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Decorating with Wooden Chairs

Decorating the dining room using wooden chairs: the best models in the market.

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Integrating wooden chairs in the furnishing of the dining room means creating a warm and welcoming convivial environment; in fact, wood is a living material in addition to being ecological and totally recyclable.

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Get the look with Emeco Navy Wood chair

Wooden chairs with curved but essential lines will be perfect around an important table; chairs, instead, with a more “imposing” and “massive” design will attract all visual attention and for this reason it will be important to focus the choice on a model that is exclusively of design.

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Cassina Capitol Complex chair

For a furnishing inspired by nature, you can opt for models that pick up on natural elements (tree branches for example) such as the chairs by Ercol, a famous English manufacturer of high quality wooden furniture.

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Get the look with: Ercol Flow chair

In order to furnish a dining room with wooden chairs it’s not always necessary to choose the classic colours of wood such as walnut, oak, ash… Indeed, to give a touch of colour and modernity to the environment, why not opt for bright colours that create interesting contrasts with the rest of the furnishings?!

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Get the look with: Ercol Originals Butterfly chair

If you are not a fan of the minimalist style but you prefer a more modern and comfortable one, it is recommended to choose chairs with wooden legs and seat/back covered in fabric or leather.

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Get the look with Miniforms Iola chair

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