The most elegant sideboards of 2018

amalia sideboard modà collection

The most elegant sideboards of 2018 that can’t miss in your beautiful home.


The right sideboard for your needs.

There are many different types of sideboard solutions available and knowing which to go for to suit your needs may not be as obvious as it sounds. The cost is a little bit high because design sideboards are really a kind of artistic work. Made generally of wood, they combine the utmost design with high quality of the materials used and they can be inserted in living rooms as well as bedrooms or dining rooms. As with any big purchase, it’s important to take the time to consider if the sideboard you’ve got your eyes on is suitable for you and your home. It’s important to consider the measuraments and the available space, the style of the space in which the sideboard will be inserted and of course your budget.

aquario sideboard barcelona design


This year trends.

This month we have collected for you the most elegant sideboards of 2018. Modern, elegant and versatile; these are the keywords that best represent this year trends in the furnishing design.

Amalia by Modà Collection

Amalia Sideboard Modà Collection is a collection of two cabinets with doors and drawers .The structure is available in special finishings, in wood, lacquered or in leaf finishings. Drawers can be dressed by cashmere Loro Piana interiors. The design is modern, linear and descrete. Amalia Sideboard Modà Collection is ideal for the decoration of elegant bedrooms and living rooms.

amalia sideboard modà collection

amalia cabinet modà collection


Couture by Barcelona Design

Couture Sideboard Barcelona Design was designed by a young couple of designers, Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche for Barcelona Design who presented a revisitation of the classical cabinet by adding innovation, techique and a remarkable personality. The Couture Sideboard is functional, versatile and is characterized by the decorative patterns on the doors. The strucuture is made of lacquered steel. Doors are available in veneered natural ash wood or vanished in black and are sewning black, blue or orange thread. Thanks to its discreet elegancy, Couture Sideboard Barcelona Design can be inserted in any room and can be combined with modern or classic furniture.

couture cabinet barcelona design

couture barcelona design


Daisy by Modà Collection

French sideboard with doors and drawers equipped with an internal glass shelf. Daisy Sideboard Modà Collection is characterised by a modern baroque style and it’s ideal to complete an elegant living room or bedroom with an iconic and glamorous piece. A wide range of finishes and colours are available making this sideboard suitable for both modern and classic environments.

daisy cabinet modà collection

daisy cabinet modà collection img 1


Caruso by Miniforms

It brings the name of the first Italian tenor who has performed at the turn of 900 at the Metropolitan Theatre in New York, a myth! Elegant, essential, minimalist in its shape, it can be inserted into any architectural environment,the music quality is excellent. The Large version and the once with wooden frame and gold trumpet, that gives the utmost in the contrast Vintage and High Tech, are also available. Caruso Sideboard Miniforms is absolutely one of the most elegant sideboards of 2018!

caruso miniforms

caruso cabinet miniforms


Tratto by Bonaldo

Tratto Sideboard Bonaldo was designed by Mauro Lipparini, who created and elegant and modern sideboard ideal for the decoration of living rooms and dining rooms. The design, simple and sophisticated at the same time, is characterized by the alternation between filled volumes and voids. Thanks to its pure lines, Tratto Sideboard Bonaldo can be inserted in environments of any style. The top and the feet are available in a wide selection of painted colours. Doors and panels are available in several finishings of wood.

tratto sideboard bonaldo

tratto cabinet bonaldo


Wogg12 by Wogg

Wogg12 Sideboard Wogg designed by T&R Haussmann  is an original and modern cabinet that combines an unique design with a sophisticated postforming technique. It is characterized by tubular steel feet that are also the door hinges, enabling the doors to be opened 180 degrees in this way the sideboard can present an open or closed aspect, as desired. It is also possible to have Wogg12 Sideboard Wogg with internal glass shelves and drawers. Two versions are available: striped (white and black) or white lacquered.

wogg12 cabinet wogg

wogg12 wogg


Vitrum by Miniforms

Vitrum Sideboard Miniforms designed by Andrea Lucatello is a modern and essential sideboard with two spacious compartments and two drawers inside. The base is available in lacquered metal. It’s possible to chose among three versions of Vitrum Sideboard Miniforms: -with top and sides in glass/ Canaletto walnut doors. -with top and sides in glass/vintage oak doors. -with top and sides in glass/oak’700 doors.

vitrum miniforms

vitrum cabinet miniforms


Note by Bonaldo

Note Sideboard Bonaldo was designed by Mario Mazzer; it has the shape of a parallelepiped that seems suspended in the air, it’s supported by two slanted vertical beams, which are the distinguishing feature of the Note and emphasise the sense of “suspension”. The frame can be in wood in the beautiful finishings of Canaletto walnut,heat-treated oak or mat lacquered. Vertical beams are lacquered brown or white.

note bonaldo

note cabinet bonaldo


Ercole e Afrodite by Driade

Ercole E Afrodite Sideboard Driade is an authenitc masterpiece of design. It represents a sculpture molded on a furniture. It’s a modular combinable box system on a base made of poplar chipboard and reinforced with tubular steel inserted inside, with bleached or grey painted oak wood finishing. The structure of the containers are made of wooden strips and are available in black or white. The front of the cabinet is made of high density polyurethane and is available in black or white colours. The modules are available with folding wing or with hinged doors and with pull-out drawers and an internal tray. Ercole E Afrodite Sideboard Driade is an exclusive piece suitable for the decoration of living rooms, bedrooms or hallways. In our opinion this is a really must have and it wins the first price of the most elegant sideboards of 2018!!

ercole afrodite sideboard driade

ercole afrodite sideboard driade


Célia by Miniforms

Célia Sideboard by Miniforms takes part of the new Miniforms collection of 2018; it has been, indeed, presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile in Milan this year. Straight lines, precious decorations and elegant colours make the Célia Sideboard a must have in our living room.It is possible to choose the structure among eight different colours. Doors, instead, are available in lacquered wood, oak wood, Canaletto walnut, ash stained black or anthracite. Célia Sideboard Miniforms, thanks to its elegant design can be inserted in modern and high level environments too.

celia cabinet miniforms

celia cabinet miniforms simg1

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The best modern rugs of 2018

design rug nanimarquina

This month we have collected for you the best modern rugs of 2018 created by the most famous designers.


design rug nanimarquina


Designer rugs are a great way to personalise the house or the office of our dreams. Modern and contemporary rugs can be bold and colourful, calm and cosy, square, round or rectangular, natural or handmade and even waterproof. With all this choice available, it can be hard to decide which floor rug is right for you and your home.
The type of rug you choose will depend on a number of options from taste to practicality, but we have selected some of the most beautiful and famous modern rugs able to give a touch of elegance and exclusivity to an environment without compromising the harmony of the space in which they are inserted.

design rugs nanimarquina 1


Nanimarquina: art, design and quality.

The most famous company in the design rug production is the Spanish Nanimarquina. Immersed in a unique world of creativity from her early childhood, Nani Marquina’s father, Rafael Marquina, one of the pioneers of Spanish design, is the creator of the famous Marquina oil cruet. An icon of Spanish design, the cruet garnered the first prize during the inaugural edition of the ADIFAD Awards in 1961. This made a profound impression on Nani, fostering a deep conviction to follow in her father’s footsteps and the family tradition of design. Nani founded nanimarquina in 1987, driven by the desire to create innovative rugs.
Special attention and effort have been invested in searching for quality raw materials and manufacturing processes from the very beginning; factors that enrich the aesthetics of her designs, the main reason for the brand’s commercial success. In addition, thanks to her visionary attitude, Nani Marquina collaborates with prestigious international designers to create unique collections, the first textile designer to work on the concept of designer rugs. Growth and international acclaim would continue in 2002, with the addition of Nani’s daughter, María Piera Marquina.

design rugs nanimarquina 3

design rugs nanimarquina 5


The Rangoli Rug

The designer took the ispiration from Rangoli, a Hindu floral design with a long historic tradition: it is a welcome symbol which provides protection or offers good luck. The pattern is normally composed of flower petals, leaves, coloured powders, rice flour, and other elements that act as a vehicle for decoration. It’s charm and discreet elegancy make it perfect for the decoration of hallways, large living rooms and, in the smaller version, of bed rooms. Rangoli Rug Nanimarquina is available round in shape, in three different sizes.

nanimarquina rangoli rug

nanimarquina rangoli rug 1


The Hayon x Nani Rug

Hayon x Nani Rug Nanimarquina was designed by Jaime Hayon for Nanimarquina who gave life to a collection of four funny and coloured carpets. It was created with the hand tufting technique, a manually operated pistol injects pieces of wool, intuitive and fluid lines are achieved, as well as an organic composition. It could seem a chaotic representation of strange coloured shapes but in reality it carefully matches the imagination of the designer: lips, hands, turtles, fish, half men… Hayon x Nani Rug Nanimarquina is ideal for the decoration of modern living rooms and coloured bed rooms.

hayon x nani rug nanimarquina

hayon x nani rug1 nanimarquina


The Figura Humana 1948 Rug

Figura Humana 1948 Rug Nanimarquina takes part of a collection of elegant rugs dedicated to Eduardo Chillida. The collection is based on the artist’s chronological works: Figura Humana – 1948, Dibujo Tinta – 1957, Collage – 1966, Mano and Manos from the ‘90s and Gravitación from 1993 and 1994. The nuances he used for its art have been meticulously translated into these exclusive carpets using various materials and fibres, for example silk, wool and hand-spun mohair. They are suitable for the decoration of a home and public areas too.

figura humana rug nanimarquina


Medina Rug 1

Medina 1 Rug Nanimarquina is an elegant decorative element inspired by the ancient rugs that were used to protect people from direct contact with the ground. It has been handcrafted using the old kilim technique of north of Pakistan.  The Medina 1 Rug is available in rectangular shape in three different sizes. It is warm and enveloping and can be inserted in any room: from a living room to a bed room to a dining room. The Medina Rug 1 takes part of the best modern rugs of 2018 thanks to its versatility and luxury appeal.

medina rug 1 nanimarquina

nanimarquina medina 1


The Kala Rug

Kala, that translated to Hindi means “tomorrow” and “art” was inspired by children’s creativity and imagination for a better future. This project was born from the collaboration between Nanimarquina and India; the collection represents original drawings from students at Care&Fair schools in India who has created a masterpiece insertable in any room. Kala Rug Nanimarquina is available rectangular or round in five different sizes.

kala design rug nanimarquina

nanimarquina kala design rug 1


The Gravitaciòn Rug

Gravitaciòn Rug Nanimarquina takes part of a collection of elegant rugs dedicated to Eduardo Chillida. The collection is based on the artist’s chronological works: Figura Humana – 1948, Dibujo Tinta – 1957, Collage – 1966, Mano and Manos from the ‘90s and Gravitación from 1993 and 1994. The nuances he used for its art have been meticulously translated into these exclusive carpets using various materials and fibres, for example silk, wool and hand-spun mohair. They are suitable for the decoration of a home and public areas too.

nanimarquina gravitacion rug

nanimarquina design rug gravitacion


The Medina 2 Rug

Medina 2 Rug Nanimarquina is one of the best modern rug of 2018 thanks to the mix of its elegant colours that gives life to an unique design decorative element able to furnish any space and room. It has been handcrafted using the old kilim technique of north of Pakistan. Medina 2 Rug Nanimarquina is available in rectangular shape in three different sizes. It is warm and enveloping and can be inserted in any room: from a living room to a bed room to a dining room.

medina 2 design rug nanimarquina

nanimarquina medina 2


The Dibujo Tinta 1957 Rug

Dibujo Tinta 1957 Rug Nanimarquina takes part of a collection of elegant rugs dedicated to Eduardo Chillida. The collection is based on the artist’s chronological works: Figura Humana – 1948, Dibujo Tinta – 1957, Collage – 1966, Mano and Manos from the ‘90s and Gravitación from 1993 and 1994.  Light and elegant nuances, just a drawing in the middle but the visual impact is remarkable especially when inserted in wide spaces such as living rooms or even art galleries or waiting rooms. It is suitable for any environment: office space, home and public applications.

nanimarquina dibujo tinta rug

nanimarquina dibujo tinta design rug


We hope you liked our article about the best modern rugs of 2018. You can shop the Nanimarquina design rug collection in our store







Your New Bed Buying Guide

Your New Bed Buying Guide for the purchasing of the most important item of your home.

It’s never easy to choose the right bed for our needs. There are so many factors to consider: model, design, comfort, mattress, slatted base, costs, upholstery… Our New Bed Buying Guide aims to talk you through the many options available, from style to materials, to help you make a clear and informed decision.


What are your primary needs?

As a starting point it is better to consider what you need, not only from the personal point of view but also according to the characteristics of the room in which the bed will be placed. Is the room small? So you need a bed with a container to store blankets, bedclothes and other items? Is your bedroom dusty? In this case Japanese style lower beds are not recommended at all. In addition, wheeled beds are available on the market for cleaning the room easly because  they can be moved at any time in any direction. If the bed is for a single person you don’t necessarily have to buy a single bed; The one-and-a-half-quarter beds are ideal for those who have a large room and are looking for a high comfort bed.

basket bonaldo

The design

After these reflections you can move on to the fun side in choosing your new bed: the design! And here a huge window opens up thanks to the wide choice, almost infinite I dare to say, for what concerns brands, models, finishes, coatings, fabrics …
There are prestigious brands that have created beds with a unique, exclusive and extremely elegant design. Others, however, with good prices have created beds of excellent quality so as to offer the customer a good product without having to spend exorbitant amounts.


Highlands Bed

highlands moroso

Plane Bed ICarraro

plane i carraro


Fabric or leather? What type of fabric? Wool, linen, cotton?
The choice is not easy at all! Usually fabric is the most used upholstery because its very versatile and so it can be combined with any style and type of furnishing. It is also easy to wash and to keep cleaned. It is usually available in a very wide range of colours and variants: fabric trame, bubble, jeans, sponge…Linen is a very very elegant upholstery and is able to give a touch of style to any environment. It is a cool material which keep you fresh during summer and most of all is the most durable material for beds. Wool, instead, is perfect during the winter season, it keeps you warm and comfortable. Its elegant and, the most important thing, is characterized by its natural stain resistance. It expresses all its potential in the colours of light blue, green, ancient pink and beige. Leather is the most exclusive and luxury upholstery. A bit expensive but, if it’s well maintained, it can last en entire life! The more time passes the more leather becomes precious and charming adding character and personality to the environment in which the bed is inserted.

colpo di fulmine modà collection

lansbury modà collection

lowland moroso

Slatted Bases

The slatted base, together with the mattress, is perhaps the most important element. The quality of sleep and the ability to rest and relax comfortably depend on it. Thousands of models are available on the market, here some examples of the best seller ones:

-slatted base with metal structure, steel tube frame with oversize cross section

-slatted base with antistatic wooden butcherblock structure

-metal bed base and steel frame with larger section and surface in rigid plywood with ventilation holes…


The mattress

All mattresses offer different levels of support, tension and comfort and it’s important to get the one that’s right for you. At first you should think about how you sleep as this will determine how much support you’ll need for your back and head. Secondly you should think about how often the bed will be used and who will use it (if its a bed for kids, for guests, if it’s a double or a single bed…). We have collected some of the most popular models:

-Ergonomic springing mattress

-Orthopaedic springing mattress

-Pocket-spring mattress

-Pocket-spring mattress hypoallergenic

-Polyurethane mattress

-Polyurethane mattress with removable cover

-Polyurethane mattress with removable cover hypoallergenic

-3 zone mattress

-7 zone mattress

-7 zone mattress hypoallergenic


If you like our article about Your New Bed Buying Guide, have a look at our bed collection on Lomuarredi






Lomuarredi furnishes Airbnb

Lomuarredi furnishes Airbnb, decorating the houses of their associates.

About Airbnb


Airbnb is an online portal that connects people looking for accommodation or a room for short periods with people who have extra space to rent, usually private. You can rent directly from the owners your favourite accommodation for your dream holidays.
24 hour support, secure payments, great homes and accommodations, more than 4.5M of accommodations, unbeatable prices, Airbnb host warranty, 191 countries around the world, detailed traveller reviews and free registration. These are some of the great advantages of going on holiday using Airbnb, which offers its services in almost every place in the world.

airbnb logo

Are you planning to provide your home by the sea or in the mountains for the Airbnb customers? Don’t you know how to furnish it with style? Follow our advice!

Do you have to furnish the apartment of your dreams at a cheap price? Choose the European expert Lomuarredi!
We furnish : Apartments by the sea, Chalets in the mountains, Rural houses.
Our architects are at your disposal to make your dreams come true!

House by the sea

sea house

When we talk about a beach house we often consider it as a second choice in terms of furnishings. Maybe we furnish our villa with furniture no longer used and donated by friends or family, improvised furnishings, objects that we did not know where to store and then placed on the first available space. In short, the house by the sea, over time becomes almost a small deposit of objects and furnishings of little value. But why do we do this? Perhaps peopleâs most common answer is this: furnishing a house by the sea is too expensive and is not used all year round.
It could be an exact justification, but why not give up a new furniture and at the same time cheap, which can make more pleasant the place where we spend our summer holidays? Imagine a fresh, unique and relaxing seaside house, with all the comforts available, cozy and original.
Let’s leave out the used furniture and think of a project for our home by the sea: let’s give it a touch of freshness.

Colour of the walls

To give a touch of originality it is advisable not to focus everything on one color but to use combinations with white and pastel colors such as light blue, yellow or lime green that provide that sense of freshness and make the house cozy. We reject warm colors such as red, orange and purple that give a sense of warmth and tend to shrink the spaces limiting our relaxation.

house walls

house walls 1

house walls 3

Pratical and economic furniture

For the furnishing of the house by the sea, without giving up the “new”, we choose practical furniture and not expensive. For example, a small linear kitchen consisting of a refrigerator column, oven, sink, hob and mixer available in various colors, at prices around 3,000 – 4,300 euros.
Once you have identified the kitchen with the many colors available we move on to sofas, armchairs and bed to give the opportunity to Airbnb customer’s friends and family to join them spending a few days in company. We recommend sofa not in white colour in order to prevent it from getting dirty easily, especially in holiday areas, and it would be better to use suitable sofa covers perhaps in stripes or colors that recall the furnishings.
In the bedroom we recommend a cheap double bed with an investment of 1000-1500 euros, while in the living area would be fine a mobile TV holder. The minimal furnishing is completed by some furnishing accessories that can give that extra touch of design.
So with an investment of about 4,000-5,800 euros you can transform the house by the sea in a cool, cozy and modern space!

Plane Bed 

plane i carraro

House in the mountains

The high-altitude houses have a mountain furniture, generally, very simple and functional, which fits perfectly with the intent of those who want relax a few days surrounded by nature and fantastic landscapes.
The kitchen is without a doubt the most well-kept environment, as it is the heart of the entire house. Depending on the space available, we speak of a real kitchen, equipped with all the most modern utensils and appliances that facilitate the preparation of meals, or a kitchenette, which can be used for the most basic culinary preparations.
The designers propose, to break the traditional style, a “new” modern furniture style, born from the combination of different materials, such as wood and steel for the structural part thanks to their great strength, and glass, declined in crystal, for the aesthetic part, as a material that reflects the light and makes the environment immediately wider and more welcoming. With reference to the decorations, many decide to apply paintings, depicting images from nature to the walls, or for the photography lovers, there is a prevalence of auteur shots, with bucolic theme.

mountain house

We propose Modern mountain furniture style

The modern mountain furniture was born from the need to get out of the stereotype of the past, which saw the high-altitude home furnished exclusively in the traditional way, with antique furniture, to have instead a cooler and more functional design.
The designers and interior designers have focused their attention primarily on a more basic style, with furniture made according to the criterion of maximum linearity, without frills. Wood, used as the main material because it is insulated against cold and weather, is combined with other materials such as glass or steel. The sofas and upholstered furniture, once pompous and spacious, are replaced with more squared models, which still facilitate comfort and result cheaper.
Great space is also given to technology, through the installation of a home theater system, which allows you to watch movies as if you were at the cinema, wifi network, which allows you to surf wireless via PC, phone and tablet, and any other tool designed to increase relaxation and fun in the mountainous environment, which certainly promotes rest after the daily work stress. Lomuarredi furnishes Airbnb houses thinking to the final customer who will have to enjoy and live the holiday as he/her was in a traditional accomodation.

Alma Chair

alma miniforms

How to furnish a country house

In summer a country house is a real resource and is a refuge where you can spend pleasant weekends out of town, here are our tips on how to furnish a country house and our design advice in order to turn it into a comfortable nest away from the chaos of the city.
When you want to furnish a country house you need to understand first of all the style you want to adopt; there are different country styles, each with its own characteristics. However, there are elements that unite different styles: wood, for example, is a material that is widely used in country houses, as well as the presence of a spacious kitchen: in the past, indeed, the kitchen was the focus of the country house, and even in the most modern design this feature is often respected.

house in the country

How to furnish a country house: Shabby Chic or Provençal style

The Shabby Chic style is derived from the Provençal style, which takes its name from the French region of Provence. The elegant country houses in this area are characterized by a prevalence of white and very light colors. Among the most widely used materials there is certainly wood, worked in white, which nevertheless reveals the signs of time and its materiality. No, then, to white lacquered furniture and perfect.
Typical of the Provencal style is the use of light fabrics such as cotton and linen in light colors or with floral decorations.
In Provencal kitchens, moreover, an essential element is the sideboard, which is also white and worked. In the bedroom, wood will be used for wardrobes, mirrors and bedside tables, but the bed should preferably be wrought iron.
For the decorations it is recommended to make extensive use of decorated pillows, cages and aviaries repainted white, large mirrors, floral decorations, pout-purri, but also baskets of wicker worked in white.
Therefore the Provençal style is a fairly rich in furniture that balances the number of elements with soft colors and large spaces, resulting in rustic but elegant, very pleasant and balanced style.

shabby chic

shabby chic 1

How to furnish a house in the countryside: English country style

The English country houses style, on the other hand, is characterised by darker, warmer and brighter colours combined all together. Here too we find a large prevalence of wood, often left in its original colours. Other materials widely used in this style are wrought iron and ceramics. For the upholstery of the sofas, the most commonly used motifs are the chequered wefts, the stripes or the plain colours. In addition, in a English style country house you can not miss comfortable upholstered armchairs, a large wooden bookcase, but especially a large fireplace placed in the living room or sometimes in the kitchen.
For the walls let’s forget the white colour, but it’s better to choose instead warm colors or floral wallpapers to match the colors of the curtains and the pillows. The English country style is indeed far from minimalism; it is instead characterized by a wide use of furnishing accessories such as abat-jour, numerous cushions, large curtains and colorful flower pots.
For kitchen furniture it is preferable to use light colours, while for the floor of this room it is particularly recommended to use terracotta tiles.

english style

english style 1

We hope you liked our article: Lomuarredi furnishes Airbnb. If you need tips, interior design projects or furniture for your home or you are associated with Airbnb don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you to decor your dream house!






Newlyweds home decor


Newlyweds home decor: our tips for the decoration of your home after the wedding.

How to decorate a newlyweds house? What are the perfect decorations for the stairs, the gate or the door? How to decorate each room in order to create a romantic love nest? Here are our recommendations.



Tradition has it that the newlyweds house is ready and furnished a few weeks before the wedding, although it is not always possible because of all the commitments that usually precede the wedding. For sure, each couple pays a lot of attention to the care and planning of their love nest: there are no rules valid for everyone, the organization of a house varies according to personal tastes and economic possibilities.
There are some suggestions that are good or bad for everyone, such as the preparation of the entrance, which must be bright and welcoming, even a simple pot of fresh flowers will make it particularly comfortable.

house entrance

house entrance 1



The kitchen musn’t ignore the functionality, it is important to carefully evaluate measures and internal equipment of the wall units and bases. It is important to interpret all spaces with taste and rationality so it is advisable to choose a product that intercepts different styles and desires, even that part of the public that intends, with design, to make their home unique.

modern kitchen 1

modern kitchen 2


Living room

The living room is the most important room of the house, the place that will talk most about the newlyweds with personal items and photos placed a bit everywhere. Maximum power to fantasy and full freedom to customize, at your choice, your living room, the beating heart of the house. A choice that gives value to the context and enriches the character of the entire home.
Numerous variables and endless options at your disposal to completely design your ideal stay. The heart of the house must give energy to the whole space or create a quiet and discreet environment where comfort is the common thread.

tea sancal

cave bonaldo

hoff driade

sancal company



The bedroom should be comfortable, with large wardrobes and bedside tables and functional, if possible the en-suite bathroom will certainly be very valuable. Design objects and soft finishes are ideal to furnish designer bedrooms. When choosing a complete bedroom, besides considering the purely functional aspect of the furnishing elements, it is necessary to evaluate the style, shape and material of the various elements. In this way you can enjoy a unified environment and well studied in its complexity, which not only furnishes a part of the house but that fits effectively into the style of furniture that you have chosen to decline in the other rooms of the house.
The focal point of the newlyweds home decor is the bed. The newlyweds bedrooms can accommodate a plurality of furniture with different characteristics. In this case you can play with a mix of materials and colors. The complete bedrooms are designed in a balanced way, ranging from modern concepts to more classic aspects.

cuff bonaldo

dream on bonaldo

butterfly modà collection

To create a small large refuge that can speak to the newlyweds with class and elegance, it’s better to rely on experts in the field and Lomuarredi also bases its work on the realization of the dreams of the bride and groom through the culture of furniture and design.
Antique, modern or exclusive design furniture, for a house focused on quality and refinement of style. Design, consultancy and after-sales services make Lomuarredi a guarantee in the construction of your own home. For more information visit our website




Lomuarredi supports Simon Yates

giro di italia 2018

Lomuarredi supports Simon Yates at the Giro d’Italia 2018!!!


simon yates giro 2018


After David Millar, Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, Simon Yates is the fourth Englishman in the history of the Giro d’Italia to wear the pink jersey.

Simon Yates is a British road cyclist and pistard who runs for the Mitchelton-Scott team. On the track he won the world title of the points race in 2013; on the road, where he has been a professional since 2014, he won a stage at the Vuelta a España 2016, a stage at the Giro d’Italia 2018 and the youth ranking at the Tour de France 2017.  The captain of the Australian team Mitchelton Scott proved to be unbeatable on the climb, first leaving victory to his teammate Esteban Chavez on the stage of Etna and then winning the stage at Campo Imperatore on the Gran Sasso. That’s why, very impressed by the incredible performance, personality and humble behaviour, Lomuarredi supports Simon Yates!
Supported by a strong and close-knit team he has every chance to win this Giro d’Italia 2018.

He commands the general classification with the following secondments:
2)Johan Esteban Chaves (MTS) at 32”.
3)Tom Dumoulin (SUN) at 38”.
4) Thibaut Pinot (GFC) at45”
5)Domenico Pozzovivo (TBM) at 57”
6)Richard Carapaz (MOV) at 1’20”.
7)George Bennett (TLJ) at 1’33”.
8)Rohan Dennis (BMC) at 2’05”.
9)P. Bilbao Lopez De Armentia (AST) at 2’05”.
10)Michael Woods (EFD) at 2’25”.

Chris Froome instead began the Giro 2018 in an unfortunate way, before the first stage in Israel he fell heavily and in the Gran Sasso stage he fell again,  going uphill into crisis and finished in twenty-third position with a 1’07” gap from Yates.
The arrival of the Gran Sasso entered the legend of cycling after the feat in 1999 of Marco Pantani who, with a starring number, won the stage by winning solo detachment, ripping the pink jersey to the French Jalabert.
The Giro d’Italia that has been disputed for more than a century is the toughest stage race in the world and this year the climb of Mount Zoncolan will be the watershed for the final victory.
Go Simon Lomuarredi is with you!!



Your New Sofa Buying Guide

charlotte moda collection

Your New Sofa Buying Guide for the purchasing of one of the most important item for your home or office.


Buying a new, design sofa is not an easy undertaking and could become very challenging; There are many factors to consider in addition to the purchase cost, the brand to choose and the model.
That’s why we decided to provide an easy and smart guide, called “Your New Sofa Buying Guide”, in which we have collected all the inspiration and essential hints and tips you’ll need when considering one of the most important purchases for your home or office.

Charlotte Sofa Modà Collection.

charlotte moda collection


The Available Space.

Recent studies on people’s habits when they are at home show that we spend most of our time in the living room, sitting or lying on the sofa. We watch television, surf the Internet or simply relax after a long day’s work. So the choice is extremely important!
Always pay close attention to the available space so that you do not buy a sofa that is too large, that compromises the visual impact of the entire space, or that is too small not to be useful for use.
Consider the light points of the room, both natural and artificial. The number of people who will use it, large families with children or only adults such as relatives or friends, in this case you might consider buying a corner sofa, for example.

BI Back Light Green L Daybed Kann.

bi back sofa kann design barnaby sofa sancal

Measure up your living room

Beware that before buying a sofa you need to have in mind the size of the living room, but also the access points to the living room itself and to your home. Can the sofa be transported by elevator? Will it pass through the stairwell and the front door? If not, can it be passed through the window? And finally, will the supplier’s truck be able to pass through the street where we live and stay in front of our house?
These could be problems, easily solved, to take into account before making the purchase so as not to waste money and time unnecessarily.

Style and Comfort.

Modern, classic, vintage or iconic style… modular sofas with chaise longue with or without armrests… there’s something for everyone!
Bizarre designs, enveloping shapes, soft and comfortable backrests enriched with hand stitching, precious fabrics such as cotton, velvet, natural leather, linen, wool or even cashmere such as, for example, the products of Modà Collection that uses the luxurious cashmere fabrics of Loro Piana.
In any case, comfort must be the first priority! In case of additional back support it is recommended to choose sofas with high or reclining backs, wide armrests for the arms and also chaise longue to stretch the legs so that you can squeeze a nap if necessary.

Sumo Sofa Sancal.


sumo sofa sancal

hoff sofa driade

float sofa sancal

La Isla Sofa Sancal.

la isla sofa sancal

xray sofa la chance

Which upholstery?

Fabric: it’s the most used upholstery because its very versatile and so it can be combined with any style and type of furnishing. It is also easy to wash and to keep cleaned. It is usually available in a very wide range of colours and variants: fabric trame, bubble, jeans, sponge…

Linen: it’s a very very elegant upholstery and is able to give a touch of style to any environment. It is a cool material which keep you fresh during summer and most of all is the most durable material for sofas.

Wool: perfect during the winter season, it keeps you warm and comfortable. Its elegant and, the most important thing, is characterized by its natural stain resistance. It expresses all its potential in the colours of light blue, green, ancient pink and beige.

Leather: it’s the most exclusive and luxury upholstery. A bit expensive but, if it’s well maintained, it can last en entire life! The more time passes the more leather becomes precious and charming adding character and personality to the environment in which the sofa is inserted.

verlaine sofa driade

borghese sofa la chance


I hope you liked our guide, Your New Sofa Buying Guide, and I hope it will be useful for you when you decide to buy your new fantastic sofa!


Kann Design from Lebanon

lebanon country

Kann Design from Lebanon, the history of a surprising furnishing company.

Kann Design from Lebanon is a surprising furnishing company which is gaining more and more value and importance.

Lebanon is a fascinating  country in the Middle East (or, more properly, the Near East) on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean basin. It takes its name from the mountain range of Mount Lebanon.
For millennia Lebanon has been a meeting point between different civilizations (including Phoenician, Canaanite, Egyptian, Assyro-Babylonian, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Arabic) and is inhabited by eighteen religious denominations, each with its own distinct identity, and consequently offers an extraordinarily rich and stratified cultural landscape.
UNESCO has identified five Lebanese sites as World Heritage Sites.
The country is also renowned for its exuberant social, artistic and literary life, music and gastronomy.

lebanon country

In this historical setting, in 1958 Kanaan founded in Beit Chabab a furniture workshop composed by a melting pot of independent craftsmen. Carpenters, welders, upholsterers, painters and weavers that work hand in hand to make  quality furnitures. Kann Design products are characterized by a simple, essential and minimalist design but never taken for granted. The use of precious wood, such as oak wood, beech wood, rose wood and teak give every single piece a touch of uniqueness and a sense of warmness, very important inside a home.

Amol W Light Red Chair

amol w light red chair

amol w light red chair kann


Tema Rosewood Table

tema table kann

tema dining table kann


Now Kann Design is settled also in France, in the city of Paris. As an editor, Kann materializes designer’s ideas and drawings. Since its creation, Kann’s project is bringing together talented designers who share the same vision of contemporary design but never forgetting traditions and roots. Every piece of furniture is still made in Lebanon keeping the high quality of the materials used and precious craftmanship. The team is lead by Houssam (the founder’s son), Meghedi & Rudy, who in their studio elaborate ideas, colors, creations and designs in order to develop the recognizable Kann Design Collection. The Kann Design collection includes: seats, dining tables, coffee tables, sofas, daybeds, bookcases, lightings, desks, mirrors and cabinets.


Residence Light Green Table

residence dining table kann


Residence Black Chair

residence dining chair kann


Tema White Table

tema white dining table kann


As we can see from the pictures Kann Design always uses pastel and delicate colours or the wood alone. This, to maintain the warmness of this high quality product which seems to have its own soul and personality. Kann Design furniture is ideal for the decoration of modern homes but it can be also used to furnish public applications, such as restaurants, bistros or bars.


Review of the new Miniforms products

new miniforms mirrors

We are offering a review of the new Miniforms products presented today at the Salone del Mobile Milan 2018


The new Miniforms collection plays with colours and shapes gifting design furniture with clean and essential lines able to be inserted in any context.


new miniforms mirrors



We are offering a review of the new products by Miniforms presented today at the Salone del Mobile Milan 2018, including the IOLA, ARIEL and MARIOLINA seats, and the new table with copper-finish structure and a new collection of wall mirrors. Design products with clean and essential lines with a wide choice of trendy finishes ready to be inserted in any context of modern furnishing.
Playing with the wide range of colors from the most vibrant to the classic, you say goodbye to boredom and welcome to the style that allows you to live in total freedom as if you were on vacation.


Ariel Chair Miniforms.

ariel miniforms


Iola Chair Miniforms.

iola miniforms


Mariolina Chair Miniforms

mariolina miniforms


A chair apparently simple but designed for a lifestyle that is no longer there.
A table that makes you feel good and that gives great value to the living room but the link with the kitchen survives.
A table that has the ability to be him to choose you and not you to choose him.


miniforms table

miniforms table legs


“Invitation ticket for an important dinner: Do not wear elegant clothes, there are them: Iola, Ariel, Mariolina with their elegance will make you live a dream dinner.
He, Them, must understand them.
They, “make up” chairs: after years of black and white, they said: pass a little blush, go. The result: it’s not bad, as in the fifties.
He, toh, for once an effort for me too, for my poor legs that can relax without taking up too much space. But, don’t worry, you won’t trip, on the contrary I’ll make sure that you’ll be comfortable.


iola red miniforms

mariolina dining chair miniforms

mariolina bar stool miniforms

new miniforms dining table


The conclusion of this new collection, presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan: simple in appearance but intellectually sophisticated, almost an elegy. Where the only concession to luxury does not stand out: “Me, the mirror”.


miniforms mirrors

miniforms mirros

living room mirrors

The 50th edition of NeoCon Chicago 2018

neocon chicago 2018

The 50th edition of NeoCon Chicago 2018 will take place from the 11th to the 13th of June.


neocon chicago 2018


What’s on in Chicago?

chicago city 2018

This June Chicago will celebrate the 50th edition of NeoCon, the world’s leading platform and most important event of the year for the commercial design industry. Almost 1 million square feet of exhibition space avalaible for furnishing companies to show their innovative and futuristic creations and for people to admire the future of commercial design; indeed NeoCon will feature game-changing products and services from both leading companies and emerging talent, providing unparalleled access to the latest and most innovative solutions in commercial design.
NeoCon was born in 1969, during this long period it has served as the annual gathering place for the commercial design world’s manufacturers, dealers, architects, designers, end-users, design organizations and media. NeoCon 50 will be a particularly vibrant hub for a non-stop schedule of networking, events and celebrations.



Accomodations and Transports:


It is also possible to book now your favourite hotel among a wide range of accomodations in order to satisfy all travelers needs from the NeoCon official website:


Show Hours:


Monday, June 11 from 9 am to 5 pm

Tuesday, June 12 from 9 am to 5 pm

Wednesday, June 13 from 9 am to 3 pm