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    Customised Services Dedicated to General Contractors

    Customised services dedicated to general contractors: i.e. the supply of the most prestigious furniture brands. Lomuarredi’s core business is focused on B2B, i.e. on business relations with general contractors who need a single point of contact and supplier to complete the contract with their clients. With the continuous increase in the prices of raw materials and thus also of furniture, the organisation of transport and the management of couriers, it is becoming more and more complicated to manage purchases made directly to manufacturers because they involve multiple payments, multiple contact persons, different delivery times, deliveries that take place months apart and the possibility of problems. The advantages of working with…

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    October, Project of the Month

    October, project of the month: separating spaces of a small flat with a touch of pale pink. The challenge in this project was to elegantly separate spaces, more precisely the dining room from the kitchen, without resorting to the use of plasterboard, which would have reduced the available space even more. By skilfully exploiting custom-made walls and furnishings, he has managed to extend the living area as much as possible and at the same time create two bedrooms. It was therefore fundamental to insert a Dooor, a textile door with magnetic closure and sliding on all sides, to screen the kitchen and easily divide this room from the living area…

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    Some Useful Tips for Planning your Home

    Some useful tips for planning your home: guidelines for home and interior design. When renovating a house and deciding to design the interior, there are so many aspects to be dealt with. This is why we usually rely on professional interior designers, but this is not the rule! By proceeding methodically and in an orderly manner with DIY you can achieve satisfactory results. By following these tips, you can design the interior of your home in the best possible way! The first thing to do is to identify your needs for designing your home, namely: – Number of Rooms : How many rooms do you want in the interior design…