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Exploring Nanimarquina Chillida Collection

From intricate designs to rich symbolism, each piece tells a unique story. Explore the art of weaving with us and add a touch of soul to your home decor.

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The artistic work of Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) currently represents one of the greatest exponents of the plastic arts of the second half of the 20th century. The Chillida collection was created to pay tribute to a chronological selection of his pictorial works. This collection includes works such as the Figura Humana 1948, through the Dibujo Tinta 1957 and the Collage 1966 that reflect the work process prior to his best-known work, el Peine del Viento of San Sebastián. Also included is a drawing of his famous hands and the work Gravitación 1994.

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Product in the photo: Figura Humana 1948 rug

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Product in the photo: Chillida Collage 1966 rug

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Product in the photo: Dibujo Tinta 1957 rug

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Product in the photo: Gravitación rug

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Eduardo Chillida’s birth, Nanimarquina added 4 new pieces, 3 new indoor rugs and a tapestry, inspired by the Gravitations series and an excerpt from his book Preguntas. The Gravitaciones series (to which tribute has been paid to Gravitación 1991, 1996 and 1997) were born from suspending different types of paper and sewing them together.

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This process allowed Chillida to achieve a dramatic effect, exerting a new effect in the way they were superimposed or interspersed. Creating sculptural reliefs that achieve spaces of light and shadow between them. Playing with artisanal techniques, fibers and heights has allowed the new designs to capture the suspension that Chillida was looking for.

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Finally, we find Preguntas, an extract from the book that the artist read during his appointment as Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of San Fernando in Madrid (1994) that collects his own questions and aphorisms. Chillida had a special fascination with questions. He believed that questions are more important than the most brilliant answers and tried to make his work a materialization of them. Always trying to encapsulate the shared human experience, eternal and limitless in its expression.

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All the works have been translated into rugs with the utmost accuracy, all of them made by hand and using various techniques and different materials such as wool or silk, to give textures and show the essence of their work and offer the value it deserves.

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