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  • Mediterranean Decor Style

    Mediterranean Decor Style

    Mediterranean decor style: when the light has a great influence on our feeling for colours, warmth of materials and attention to details. Get the look:  Maarten table Mediterranean decor style means to create unique spaces thanks to warm and timeless pieces, perfect for integrating well into many different environments (home, office, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, […]

  • New trends 2020: fitted carpet

    New trends 2020: fitted carpet

    You can breathe the 70s in the latest trends, so let’s welcome back the fitted carpet! All other materials, such as wallpaper, have been brought back into vogue in recent years by many designers. Now it’s time for fitted carpet, which will be the new home furnishing trend of the year 2020. And there are […]

  • Complements That Favour Relaxation In The Bedroom

    Complements That Favour Relaxation In The Bedroom

    Complements that promote relaxation in the bedroom. Furnishing elements and accessories that make the sleeping area a more conducive environment to sleep. Sleeping well is not optional: during sleep the body regenerates itself, a fundamental phase of psychophysical well-being. Sleeping poorly or badly can cause many problems, there are several studies. From mood swings to […]

  • Textile Folding Doors

    Textile Folding Doors

    Design textile folding doors at the service of your projects.   A bit of history Dooor is the project of a young entrepreneur who decided to make use of the experience gained in the family business, a company specialising in the production of folding doors that was founded by his grandfather in 1962. The folding […]

  • The Trendiest Poufs

    The Trendiest Poufs

    The trendiest poufs: the must-have accessory for the new season! The pouf is the must-have accessory of the new season, for your living room area of course. Multifunctional, practical and contemporary, once inside the walls of the house is fun the perfect location to make room for the new tenant. Often the pouf is placed […]

  • Back to Vintage Style

    Back to Vintage Style

    Back to Vintage. The style that is coming back in fashion to save the environment, the wallet and regain the quality of the past.   Vintage style has never really gone out of fashion. Many have been and still are  the lovers of this lifestyle, which in this period, more than ever, seems to have […]

  • The Minimalist Style

    The Minimalist Style

    The minimalist style. That’s how your home has to look to be truly minimalist. Minimalism is considered the purest expression of modern aesthetics; it entered our homes at the end of the last century as a manifesto of intentions, making the cleanliness and simplicity of its forms the rejection of a lifestyle dominated by the […]

  • Furnishing in the style of the 50’s.

    Furnishing in the style of the 50’s.

    Furnishing in the style of the 50’s: a style that is still trendy. Would you like to add a touch of the 50’s style to your living room or dining room? That’s so easy! The 50s style is a welcoming, very refined and elegant style that never goes out of fashion. Characterized by clean and essential […]

  • How to furnish a house in the 70’s style.

    How to furnish a house in the 70’s style.

    How to furnish a house in the 70’s style. Lots of tips to furnish your home with the design inspired by the fashion of the 70’s.   The style of the 70’s is returning to fashion and not only in cinema, clothing or music but also in interior design. The atmosphere of the past, the […]

  • Home Decor With Pearl Grey Colour

    Home Decor With Pearl Grey Colour

    Home Decor With Pearl Grey Colour. The pearl grey conquers the whole house with its sophisticated character.   That’s how and why you should think about using pearl grey in your beautiful home. Choosing the right colors for your apartment is a bit like learning to know new people: you don’t trust appearances and everyone […]