Noctis paco

Noctis Beds Collection

Noctis beds collection: a top quality product that celebrates the excellence of the real Made in Italy in every detail and feature.

Noctis osaka bed

Beginning with the design up to the last glimpse into the package that will bring it to your home. Noctis factory is situated in the heart of Italy, and in the heart of the Marche region, as this is the place where it was possible to grow up breathing the craftsmen tradition: a legacy that Noctis is enriching with the leading technologies, inventing new production systems and patenting new creations.

Noctis so lively bed

Product in the photo: So Lively bed

Patenting the design of a bed or parts of its mechanism means protecting your choices, answering for a total service that suits the highest quality standards. Noctis care and passion for details and quality make out of their products an outstanding example of the craftsmen tradition applied to industrial design, harmonizing technology, aesthetics and emotions.

Noctis so ever bed

Product in the photo: So Ever bed

It is the expression of a culture that finds its nourishment in the world, in its colours, its shapes and its awesomeness and joins them all in beautiful, comfortable and affordable objects. Noctis thinks that beauty must be present in everyday life… and in every night.

Noctis paco bed

Product in the photo: Paco bed

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