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Agapecasa Eros Table Collection

Agapecasa Eros table collection: elevate any room with timeless sophistication.

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Feeling regal? Indulge in the finest and most luxurious marble tables to make your house look nothing short of a palace. Be ready to add an elegant touch to your home décor! Agapecasa Eros marble table collection is here, boasting timeless designs and superior quality. With a range of styles and sizes, you’ll find the perfect fit for any room.

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A marble table system as a milestone in the research on interlocking furniture without joints or clamping: for the ‘Eros’ tables, the construction solution involves a gravity joint between the top and the leg, achieved thanks to the truncated conical section of the leg. The collection is available in a choice of 6 different marbles: Bianco di Carrara, Grigio Carnico, Nero Marquina, Verde Alpi, Emperador Dark and Travertino.

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Dining version

Eros is more than a product, it is a system imagined with many different shapes and sizes, each with its own particular interlocking point, and where the elegant design of the open slots on the perimeters and at the corners of the tops is determined by the elimination of the most fragile parts that would not have withstood the stress: a sophisticated detail and the key to a true constructive invention.

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Coffee table version

The tables can also be supplied with a two-tone finish using white Carrara marble and black Marquina marble for tops and supports. All Agapecasa products are designed and manufactured for indoor use.

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Console version

The Eros project can be considered the second stage of the 30-year research that, in a sense, began with the M tables. With Eros, the gravity joint, already present in M, becomes explicit and visible. The configuration of this erotic male-female joint (hence the name) (to quote Angelo Mangiarotti’s own words: “male-female joint that fortunately still works”), is dictated by the characteristics of the material itself and at the same time places requirements on the material itself. Eros ‘needs’ the weight offered by marble, the Maestro’s favourite material, to guarantee its stability. The geometry of the truncated conical legs is the best possible to ensure the correct distribution of weight.

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Eros was conceived as a system in which a few simple rules allow for a huge number of ‘fertile’ combinations whose exact definition is up to the end customer, which makes the principle that ‘form follows function’ is far from being the whole story for Mangiarotti.

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The Eros table collection by Agapecasa is available in all its configuration, on request, in our shop Lomuarredi

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