Decorating a Small Living Room with Style

sancal talo

Decorating a small living room with style. Our best tips for a small and cozy living room.

sancal talo

Houses and apartments are getting smaller and smaller. In large cities, square metres are being drastically reduced and, as a result, the number of rooms available is also being reduced. In this context, the living room is often sacrificed and combined with the kitchen at the risk of losing welcome and even style. Let’s see then some tips for decorating a small living room with style!

sancal club

Multipurpose decoration

It’s the must for every season, indeed furniture and decorative objects have different functions. This not only saves space, but you can also change the decoration every time you get tired without your pocket suffering. For example poufs which can be turned into little benches or low stools which can be turned into coffee tables.

sancal elephant

Product in the picture:  Elephant Pouf

sancal tab

Product in the picture:  Tab Stool

Another possibility is to buy a TV cabinet that incorporates drawers or shelves, so you can use it as a space saver. As for accessories, there are glass glasses that serve as vases, candle holders or ice buckets. If you have a wicker basket, you can use it to store blankets, pillows, magazines or anything else that comes to mind.

miniforms edge

miniforms edge img1

Product in the pictures:  Edge Cabinet

Choose small but comfortable sofas

The huge sofas with multiple seats occupy an entire corner of the room, if not more. Even an L-shaped sofa is a nuisance for small spaces: it recharges the room too much and leaves no room for other things. One or even two small coloured sofas will be a winning choice!

sancal party

Product in the picture:  Party Sofa

sancal barnaby

Product in the picture:  Barnaby Sofa

A great way to use the space is to combine the sofa with one or more poufs so that it acts as an extra place that you can move from one room to another in case of need.

sancal chat

sancal chat img1

Products in the pictures:  Chat Pouf

Light, neutral and pastel colours

Light colours,  in pastel and neutral tones give a sense of spaciousness and luminosity. They represent a safe bet for a small living room. If you want to give a touch of more vivid color, take advantage of fabrics and accessories such as cushions, lampshades, blankets or carpets and place them in strategic points of the room. This way, you won’t overload the space and break with the monotony.

sancal copla

copla armchair sancal

Products in the pictures:  Copla Sofa Copla Armchair

Playing with lighting

In a small living room, lighting is your best ally. If your room is provided with windows, take advantage of the natural light that comes in and do not use shutters or dark curtains. Also, do not put large furniture in front of the windows.

sancal rew

Product in the picture:  Rew Sofa

sancal float

Product in the picture:  Float Sofa

For what concerns the artificial light, it’s always better to avoid putting extravagant ceiling lamps that make your living room smaller. Use table lamps or floor lamps at strategic points, such as next to the sofa or on a coffee table, so that everything is in harmony and space remains free in the center of the room.

sancal obi

Product in the picture:  Obi Sofa

sancal tonella

Product in the picture:  Tonella Sofa

Central and side coffee tables

Coffee tables and side tables are of great help in the case of small living rooms: they can serve as a small central table or be placed on the sides of the sofa to rest things.

sancal dumbbell

Product in the picture:  Dumbbell Side Table

sancal tortuga

Product in the picture:  Tortuga Side Table

sancal la isla

Product in the picture:  La Isla Coffee Table

Bookcases to exploit the heights

For a small living room, order and cleanliness are essential. Also verticality. The more shelves or vertical furniture you use, the more space you have. As small as a living room, playing with heights is very useful to get the most out of the floor space, especially in long rooms where there is more chance that any furniture, floor plan or accessory will stay in the middle of the room.

la chance climb

Product in the picture:  Climb Bookcase

sixinch crash

Product in the picture:  Crash Bookcase

wogg shelf tower

Product in the picture:  Shelf Tower Bookcase


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The Bauhaus and Knoll World

bauhaus architecture

The Bauhaus and Knoll world. Knoll celebrates its ties with Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe and the Bauhaus school of architecture.

bauhaus architecture

This year marks the centenary of the Bauhaus and for this occasion Knoll has decided to celebrate its ties with Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe and the famous school of architecture through special editions and a renewed commitment to give a future to the history of architecture and design. Having roots in the memory of a community and making them live in the present is a duty and a responsibility reserved for a few: an honor without doubt, but also an act due to a history that was born particular and then become universal. Like the one that unites the whole Knoll world and the Bauhaus, a scenario in which one of the most intense battles for the affirmation of that modern industrial style of which Knoll will be and still is an absolute emblem has taken place.

knoll style

Today when we talk about Knoll we think of an abacus of materials and compositional elements of the project that are not only those of the modernity of Bauhaus, but, we can say, those of always, of all the timeless modernity. And then, as now, it is the people and designers who keep the company’s identity clear, and who have always made it possible for an author, when he designs for Knoll, to marry its vision, becoming part of its history.

knoll furniture design

Just as it happened when the liaison between Bauhaus and Knoll was created, bringing Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer into the company respectively, two great personalities were involved: Florence Knoll, who recently passed away, and Dino Gavina. But let’s go with order.
In 1930, Mies became the third director of the Bauhaus, a school of which he will try to respect the critical spirit on which it was founded, while underlining the mission of adaptation to industrial modernity of the new German design class. The architect had just returned from the experience of the German Pavilion at the Barcelona Expo in 1929, which had made him world-famous thanks to an architecture capable of combining the essentiality of the archetype and the synthesis of the manifesto, a paradigmatic expression of the famous “Less is More”.

ludwig mies van der rohe design

In 1928, Mies was involved in research into rationalist metal tubular furniture, the symbol of modernity, with the MR20 chair-chair, from which other variants (chaise longue and armchairs) were created, which were later brought together in the MR collection. But the absolute emblem of this modernity is the famous Barcelona, the armchair that the master designed for the Barcelona pavilion at the 1929 Universal Exhibition, a true contemporary throne that today is re-presented in limited edition. This chair is a bridge between past and future – as only icons can do – that recalls the intersection of the saddle curulis of the Roman kings, here made of a chrome and polished metal that reflects the surrounding space. It is clear that Mies van der Rohe does not want a seat without history, but wants to give a future to memory, launching a new aesthetic sense based on dryness rather than redundancy. What he will bring with him from his experience in teaching is precisely this idea of a timeless modernity, of the possible union between past and future on the basis of a new way of producing, which overcomes the barriers between industrial and artisan.

knoll barcelona img1

Get the look:  Barcelona Chair

Breuer, on the other hand, is a designer who best sums up the Bauhaus ideals, of which he was first a pupil and then a teacher. When in 1922 he attended the lessons of Wassily Kandinsky, who introduced the influence of pictorial abstractionism to the school, he learned to perceive the potential of the essential form.

marcel breuer design

Symbol of this cultural debt is the Wassily armchair, which uses the metal tube as its supporting structure, probably deduced from that of bicycles. With it the deconstruction of modern furniture is fully underway and the next step will be a cantilever seat, the Cesca, able to renounce even two of the usual four legs, which will be absorbed in a structure as elastic as visually and physically light.

knoll wassily

knoll wassily img1


Get the look:  Wassily Armchair

For Breuer, the need for experimentation did not become extinct during the Bauhaus years, but soon the German political climate also led to emigration, first to Europe and then to the United States. Here – like Mies – he will find a second home, teaching at Harvard, thanks to the support of Walter Gropius, who also emigrated for similar reasons. In 1966 his Whitney Museum in New York (now MET Breuer) was opened on Madison Avenue, one of the symbols that made Manhattan the cultural epicentre of the contemporary world. And it was precisely from New York that a road began that led Breuer’s design to be produced again in Europe, this time in the Gavina factories in Italy, and from there again distributed throughout the world thanks to Knoll International. A story that still today confirms that modernity resides as much in historical facts as in the spirit of the time that renews the choice.

walter gropius harvard

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Furnishing in the style of the 50’s.

sancal sumo

Furnishing in the style of the 50’s: a style that is still trendy.

knoll tulip

Would you like to add a touch of the 50’s style to your living room or dining room? That’s so easy! The 50s style is a welcoming, very refined and elegant style that never goes out of fashion. Characterized by clean and essential lines it is very easy to combine with other styles and can adapt to almost any type of environment.

knoll saarinen

Get the style:  Saarinen Table

To give life to the 50s style in your living room or dining room just add a few elements that recreate the atmosphere of that period. One or more pieces of furniture made from the finest materials, a square-shaped sofa or coloured upholstered armchairs with rounded backs that liven up the room, neutral coloured floors and walls painted in elegant pastel colours are some ideas that could help you to give your home a touch of 50s.

Living room style ideas

The furniture of the 50s is the furniture of the post-war period, a period of rebirth and enthusiasm for the entire world, indeed the colours used are lively and cheerful, almost to underline the general happiness.
The 50’s American-inspired furniture is the well know style coming the famous television series Happy Days or Grease. So, let’s play with colours and shapes!

sancal sumo

Get the style:  Sumo Sofa

sancal obi

Get the style: Obi Sofa

sancal rew

Get the style:  Rew Sofa

porada kosmo

Get the style:  Kosmo Console

sancal magnum

Get the style:  Magnum Armchair

Dining room style ideas

The 50’s style is perfectly suited both to an open space where the dining room and living room just create a very big room, and to a situation where the dining room is separated from the living area. The modular bookcases and design cabinets can be very useful to create continuity between the two environments.

poliform concorde

Get the style:  Concorde Table

viccarbe aleta

Get the style: Aleta Chair

miniforms edge

Get the style:  Edge Cabinet

bonaldo note

Get the style:  Note Bookcase

miniforms matassa

Get the style:  Matassa Bookcase

Rugs style ideas

On the ground, in a uniform and almost always neutral colouring, it is possible to insert large designer rugs, handmade in gradation with the other furnishings, in such a way as not to compromise the visual impact and harmony of the environment.

nanimarquina gravitacion

Get the style:  Gravitacion Rug

nanimarquina mano

Get the style:  Mano Rug

nanimarquina medina 1 rug

Get the style:  Medina 1 Rug

nanimarquina luna

Get the style:  Luna Rug

nanimarquina estambul

Get the style:  Estambul Rug

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Manufacturers at the Salone del Mobile 2019

Manufacturers at the Salone del Mobile 2019. The style, materials, finishes and trends that will dictate the fashion in furniture sector.

salone del mobile milan

Every year, in April, Milan becomes the world capital of design; exhibitors, designers, producers, companies and architects from all over the world meet in Milan to discover new trends in the world of design. In this 2019 edition there were 2,418 exhibitors, of which 34% from abroad, from 43 countries, divided between Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo, Euroluce, Workplace3.0 and S.Project; of these, 550 designers under 35 took part in the SaloneSatellite.

salone del mobile milan img0

How the fair was structured:

The fair has been divided into several themed pavilions in order to make the visit more enjoyable and easy. One pavilion was dedicated to classic luxury furniture – a real eye-catcher! Giant Murano glass chandeliers, glass garden fountains, sofas and armchairs covered in precious fabric.

salone del mobile milan img1

A great success was also the thirtieth appointment with Euroluce, this year’s record edition has brought to the stage an integrated lighting, intelligent, increasingly eco-friendly and at the service of the project and customer’s needs.


euroluce img1

This edition of the Salone del Mobile also celebrated the debut of the new Workplace3.0 stories and exhibition routes, distributed inside the fair’s pavilions, which were highly appreciated both by operators and the public and by the exhibitors themselves, who recognised the value of multi-sectorism, synergy and quality. Workplace3.0, is an innovative event dedicated to design and technology for the design of the workspace, which confirms its new vocation: to explore new ways, forms and solutions for the workspace “of the future”, in which the human factor and intelligent technologies play a crucial role.

workplace 3 0 milan

S.Project, on the other hand, is a transversal space dedicated to design products and decorative and technical solutions for interior design. In total synergy with the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Salone Internazionale del Complemento d’Arredo, Euroluce, Workplace3.0 and SaloneSatellite, S.Project selects, collects and enhances the proposals of companies to offer a 360-degree perspective on interior design and respond to new market needs.

s project milan 2019

But now let’s get to the heart of the Salone del Mobile and explore the pavilions dedicated to modern design that will furnish most of the homes around the world. Visiting the pavilions we found ourselves in front of companies from northern Europe that proposed a hygge Scandinavian style: handmade furniture with essential design all in wood and excellent quality.

salone del mobile milan img4

salone del mobile milan img3

salone del mobile milan img5

salone del mobile milan img6

Spanish manufacturers such as Viccarbe and Sancal have presented very modern collections with a focus on quality and durability. Viccarbe’s style is always very refined and elegant thanks to the use of sober pastel colours and the most minimal design possible; the seats strictly covered in soft fabric give a touch of unique class.
Sancal, on the other hand, has focused on the use of colour in furnishing. The high quality furniture represents a real explosion of colour! Wraparound armchairs in red leather, dining tables and chairs in yellow wood, coffee tables with original orange and red shapes… Plus a modern collection of handmade carpets to complete a trendy furnishing, with a strong character but always up-to-date.


viccarbe ace

viccarbe ace img1

Product in the picture: Ace Armchair

viccarbe aleta

Product in the picture:  Aleta Lounge Chair


sancal db

Product in the picture:  DB Armchair

sancal pion petra

Product in the picture:  Pion Petra

sancal company

Another very important Spanish manufacturer is certainly BD Barcelona Design, famous for reissuing furniture and accessories designed by Salvador Dalì. In fact, its collections are small works of art: original and unusual shapes, luxurious coverings and contrasting finishes.
The Italian Miniforms, known all over the world for its modern and Italian style, presented a very elegant, sober and without excesses collection, focusing on design but also on the aspect of functionality.

BD Barcelona Design

barcelona design grasso

Product in the picture:  Grasso Armchair

barcelona design couture

Product in the picture:  Couture Armchair

barcelona design table b table

Product in the picture:  Table B Wood

salvador dalì barcelona design


miniforms caruso

Product in the picture:  Caruso Cabinet

miniforms mastea

Product in the picture:  Mastea Coffee Table

miniforms kolos

Product in the picture: Kolos Coffee Table

The fifty-eighth edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan ended with a great deal of satisfaction for exhibitors, operators in the sector and for the public as well. Many visitors were able to admire the innovations and evolution of design and were able to take that inspiration that only an event of this type can offer.


Milano Design Week 2019

milano design week

Milano Design Week 2019. All you have to know about the Salone del Mobile 2019.

milano design week

Milan is already preparing to host the most famous event in the world in terms of design and furniture. This year the Salone del Mobile celebrates its 58th anniversary and will become a huge stage that combines business and culture, home furnishings and this time also for the office.

milano design week img1

The numerous exhibitors and thousands of products on display confirm the profound value and prestige of the Salone del Mobile as an international showcase for design, creativity and forums for professionals, on average, every year, more than 370,000 visitors from 188 countries. But, what will be the stylistic categories on display this April?

– Classic Furniture:

This style draws on the values of tradition, craftsmanship and mastery in the art of making furniture and objects, especially in wood, in the style of the past, precisely in classic style.

classic style furniture

classic style furniture img1

– Design Furniture:

Design furniture will be the nerve centre of this year’s Salone del Mobile. Luxury, modern, eclectic, innovative and functional design; this style is by now far surpassing all others, thanks to its versatility and adaptability to various environments: home, office, public places …

design furniture

design furniture img1

– Luxury Furniture:

The luxury sector is always in vogue. Exhibitors will focus on contemporary and modern luxury furniture that combines quality, technology and innovation so that it can be adapted to today’s needs and homes.

modà collection

modà collection img1

Products in the picture: Modà Collection

– “Office” Furniture:

The absolute novelty of this 2019 edition will be the Workplace 3.0, located in Hall 22-24. It will be an innovative and avant-garde exhibition based on the interchangeability of furniture that will have to adapt to increasingly hybrid spaces: homes, offices, public spaces and interactive shops.

luxy puzzle

luxy puzzle img1

Products in the picture: Puzzle Bench

On the official website of Salone del Mobile 2019 you will find all the information you need to participate in this event: tickets, prices, timetables, transport, hotel. More Info.




How to furnish a house in the 70’s style.

copla armchair sancal

How to furnish a house in the 70’s style. Lots of tips to furnish your home with the design inspired by the fashion of the 70’s.


copla armchair sancal


The style of the 70’s is returning to fashion and not only in cinema, clothing or music but also in interior design. The atmosphere of the past, the revolutionary feeling and the bright colors are slowly returning to the houses and upsetting the too sober and modern style that until now has been the master.

nosso armchair sancal

In the 70’s the hippie folk style invaded the living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, transforming them from bon ton and representative environments to kaleidoscopic and colourful universes. This is how the open spaces rich in wooden furniture, natural fabrics and objects with abstract shapes were created.

sofa obi sancal

But now let’s get on with the advice to create an environment inspired by the 70’s.

Colourful Living room:

To create a 70s style in your living room, the key word is “mix colors”! Play, fill and exaggerate with colour and especially with warm colours; create strong contrasts between the sofa, the armchairs, the curtains and the cushions without being afraid of making a mistake. The important thing is to avoid monotony and banality!

barnaby sofa sancal

Get the look: Barnaby Sofa

folk sofa sancal

Get the look: Folk Sofa

mousse sofa sancal

Get the look: Mousse Sofa


Wooden Furniture:

In the typical 70’s house, one of the mainstays was represented by wood: a material that emits warmness and adapts to any environment and furniture. It can be used on tables, coffee tables, chairs, walls and floors, in short, almost anywhere, but be very careful not to turn the house into a mountain hut!

nudo basic table sancal

Get the look: Nudo Basic Table  Menù Bench

matassa bookcase miniforms

Get the look: Matassa Bookcase

olivia desk miniforms

Get the look: Olivia Desk


A bit of Hippie Style:

Adding a bit of hippie style is always a winning move to create a typical 70’s style environment giving rise, therefore, to an easy and comfy aesthetic directly linked to Indian and psychedelic culture. Totems, fringes, dazzling images and blinding colours…

db sofa sancal

Get the look: DB Sofa

digit 2 rug nanimarquina

Get the look: Digit 2 Rug

elephant pouf sancal

Get the look: Elephant Pouf


The White Colour:

Despite the wide use of bright colors, in the 70s white was widely used. White, in fact, at that time became very fashionable because it represented the future; this fashion was born after the American landing on the Moon in 1969 and became the backdrop for many scenes of successful films: the first episode of Star Wars in 1977, the Milky Bar in Mechanical Orange in 1971, the Los Angeles interiors isolated in Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni in 1970.

pion petra sancal

Get the look: Pion Petra Table Magnum Chair

wally bookcase cattelan italia

Get the look: Wally Bookcase

tulip chair knoll

Get the look: Tulip Chair Saarinen Table


Disco Atmosphere:

Who doesn’t remember the movie , released in 1978, Saturday Night Fever with John Travolta, disco culture has become mainstream?! Neon lights, intermittent dancefloors and colourful, sinuous sofas have contaminated living rooms around the world.

orange beast sofa sixinch

Get the look: Orange Beast Sofa

diamond pouf sixinch

Get the look: Diamond Pouf


Psychedelic Wallpapers:

If you want to create a 70’s decoration you can’t avoid to insert the wallpaper! Crazy and bright colours, psychedelic and redundant designs and pure energy. You don’t need to cover all the walls you have available, just choose one to give a touch of pure color to the environment!

colony armchair miniforms

Get the look: Colony Armchair

caruso cabinet miniforms

Get the look: Caruso Cabinet


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The Furnishing Trends in Vogue for 2019

moooi love sofa

The furnishing trends in vogue for 2019. Let’s discover together the top trends that will characterize the homes for the whole 2019.



moooi love sofa


There is no sector that is immune to trends and innovations. Along with fashion, furniture and design are among the most sensitive to the subject. Looking forward to the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April, and the more imminent Rome Fair (from the 23rd to the 31st of March) with the latest trends in living on display, this month we have collected for you the exclusive trends for this year that will give your home a touch of extra elegance and exclusivity.

sancal chairs


Delicate, warm and pastel colours.

2019 takes a break from bright and vibrant colours to give space to minimalist environments and Scandinavian style. The walls will be white, the carpets will be in an elegant pastel colour and the furnishings will vary from cream to white, from beige to light brown colours. So let’s choose relaxing and restful colours for the eyes, bright and very modern environments!

pion petra sancal

Get the look: Pion Petra Table Magnum Chair


vesper table sancal

Get the look: Vesper Table Tonella Armchair


trestle table viccarbe

Get the look: Trestle Table


trestle bench viccarbe

Get the look: Trestle Table Trestle Bench


Mixing industrial and modern styles together.

It’s the coolest trend of the moment! Even if the industrial style has already made a successful entry into our homes a few years ago, now the design requirements have changed even further evolving into a new style: Industrial+Modern. The most used examples in new projects combine the industrial style with the most modern one: the concrete of the walls or the floor combined with furniture in the most modern shapes and colors. A real game of contrasts!


biga armchair luxy

Get the look: Biga Armchair


brix armchair viccarbe

Get the look: Brix Armchair


perigallo stool sancal

Get the look: Perigallo Stool


janet stool barcelona design

Get the look: Janet Stool


Modern Open Space.

The ultra-modern open space continues to be enjoyed because it also meets the needs of space organization, to cope with the decrease in square meters available. It should be conceived as a multifunctional space that, especially between the kitchen, living room and study, should be able to be easily transformed according to the situation. You need versatile tools and furniture that can be adapted to any space, style and needs.

collar chair sancal

Get the look: Collar Chair Pion Stool


barnaby sofa sancal

Get the look: Barnaby Sofa  Nido Armchair


tonella sofa sancal

Get the look: Tonella Sofa


magnum armchair sancal

Get the look: Magnum Armchair


Modern Bookcase.

The modern and minimalist bookcase has become a must have in interior decoration. It is used close to the wall or as a divider between two rooms, creating an exclusive environment full of personality. It is not necessary that the bookcase contains only books, it can also be used as a support for plants and objects.


note bookcase bonaldo

Get the look: Note Bookcase


matassa bookcase miniforms

Get the look: Matassa Bookcase


wally bookcase cattelan italia

Get the look: Wally Bookcase


aurora bookcase meritalia

Get the look: Aurora Bookcase


Design Living Room.

Lately, among the rooms that attract most interest there is definitely the living room. The place where domestic life takes place often extends to the kitchen or dining room, becoming one with it. Or the living room remains a cozy retreat to rest and relax, leaving the world outside. In both cases, the trend for 2019 will be to create as much as possible a well-kept, design, simple but very elegant living room, thanks to refined and modern furniture with never banal shapes and finishes.


sofa obi sancal

Get the look: Obi Sofa


sofa deep sancal

Get the look: Deep Sofa


happen sofa sancal

Get the look: Happen Sofa


tecno sofa sancal

Get the look: Tecno Sofa  Nomada Armchair


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The 10 Most Comfortable Lounge Chairs

sancal silencio

The 10 Most Comfortable Lounge Chairs. More than just a piece of furniture, more than an armchair.


sancal silencio


The lounge chair can represent a retreat where we refuge at the end of a long day, or during a rainy sunday, or just for relaxing and sleeping. So, it’s very important to choose the right one! Here we have collected for you the 10 most comfortable lounge chairs, available in a wide choice of finishings, upholsteries and colours.


viccarbe nagi


1 Lem Miniforms

miniforms lem armchair

Lem Armchair Miniforms, designed by Francesco Beghetto, takes part of a soft and a sinuous collection composed by two sofas, an armchair and an ottoman; the tubular structure with the aid of straps, is fully covered in fabric without using foams. The soft seat cushions and backrest on the shell fabric ensure maximum comfort. Coating is available in tramé, twins, sponge, regal and abstract fabrics in a wide choice of elegant colours. Lem armchair Miniforms is perfect for the decoration of modern living rooms.


2 Boomerang Chill Sancal

sancal boomerang chill armchair

Boomerang Chill Armchair Sancal, designed by Quim Larrea & Associates, is a modern upholstered armchair inspired by Australian aboriginal boomerang.This pure, simple form has been meticulously machined to obtain exactly the right curves, its wax-like finish reminiscent of classic Nordic design. The range started with a single chair and a single premise: to design a product that was both ergonomic and aesthetic, with easy access for those with mobility problems.The chair was an instant hit and lower, wider chairs were added, the Boomerang Chill Armchair, to accommodate the needs of the general public. Boomerang Chill Armchair Sancal is available with ash wood legs in a choice of 19 different colours. It’s possible to choose the coating among a wide selection of fabrics and leathers.


3 Nagi Viccarbe

viccarbe nagi armchair

Nagi Armchair Viccarbe, designed by Tomoia Tabuchi, has been defined as an elegant armchair born to be a classic. The well-studied proportions and the subtle inner steel structure that is covered in shape-holding moulded polyurethane foam makes Nagi Armchair Viccarbe a new icon in the Viccarbe company collection. The Nagi Armchair is available in 2 different sizes. The structure is made of calibrated steel powder coated in thermoreinforced polyester in black, white, fluorescent orange and altea blue colours.
The high version is extremely comfortable thanks to the high back that goes right up to the user’s head and the elegant arms to use when reading or working.


4 Silencio Sancal

sancal silencio armchair

Silencio Armchair Sancal, designed by Ricard Ferrer, is a different, one-of-a-kind piece: it is neither an armchair nor a sofa; it is a mixture of both. Accompanied by the pouf, this piece offers an ideal opportunity to relax while reading, listening to music or having a nap. The legs, made of beech wood can be stained in a wide range of colours. Silencio Armchair Sancal can be upholstered in fabric, leather or synthetic leather in a wide choice of colours.


5 Dragonfly Bonaldo

bonaldo dragonfly chair

Dragonfly Chair Bonaldo produced by Bonaldo company and designed by the well known Karim Rashid is a particular and original chair, with swivelling pedestal base that can be converted into a chaise longue in a simple movement. Elegant and versatile is available with the chrome or matt black lacquered base. Upholstery can be in Capri leather, eco leather or fabric and covers can be removed for easy cleaning.


6 Chloé Modà Collection

modà collection chloé armchair

The Chloè Armchair by Modà Collection is an extremely elegant and luxury armchair with a surprising visual effect. The structure is made of solid moka ash wood; the back panel is in moka ash and is dressed inside. The seat cushion is in differential-density expanded polyurethane. Now is possible to have the coating in precious Loro Piana Interiors cashmere. 


7 Luar Plr ICF Office

icf office luar plr chair

“Blending materials to shape style”. Luar Plr Chair ICF Office was born from the combination of steel solidity and leather warmth, in this way innovation is at the service of skilled craftsmanship creating a chair able to give a touch of class to any space. Luar Plr Chair ICF Office is available in two different finishes: the version with a chromed steel structure on which the interwoven saddle hide is set is available in natural brown or black instead of the version with interwoven fabric seat that is available in black or in natural tone.


8 Barcelona Relax Knoll

knoll barcelona relax chair

Barcelona Relax Chair Knoll was designed in 1929 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and since that time it has become an icon of the furnishing panorama. It is characterized by the combination of a modern and simple design, exceptional craftsmanship and great comfort. The structure is chromed and upholstery is available in a wide selection of fine leathers. Barcelona Relax Chair Knoll is upholstered with 40 individual panels that are  cut, hand-welted, and hand-tufted with leather buttons produced from a single cowhide. The KnollStudio logo and signature of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe are stamped into the leg. The pouf coordinated to the chair is available too.


9 D.153.1 Molteni

molteni d1531 armchair

The D.153.1 Armchair Molteni was designed in 1953 by Gio Ponti, who chose it to decorate his private house in Milan. This new re-edition is produced by Molteni&C company and is based on the original drawings from the Ponti’s archives. The D.153.1 is available with brass structure and Punteggiato fabric, that was designed by Ponti for Rubelli in 1934. The fabric reinterprets the age-old technique of velvet-weaving, bringing it up to date with contemporary patterns, such as close sequences of staggered disks with various gradations of colour. 


10 Lounge Chair Vitra

vitra lounge chair

The Lounge Chair for excellence was designed in 1956 by Charles&Ray Eames who created an unique piece and a timeless icon in the design history. Lounge Chair was inspired by the old English club chair but the famous version by Charles&Ray Eames combines ultimate comfort, the highest quality of materials used and craftsmanship. Now Vitra produces this chair, using the same manufacturing methods of 1950, in two versions: with classic size and with larger size. New combinations of leather coatings, shells and structure are available.

From high backs to recliners, covered in leather or fabric, with metal or wooden base, the options are endless. The choice depends a lot on the style of your interior or how you prefer to relax, some types of lounge chair may be more suitable for you than others. If you’ve been inspired by our article “The 10 Most Comfortable Lounge Chairs” have a look at these fantastic lounge chairs in our furniture shop Lomuarredi



5 ideas to furnish your home with the Scandinavian style

sancal tortuga

5 ideas to furnish your home with the Scandinavian style. Here our tips to create a real hygge environment.


sancal tortuga


The ideal basis of the Scandinavian style is the use of wood, preferably light wood, bleached but also colored (only for some accessories or furniture) in more vibrant tones in order to break the monotony of an environment that would be too trivial. Wood, being a warm material capable of creating a very welcoming environment, is always modern and up-to-date, finding great versatility and insertion even with very different styles. You can create, in fact, neutral combinations, anything but cold that can prove extremely hot and become the keystone to solve situations of furniture in a way that is anything but anonymous.


sancal nudo basic


Here are 6 suggestions to take inspiration from:

1 Kitchen

We recommend combining light wood with a matt finish, white or a very delicate pastel colour, such as blue or green, thus creating an essential and minimalist environment that is at the same time very welcoming. If the kitchen is large, it is better to opt for a table with stools or chairs in natural wood.


scandinavian style kitchen

scandinavian style kitchen img1


Get the look: Nudo Basic Table

Nudo Basic Table Sancal designed by Juan Ibáñez for Sancal is a dining table with a simple and linear design. The name Nudo refers to the knots found in wood in its natural state. A special hard wearing matt treatment gives the table a traditional wax-like finish, accentuating the natural grain of the solid oak top. The structure is made of oak wood and is available in a wide selection of colours. It’s possible to choose the top in wood or in marble. The table is available square or rectangular in four different sizes in order to satisfay all needs.

sancal nudo basic 1

sancal nudo basic 2


Get the look: Diverge Chair

The Diverge Chair Miniforms, designed by Skrivo, takes part of the new 2018 collection by Miniforms that has been presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile in Milan this year. The design is simple but very modern: four wooden legs that with the form of a V letter, a minimal backrest and a comfortable seat available in ecoleather or fabric in a wide choice of elegant colours. The structure is available in four different finishings: black stained ash, anthracite stained ash, bleached ash and walnut stained ash. It’s possibile to choose the fabric coating among: tramé, jeans, sponge, abstract, bubble and regal. The Diverge Chair Miniforms, with its Scandinavian style, is suitable for the decoration of minimal and cozy dining rooms.

miniforms diverge 1

miniforms diverge 2


2 Living room

The very light wood that in its nuances goes as far as the warmest essences of the honey color, or the very dark wood, which can create very interesting contrasts, could be one of the most suitable solutions for those who want to give a touch of Scandinavian style to their living room. Avoid, for the upholstery of the sofa and armchairs, the too dark and heavy colors such as purple, burgundy red and bottle green … Focus on delicate colors such as pink, blue and soft yellow.

sancal copla

Get the look: Copla Sofa

Copla Sofa Sancal, designed by Rafa García, is characterized by shapely ash legs, and plump cushions which pay homage to the songbirds of Spain’s traditional café theatres performing their “Coplas”. By using the feet structure to join the modules, the seating structure has been reduced to the bare minimum, leaving space for plenty of comfortable filling materials while maintaining compact measurements. Copla Sofa Sancal is a welcome, inviting piece suitable for both domestic and public spaces. The casual, cosy look of its cushions and striking, 21cm tall, leg structure set the piece apart from the pack. The composition’s generous array of elements, two different arms, three armchairs, twelve sofas, nine modules and a corner module, enable the design to be arranged to the needs of each project. The best way to create angle combinations is to simply use any of the high arm pieces, although there is also a dedicated corner module if required.


sancal rew

Get the look: Rew Sofa

Rew Sofa Sancal, designed by Rafa García takes part of a collection composed by upholstered armchairs, sofas and benches suitable for both residential and professional use. Its name REW is an acronym for rest-eat-work, indeed Rew sofa can be used for a variety of diverse projects that require pieces for resting, eating or working. Available in five different sizes and in various heights, the Rew Sofa Sancal can be upholstered in fabric or leather in a wide choice of elegant colours. Feets comes in 19 different stained colours of ash wood.


sancal k3

Get the look: K3 Sofa

The K3 Sofa Sancal, designed by Santiago Castaño, takes part of a large family composed by 3 different models of modern sofas and armchairs: K1, K2, K3.
The K3 sofa is characterized by a compact and dependable design and thanks to its clean lines it is suitable for all kinds of environments in any of its versions.
The integrated back cushion strengthens the design and gives a relatively deep seat with a compact overall depth.
The feet are available in aluminium finishing, coating comes in fabric or leather in a wide choice of elegant colours.


miniforms lem

Get the look: Lem Sofa

Lem Sofa Miniforms, designed by Francesco Beghetto, is a soft and a sinuous collection composed by two sofas, an armchair and an ottoman; the tubular structure with the aid of straps, is fully covered in fabric without using foams. The soft seat cushions and backrest on the shell fabric ensure maximum comfort. Coating is available in tramé, twins, sponge, regal and abstract fabrics in a wide choice of elegant colours. Lem Sofa Miniforms is perfect for the decoration of modern living rooms.


3 Dining room

For the decoration of a dining room using too much wood combined with white or soft colors may be a wrong choice, as the environment would become too cold and aseptic. It is advisable, therefore, to play a little more with warm colors, with dark wood, with particular furnishings and design that can give personality and vigor to the space.

sancal vichy

Get the look: Vichy Table

Vichy Table Sancal designed by the French duo BrichetZiegler for Sancal is a collection of tables, suitable for both private and public applications, that includes a dining table, two coffee tables and one side table. The design casts aside the bland conventions that have, until recently, been hidden under flowing tablecloths. Today’s table designs have been laid bare by the trend for chefs to serve their creations on only the scantiest of placemats. Gingham fabric, or vichy in French, used to dress both people and tables for generations, lends the product more than just its name. This unmistakable pattern of squares has been replicated in oak, sycamore and walnut marquetry. Even if the restaurant shrouds the Vichy in a long table cloth, two slender solid oak legs will peak out cheekily, held in place by a shoe-like stand that will resist even the clumsiest of dates.


sancal pion

Get the look: Pion Table

Pion Table Sancal designed by Ionna Vautrin for Sancal is a collection of tables inspired by a chess set, indeed the finishes play with contrasts: high gloss for the base lacquers and a matt finish on the wooden tops. This collection includes dining tables, a stool and coffee tables of different sizes and shapes. The base colours are available in a selection of lacquers; Mustard, Olive, Peach, Sky-Blue and Shadow. This surface runs right the way up to the underside of the dining table top and is used only on the lower section of the foot on the occasional tables and stools. Solid slatted sycamore is used in the upper sections of the occasional tables and stools, and as a veneer on the dining tables. The tops are available in a Natural or a Shadow stain.


sancal magnum

Get the look: Magnum Chair

Magnum Sancal, designed by EstudiHac’s José Manuel Ferrero for Sancal is an elegant collection of  stools, lounge chairs and dining chairs suitable for both demanding public spaces and domestic use.
Magnum Chair Sancal pays homage to the very British elegance, indeed the designer has drawn inspiration from the glasses of cognac that members of exclusive London clubs cradle in their hands as they debate politics.
Magnum Chair Sancal is available in 4 different models: with upholstered base, with wooden feet, with metal feet and with lacquered central leg.
Available with fixed covers, the Magnum chair can be coated in fabric.


miniforms bipede

Get the look: Bipede Table

Bipede Table Miniforms is characterized by the legs that are screwed on triangular brackets which are on the table top and, from a technical element, becoming a decorative design element, indeed the transparent tempered glass seems suspended in the air. Easy to assembly, the structure is made of metal available in white, black, silver or bronze colours. Bipede Table Miniforms is only available in the fixed version in two sizes and can be well combined with Chic Chair


4 Bedroom

In the bedroom the furniture has to relax and reconcile sleep. It is therefore not possible to use solutions that are too bright and tiring for the eyesight, which in the long run would only risk being irritating. So it would be better to dose the use of wood, which would create an environment too warm, almost suffocating and the use of white color that would make the bedroom too bright, almost blinding.
It is advisable to opt for large, enveloping beds covered in soft fabric, minimalist, essential furnishings and accessories and to choose relaxing colours for the eye, such as blue, grey, pale pink and green.

bonaldo blanket

Get the look: Blanket Bed

The Blanket Bed Bonaldo, designed by Alessandro Busana, is an extremely comfortable and enveloping double bed characterized by a particular and original design. Warmth, softness and a sense of protection are the feelings which inspired the Blanket Bed thanks to the wide roller headboard made with a blanket that is available in various colours of fabric.
The components have been inverted and the blanket has been transformed from  a mere accessory to an absolute star. Indeed, a large, soft quilt makes up the base of this bed, supporting the mattress and, at the foot of the bed, it has been folded over and then rolled up at the top end to form the headrest.
The feet of the Blanket Bed Bonaldo are available in three different elegant finishings: matt white, matt dove grey and matt anthracite grey.
The Blanket Bed, thanks to its unique design can be also placed in the centre of a room giving a touch of exclusity to the environment.


bonaldo dream on

bonaldo dream on 1

Get the look: Dream On Bed

Dream On Bed Bonaldo is a modern and linear bed with a simple and essential design, for this reason it is ideal for the decoration of adult’s or child’s bedrooms. It is available in two versions: with double or single base. Feet are available in four versions (and a set of two wheels) and there is also a version with a quilted headboard (Dream On Ego Bonaldo). It’s possible to choose among leather, eco leather and fabric coatings available in a wide choice of colours. Covers are completely removable. A decorative border runs around the perimeter of the bed.


5 Bathroom

The combination of light wood and white is ideal for bathroom furnishings, as it makes the room bright but welcoming at the same time. The style will be clean, essential and modern and will be able to revolutionize, with a few tricks, the entire space.

scandinavian design 1

Get the look: Tab Stool

sancal tab

Tab Stool Sancal takes part of an original and modern collection composed by two stool and four side tables. The entire collection was designed by the famous Studio Nadadora for the Spanish company Sancal. The designer was inspired by ‘trobos’: a Spanish word that describes hives made from hollow logs, typical throughout the north of the Iberian Peninsula. The base is always a curved chestnut veneer available in a choice of six different colours.The top comes in chestnut veneer or in lacquered wood in a wide choice of elegant colours.


scandinavian design 2

Get the look: Tortuga Side Table

sancal tortuga

The Tortuga Side Table by Sancal, designed by Studio Nadadora, takes part of a large furniture collection composed by a big and a smaller armchairs in addition to a modern round side table suitable for the decoration of living rooms. The entired collection was inspired by the Galapagos Tortoises, that’s why the name Tortuga. The Tortuga Side Table is made of ash wood and available in 19 different elegant colours.


scandinavian design 3

Get the look: Plastic Chair


plastic chair vitra


Plastic chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Vitra is a famous collection of chairs suitable for dining rooms, living rooms, home offices, conference rooms, office workplaces, terraces or even gardens. It combines the mouldability, rigidity and pleasant tactile qualities of the plastic material with a clever design, indeed the one-piece seat shell moulded fits perfectly the contours of the human body. The shell can be joined with a wide selection of bases and coatings. An especially striking model, called Eiffel Tower base and characterized by an intricate and graceful design made of steel wire that inimitably combines lightness, elegant forms and structural strength is available too.


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The 5 Best Corner Sofas

sancal mousse

The 5 Best Corner Sofas. Let’s find out them together.


sancal mousse


The corner sofa is synonymous with conviviality and convinces by its natural ability to furnish, without the need for too many accessories or furniture. Often excluded a priori when dealing with the furnishing of the living room, for fear of its size and the consequent difficulty in adapting the environment to changing needs, the corner sofa has experienced in recent years a new rediscovery and spread.
This is due to more functional, modular models, equipped with accessories such as mobile dividers, headboards and bed structures, carefully hidden, which have contributed to making the corner sofa versatile and able to satisfy almost all needs.

sancal duo

But let’s see together the most versatile models and in vogue for this year, able to furnish with elegance and discretion any environment, playing with the colors, shapes and styles.


1 Light and simple as air: Air Sofa

The Air corner sofa is already able to define, thanks to its discreet personality, the “seating area”. Unlike small sofas or the association between two armchairs, indeed, with its volume it assigns a clear and univocal function to the environment. As a result, a few accessories are all that is needed to make the room complete and welcoming.

sancal air

The Air Sofa Sancal was designed by Rafa García who created a modern and comfortable sofa characterized by a linear design and the multiple compositions that we can attain with simple variations of depth and height. Two heights for the backrest are available: 81 or 88cm. There are three options for the armrests: wide, narrow and high that can be combined within the same composition. The high arm option, for example, is perfect for forming a corner module. The beech feet, available in the black colour are recessed: it seems to float on air! The Air Sofa Sancal comes in fabric or leather in a wide choice of elegant colours.

sancal air 4

sancal air 1

sancal air 2


2 Timeless shapes: Happen Sofa

Even more than what happens when two small sofas are combined to form an “L” configuration, the advantages of an angular sofa include the ability to give the room in which it is placed a natural inclination to conversation and exchange. Those who sit down can occupy adjacent positions, but arranged frontally rather than side-by-side: an optimal pre-condition to start long and pleasant face-to-face conversations!

sancal happen

Happen Sofa Sancal was designed by Rafa García who created a very comfortable and enveloping modular sofa characterized by a linear and modern design. The Happen sofa can fit into any project and any space, indeed a wide range of compositions are possible making it suitable for the decoration of living rooms and waiting rooms too. The legs are available in beech wood in the wengué plus finishings. Coating comes in fabric or leather in a wide choice of elegant colours. The wide seat cushions are exceptionally comfortable with a generous 6cm topping of memory foam.

sancal happen 1

sancal happen 2

sancal happen 3


3 Comfort and beauty: Up! Sofa

The corner sofa can either be positioned along the walls, but it can also become the protagonist of the environment if placed in the centre of a room, which allows to move around and access to any other doors or French windows.

sancal up!

The Up! sofa Sancal, designed by Rafa García is a modern and upholstered sofa which combines comfort and beauty.These features are difficult to reconcile in a sofa because the higher a back is the more comfortable it is, but it can seem less attractive. Once more, Rafa García has squared a circle with an interesting innovation. The Up! sofa Sancal is characterised by the possibility of incorporating an easy mechanism which allows you to modify the height of the back cushions; whilst maintaining the most representative feature of this project: the softness of its lines. The cosy aspect of the cushions is not only an aesthetic matter, but a faithful reflection of its comfort. Its arms are also exclusive, with that light vintage air which takes us back to the fabulous fifties. The Up! sofa is available in two different models, with wide or narrow armrests and in various sizes in order to satisfy all user’s needs. Available in fabric or leather it can be chosen among several elegant colours.

sancal up! 1

sancal up! 2

sancal up! 3


4 Chillout effect: Duo Sofa

Do not underestimate the usefulness of the corner sofa for the decoration of a studio or of an open-space living area, without walls or partitions, even partial, between the kitchen, the dining area and the living room itself. Its shape and the possibility of inserting elements exactly where it is needed make the corner sofa a useful piece of furniture to divide without dividing completely. A good way to define the flows within the domestic space.

sancal duo 1

Duo Sofa Sancal, designed by Rafa García, is a modern modular sofa characterized by a simple design, a chill-out style and rounded volumes. The Duo Sofa lines are accentuated due to its seat and back cushions being integrated into the frame.  The Duo Sofa Sancal is provided with wide seating, resulting in an ideal piece to fill with decorative cushions or incorporate extra back cushions.  The variety of modules offered by this model (modules with and without arms, terminal modules, armchairs, corner units and pouf) makes it an all-purpose item for various environments. The legs are available in beech wood stained in wengue colour. Coating is available in fabric in a wide choice of elegant colours.

sancal duo 2


sancal duo 3

sancal duo


5 A contemporary classic: Tiptoe Sofa

Who doesn’t want, after a day of study or work, to lie down on their couch stretching their legs without any more thoughts? One of the reasons for buying the corner sofa is undoubtedly the possibility of having the so-called upholstered lounge chaise or an entire side peninsula, without fixed dividers.

sancal tiptoe

Tiptoe Sofa Sancal was designed by Rafa García who created a modular modern sofa characterized by clean and simple lines. The design is based on a philosophy of simplicity and functionality, indeed the Tiptoe Sofa can be used with different styles to create calm and serene environments. Tiptoe Sofa Sancal is irresistibly cosy. Its studied depth, variety of modules and various types of arm, mean that it can be configured to fit into any home. The use of fibre and memory foam in its cushions makes this one of Sancal most comfortable products. The legs are available in two different finishings: copper or graphite.Upholstery comes in fabric or leather in a wide choice of elegant colours.

sancal tiptoe 1

sancal tiptoe 2

sancal tiptoe 3


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