane, a totally recyclable material. Spacious,…

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    True Design Not Collection

    An enveloping collection that encloses the seat in a soft embrace. The Not family of chairs, armchairs and sofas characterised by a wide wraparound shell and an elegant and versatile appearance, expands with two new versions: the Lounge, with its more generous dimensions where comfort is in the foreground, and the Mini, more compact and with new bases that extend its possibilities of use to new environments. Seams define and design its soft lines, giving it an elegant and versatile look. Suitable for conference rooms and relaxation areas in hotels and residences. Available with various backrest heights and a swivelling metal base, the collection becomes an island of relaxation for…

  • Noctis paco

    Noctis Beds Collection

    Noctis beds collection: a top quality product that celebrates the excellence of the real Made in Italy in every detail and feature. Beginning with the design up to the last glimpse into the package that will bring it to your home. Noctis factory is situated in the heart of Italy, and in the heart of the Marche region, as this is the place where it was possible to grow up breathing the craftsmen tradition: a legacy that Noctis is enriching with the leading technologies, inventing new production systems and patenting new creations. Product in the photo: So Lively bed Patenting the design of a bed or parts of its mechanism…

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    Nanimarquina Doblecara Rug

    Its dual-sided design makes it easy to switch up your look whenever you want! Doblecara, designed by Ronan Bouroullec, reflects his spirit of geometry through subtle linear and intermittent strokes ending in a blurred point, creating a sense of movement in the viewer’s eye. Doblecara is a reversible rug, both sides of which can be enjoyed. The main side shows the design with the most personality, where the bright lines emerge among the reddish tone of the background, thanks to the different levels between techniques, while ‘B’ side is the most subtle and delicate, where its light tone stands out together with soft red stight lines. The mastery and indefatigable…