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Getting Ready for Maison&Objet 2023

Getting ready for Maison&Objet 2023: with a theme under the banner of conscious, engaged kindness.

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“Take care!”…For its January edition, the Maison&Objet Paris fair invites us to get involved, with a theme under the banner of conscious, engaged kindness. Exhibitors and visitors are getting mobilized, and the organizers are invested in creating a better world!

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Taking care:

…of yourself, of your mental and physical health, of others, of the planet, of one’s expert skill. This notion of “care”, which is on the rise, reflects this absolute need and sees examples flourishing in society, with, for example, Café Joyeux, which employs individuals with disabilities, or IKEA, which has designed inclusive furniture for seniors. It’s a marker for society, conveying fundamental trends that are part of our era in search of meaning; the “Take Care!” theme, developed in partnership with the NellyRodi agency, is expressing this need in its own way at the January edition. “To envision our themes, we always start with a survey of society. As soon as we step outside, we’re faced with cultural, environmental, and identity-based issues. What interests us are these voices that bubble up, so we can translate them for the fair. Today, a new ethic is also taking hold with design and décor consumers. The fair is providing answers to these societal issues through exhibitor initiatives it supports, the talks it hosts, and the programming it provides,” states Vincent Grégoire, Director of Creative Design at NellyRodi.

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“Take care!”, an urgent message conveyed throughout the fair:

“Take care!” will be presented around four main axes: taking care of oneself (physical and mental health), taking care of others, taking care of the planet, and taking care of heritage and venerable skills…The fair will rely on and highlight the many brands that have taken on this issue, with an enhanced sustainable circuit and a selection of brands on the MOM platform. “Visitors come to seek out reference points and meaning at the fair. They expect positive solutions from brands. These brands are challenged, and they then become role models and providers of solutions around social welfare, equality, gender, disability, women’s rights, inclusiveness, and the environment…In other words, for humanity overall,” explains this trend expert. Such is the case with Noma, the French design editor that only works with recycled materials, La Ciergerie des Prémontrés, who are carrying on the ancestral traditions of the Pères blancs from the Abbey of Prémontrés, Care by me, the Danish brand that envisions warm, soft clothing and accessory collections, or rugs from La Laine Paysanne, which come from a localized production circuit…They are all proud to be joyful, meaningful stands at the fair.

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Stepping away from stress with the “What’s New?” spaces:

As a specifier, Maison&Objet also seeks to nourish how brands think of design and will present a series of feature areas throughout the fair. The three trend experts for the “What’s new” spaces will illustrate the “Take care!” theme, each with their own sensibilities. “In the air” by Elizabeth Leriche invites us to lightness and repose, with a setting full of solutions to step out of the stress that surrounds us. Trend expert François Delclaux will introduce us to the concept of “Slow hospitality”, for journeys beyond time that invite us to slow down, and François Bernard will present raw and earthy designs full of discoveries, which he unearthed among fair exhibitors, within his “Grounded” space. The Designer of the Year (whom you’ll discover in our Monthly Profile) has imagined a bubble of serenity, a decompression zone at the entrance to the fair that will invite us to shake off all our stress… All the exhibit halls at the fair have been scattered with young, committed brands for several years now, brands who are taking action and offering a “new ethic that is now predominating with consumers, echoing the Slow movement”, this trend-chaser reminds us. These include “La fabrique à sachet”, which offers nature you can plant, and the Dopper firm, which is truly committed to limiting the production of plastic bottles, offering lovely, robust, and clever water canteens. Knife manufacturer Jean Dubost also offers collections with handles made from plastic waste collected and recycled in France.

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You’ll find it all at the fair from the 19th to the 23rd of January 2023!

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