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    Interior Design Projects with Textile Folding Doors

    Interior design projects by using the textile folding doors as the main decorative element. Textile folding doors opening systems are designed to highlight different types of environments.¬†Small spaces and limited widths prefer doors that open sideways. Double-sided opening allows the space to be used in its entirety, thanks to the characteristic double passage. If applied to wardrobes, it allows the use of 100% of the capacity. The central centred opening is suitable for very large rooms and has the task of creating a central passage point that varies according to need. Two side elements complete the picture, framing the whole. The decentralised central opening is the answer to a specific…

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    Giving the Room a New Look with the Textile Door

    Giving the room a new look with the textile folding doors. Sometimes very little is needed to give a new face to the home, work or contract environment. An interesting and inexpensive solution is to opt for textile folding doors. There are many types on the market to suit all needs and tastes. All you have to do is indulge your imagination and focus on the idea that best suits the style of your home, restaurant or office! To safeguard your privacy both at home, e.g. if you live with other tenants, and in the workplace, using textile folding doors to separate rooms is always a great idea and a…