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  • Decorating with Wooden Chairs

    Decorating with Wooden Chairs

    Decorating the dining room using wooden chairs: the best models in the market. Integrating wooden chairs in the furnishing of the dining room means creating a warm and welcoming convivial environment; in fact, wood is a living material in addition to being ecological and totally recyclable. Get the look with¬†Emeco Navy Wood chair Wooden chairs…

  • Emeco Furniture

    Emeco Furniture

    Emeco furniture: Made in America, often by hand, mostly from recycled materials, but always to last. Emeco became famous started creating, in 1944, the ¬†1006 Navy Chair. This iconic model was made for warships and sailors. During 1944, salvaged aluminum was plentiful. Methods to make it highly resistant were not. Which lead to The Process.…