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    10 Years of Gallotti&Radice 0414 Chair and Bolle Lamp

    Elegant, innovative, and crafted to perfection over 10 years, these pieces are a must-have for any modern home.   Unleash your design dreams with the sleek and stunning 10 Years Gallotti&Radice 0414 Chair and Bolle Lamp. Perfect for any space, these pieces bring a touch of luxury to your home. Upgrade your interior with timeless elegance!   The year 2024 sees the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Gallotti&Radice’s two Bestsellers: 0414 and Bolle, two iconic design products that have shaped the aesthetic landscape with their timeless elegance. Both products were conceived with the mission of transforming everyday spaces, combining form and function in harmonious balance. To commemorate this important…

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    Zanaboni Furniture Collection

    Zanaboni furniture collection: immersing in a world of sophistication, where every piece tells a story. Zanaboni was born in 1967 in Meda as a company dedicated to the re-edition of classic and contemporary furnishings with an exquisitely neoclassical taste. Over time the company has established itself as one of the most prestigious brands in the luxury market segment and an ambassador of the “made in Italy” values. Zanaboni collections range from upholstery items to furniture, from lighting to fabrics. Born from the desire to create fine furnishings, the company stands out for its unique and exclusive style, where the excellence of its artisanal production, inspired by Italian craftsmanship, blends with…

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    Cassina Maralunga Sofa

    The Maralunga sofa is a timeless classic: its iconic design will last generations, providing comfort and style to any interior space. A synthesis of design genius, entrepreneurial intuition and made-in-Italy craftsmanship, Maralunga is an international bestseller with timeless aesthetics and functionality. The unspoken innovation of the headrest variation, the reassuring appearance and the simplicity of the soft upholstery sum up the uniqueness of Vico Magistretti’s design. Are you looking for a timeless piece of furniture? The Cassina Maralunga sofa has been around since the 1970s yet never looks outdated. Comfort, style and versatility all rolled into one! Life is too short to sit on an uncomfortable sofa. Upgrade your living…

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    Cassina Nuvola Rossa Bookshelf

    Cassina Nuvola Rossa bookshelf: adding a touch of sophistication to any room without compromising on storage space! A design bookcase in solid wood, indisputable example of function simplified through an interplay of shapes that narrate an elegant, essential and well laid-out set of principles typical of designs by Vico Magistretti. Magistretti designed this folding bookcase with its clean, modern lines that can be used on a wall or as a room divider, freely combining more than one unit, depending on the space available. Features: The bookcase structure folds away to practically nothing, converting the diagonals into support pieces that eliminate the side pieces entirely and play up the role of…

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    Gallotti&Radice Cloud Infinity Sofa

    It’s the sofa of your dreams: the Galotti&Radice Cloud Infinity sofa. Comfort, style and practicality all in one – perfect for any contemporary home! A modular sofa in non-deformable foam polyurethane in different density and polyester fibre with wooden inside structure. Black lacquered wooden feet. Available covered by fabric or leather. Say goodbye to uncomfortable sofas! Enjoy the luxurious comfort of Galotti&Radice’s Cloud Infinity—with its ergonomic design and high quality materials, it’ll make you feel like you’re in a dream. Feeling like royalty? The Cloud Infinity sofa from Galotti&Radice offers unparalleled comfort and style. Sumptuous, handcrafted fabric or leather upholstery, plush cushions and lacquered wooden legs make it the perfect…

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    Emmemobili Sign Chair

    Emmemobili Sign chair: experience luxurious dining with a chair that exudes sophistication and elegance. Emmemobili Sign is a timeless armchair with a bold design, capable of satisfying any residential or commercial need. A wide and comfortable wraparound seat with a slightly flexing metal base. Its comfortable seating, intricate design elements, and sturdy construction make it the perfect choice for any discerning diner. From the sleek lines of its design, to the luxurious feel of upholstery: a luxury dining chair will transform your space into an oasis of comfort and style. Enjoy superior craftsmanship, exquisite materials and modern designs that will bring an air of sophistication to your home. Get ready for…

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    Rugiano Pierre Sofa

    Rugiano Pierre sofa: because every home deserves a timeless piece of luxury. Pierre by Rugiano is a range of luxury and elegant modular sofas. Curved end-modules and corner-modules help create unique and sinuous compositions. The seat is available with linear stitching. Rugiano Pierre comes also in 7 different composition that can adapt to any contemporary and luxury living rooms. Do you want to make your living room special? Get the luxurious Made in Italy Pierre sofa and turn it into an inviting oasis of comfort! Discover the world’s most luxurious sofa: the Made in Italy exclusive! Crafted with top quality materials, it offers ultimate comfort and modern design – perfect…

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    Ecart Crescent Moon Sofa

    Ecart Crescent Moon sofa: luxurious comfort, superior craftsmanship and timeless style. Designed by Andrée Putman, the Crescent Moon sofa with excellent craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort, they’re sure to become the focal point of any room! Technical features: – Fixed or removable seat cushion upon request. – Piping finish. – Structure in solid oak or walnut. You don’t have to be a celebrity to own an exquisite designer sofa! Get your hands on this unique crescent moon-shaped piece and make it the highlight of your living space. The Crescent Moon sofa is available in a wide selection of luxury upholsteries in order to glam your living room up! The Crescent Moon…

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    Visionnaire Lego Coffee Table

    Visionnaire Lego coffee table: a contemporary coffee table that adds style and sophistication to your living space. Is your living room missing something? Add a touch of luxury with this contemporary coffee table. Perfect for any modern home, it offers style and sophistication without compromising on quality.   Technical features: – Main structure in concrete and aluminium. – The concrete part is worked with an aged surface and painted in mat black. – Aluminium part is made by sand casting, textured, polished and lacquered by hand in any colour of the metal finish selection. – The two elements can be mounted in three different configurations. Sophisticated yet functional, the Lego…

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    A Statement of Style and Elegance

    Luxury furniture is the perfect choice for homes that are looking to make a statement of style and elegance. Quality and refined sophistication. Luxury furniture is the perfect choice for homes that are looking to make a statement of style and elegance. From the highest quality materials to meticulous craftsmanship, luxury furniture exudes quality and refined sophistication. Timeless designs and superior construction. Whether it’s a classic sofa or an intricately designed armoire, luxury furniture can transform a room and set the tone for the entire home. With its timeless designs and superior construction, luxury furniture stands the test of time and maintains its value over the years. Unparalleled craftsmanship and superior styling Whether…