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    Home Decor With Pearl Grey Colour

    Home Decor With Pearl Grey Colour. The pearl grey conquers the whole house with its sophisticated character.   That’s how and why you should think about using pearl grey in your beautiful home. Choosing the right colors for your apartment is a bit like learning to know new people: you don’t trust appearances and everyone deserves a chance, even those like gray may seem cold and detached but inside it is ready to pleasantly surprise those who give them the opportunity.     Versatile, extremely sober and decidedly elegant, grey could in fact be misleading, but when used correctly it is simply perfect throughout the house, especially when declined in…

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    An Explosion Of Colours

    An explosion of colours. Story of an ideal apartment in the heart of New York.     The famous architect Gio Ponti, in 1957 wrote the quote “Architecture is colourless and what you are working on is the environment, on landscaping”. Just three years earlier, precisely in 1954, Ettore Sottsass complained about the exclusive interest in structure displayed by modern architects, crying out for them to consider “a setting in the normal sense of the word”, and thus one made up of colours and emotional intensities that go well beyond any structural reality. He also added “By dint of whitening walls, of brightening things up and wanting more light, the significance…