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Miniforms Pinto Side Table

Miniforms Pinto: a single-material, strongly sculptural coffee table collection.

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Expressed in three “flavors” and two sizes, Pinto brings with it the idea of ​​travel: under a powerful surface, fragments of marble and stones condense the joy of Venetian festivals in a dress with primitive charm.

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The hardness of the cement appears so soft and malleable, giving elegance to the industrial taste while maintaining the characteristics of the material unchanged: durable and contemporary, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

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Can unreinforced concrete stand up? Apparently yes, after many tests in search of the perfect mixture and the ideal mould.

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And can a thought be lightened? Miniforms excavated the material until it became organic, combined with a material but extremely smooth surface. You tell us!

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Miniforms Pinto is available in our shop LOMUARREDI

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