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Eight coffee tables to match with a fabric sofa

Eight coffee tables to match with a fabric sofa. How to create the perfect match with the most classic of upholstered items: the fabric sofa.

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Couple of honor in the living room, sofa and coffee table are the heart of the conversation area, to be organized according to the size of the room should also be composed stylistically in the best way. And if one of the two elements is the (more or less) classic fabric sofa, for the second element the choices can be different. From the most classic and traditional solutions to the most original and less conventional, there are different interpretations that can be given to this pair, especially in the presence of an important element such as a fabric padding. To better understand how to orient yourself here are eight coffee tables ideas to match with a fabric sofa.


What coffee table to combine with a fabric sofa/armchair with a modern and minimalist design to get out of the obvious? If you are faced with a model of this kind, with standard dimensions, one of the most interesting solutions leads to the choice of a central table a bit ‘unconventional’. For example, an upside-down cone shaped, brightly coloured coffee table could be the perfect idea to lighten the extremely “common” lines of the sofa.
Alternatively, another option could be to focus on a table with a different top than the usual models. In this conversation corner, the unconventional choice of a ceramic top was chosen. A very elegant and discreet material, both in terms of colour and material, goes very well with the sofa and is perfect for creating an interesting contrast between the two elements.


Product in the picture: Float Coffee Table  

float coffee table la chance


Product in the pictures: Cicca Coffee Table 

miniforms cicca

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Traditional with a touch of innovation

Do you have a modular sofa made of a fairly large fabric and would you like to “rejuvenate” it a little? For the choice of the coffee table it is better to focus on a single element, simple but of design, minimalist but with a pleasant visual impact as in the picture. Here the coffee table has been positioned to the side of the sofa so as to create a new dialogue with the sofa, an ideal solution to give new life to the traditional upholstered furniture.



Products in the picture: Porcino Coffee Table  Lem Sofa

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miniforms porcino coffee table


Essential lines with a hint of decoration

If the sofa is large, dark and with a minimalist design, in the choice of the accompanying table you could focus on a model that is also essential and large (at least 1\3 of the sofa) preferably with a glass top. The additional idea, to break the rigour of the two elements, could be the choice of a neutral-coloured rug to be placed right under the table. If you then aim, as in this solution, the mix will certainly be winning.

Product in the picture: Gaudo Coffee Table

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For those who love the industrial style

In styles like the beloved industrial, the sofa is often the heart of the entire living room. In this case, however, what revolves around the upholstered sofa must be in line with the style chosen. The ideal coffee table should therefore be central and better if a model with a metal structure and wooden top of a size proportionate to the sofa. A simple solution, easy to replicate and certainly fascinating.

Product in the pictures: Zero Coffee Table

miniforms zero

miniforms zero coffee table


An unconventional couple

What if it wasn’t the classic furnishing accessory but a pouf, always in fabric and coordinated with the sofa? An idea to consider if you have a large space and if you are used to receiving many friends, and therefore you need a few more seats. To be chosen not too small and coordinated with the sofa can be placed in the center of the living room or laterally.

Product in the pictures: Chat Pouf

sancal chat pouf

sancal chat


Vintage and wood to make no mistake

A vintage-style sofa is always an interesting piece. Small and not too large, like the one in the photo, it offers great freedom of composition and allows you to play freely with the furnishing accessories around it. With models of this type for the coffee table you can choose either something in style or something contemporary that creates a link between past and future. In both cases it is better to opt for a piece that is not too large, it would ruin the line of the upholstered sofa.

Placed in the centre:

Products in the pictures: Vesper Coffee Table Tonella Sofa 

tonella sofa sancal

vesper table sancal

Placed laterally

Product in the picture: Dandy Coffee Table

dandy coffee table miniforms


An explosion of colours

A modern sofa does not only mean neutral colours or dark shades, more and more often we find fabric sofas in a wide variety of colours. In these cases, the most prudent solution is to choose a table that is neutral from both a stylistic and a chromatic point of view. For experienced interior designers, two strong, contrasting colours can still work very well.


Products in the picture: Rock Coffee Table Nudo Coffee Table

sancal obi sofa

float sancal1

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XL Compositions

The large sofas equipped with dormeuse and/or chaise longue often occupy the entire part of the living room destined for the conversation area. When choosing a coffee table, in this case you can either, as in this solution, decide to focus on a single center of gravity element of the sofa with sustained dimensions, or orient yourself on several “serving” elements to be placed at the sides of the sofa. Stylistically, if you are dealing with a model with a classic finish, but with a contemporary design, the advice is to choose a precious material (such as marble, for example), which will give the whole the importance it deserves.


Products in the pictures: Zefiro Coffee Table

flexform zefiro coffee table

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