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Noctis Hello Bed

Sleep is supposed to be a peaceful refuge, but for many, it’s anything but. The reality? Nocis Hello bed could be the answer to your tossing and turning woes.

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Born from the desire to go beyond the simple design of an object, this bed focuses on the search for essentiality, with genuine work done on shapes and materials and with a very precise vision: that of taking a step towards the future. Thus was born this headboard which, like wings, embraces the swivel bed, giving it character and catching the eye.

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A metaphor for well-being, also available with the two removable memory foam cushions and fully customisable, in the Noctis tradition. But as we have already pointed out, we are not just talking about form, but also substance. And this is where the innovative Folding Box® and Secret Box® systems come to the fore. They fit in perfectly with the minimalist elegance of this bed and provide space without detracting from its harmony.

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But there’s more. A concrete step towards tomorrow. The Hello bed is presented with the innovative Polimera® bed base – which thanks to research, creativity and study becomes a milestone towards sustainable furniture.

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Made of polymer and with a completely traceable supply chain, it is guaranteed to maintain the characteristics of strength, solidity and longevity that characterise all Noctis products and that are necessary for a high quality product.

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Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to sweet dreams with Nocis Hello bed. Don’t settle for a mediocre bed when you can have the ultimate combination of comfort, support, and luxury. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Upgrade your sleeping experience now on LOMUARREDI’S SHOP

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