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Between Art and Design

Between art and design: entering Las Ánimas emotional design universe.

Las animas designers

Las Ánimas are Trini Salamanca and Pablo Párraga, a creative designer duo founded and established in Seville, Spain. Their work has a strong symbolic, mystical, tribal and esoteric component, and moves on the frontiers between art and design. Using a language of minimalist, geometric and iterative patterns, they experiment with the materials, their forms and textures, to create an iconography of retrofuturist, transgressor, brutalist and deeply evocative aesthetics.

Barcelona design remix vol 6 cupboard

The couple’s visual and emotional universe includes references as distant as science fiction, anthropology, the distortion of reality, cybernetics, duality, experimental electronic music, or architectural brutality; an imaginary that joins the elements of their social environment, recoding and projecting them from an atypical and personal insight.

Their corpus includes limited edition pieces of furniture, sculptures, interventions and unique objects. Sacred objects, created by themselves in their own studio, that challenge functionality and form; a symbolic Aesthetics dimension full of emotions that lead to a spiritual atmosphere lost in time.

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One of Las Ánimas’ most famous and interesting projects is the Remix Vol 6 collection produced by the Spanish company BD Barcelona Design.

“Respecting the original form and use at all times, we have transformed the surfaces of this office furniture into a black (and white) canvas, a futuristic checkerboard in continuous change and alteration thanks to interaction, which favors creativity, concentration and the creation of another universe with no rules other than the imagination». Las Ánimas.

Barcelona design remix vol 6 collection

The Remix Vol. 6 collection consists of:

– Remix Vol. 6 Cupboard

– Remix Vol. 6 Office Table

– Remix Vol. 6 Drawer Unit

These pieces of art are designed to fit into an office with a futuristic and eclectic style that focuses on innovation without neglecting the functionality, character and personality of the user. It is a unique series because there is only one copy. It is complemented by 570 small geometric pieces of wood of different colors, magnetized, also made by hand by the artists. With them you can make infinite combinations. It is part of the BD Art Editions catalogue.

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