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    True Design Wing Kitchen

    True Design Wing kitchen: a living space that turns into a kitchen and a place for conviviality. Much more than a table: a living space that turns into a kitchen and a place for conviviality, becoming the beating heart of domestic and working life. The place for sharing, thinking, working… and eating. True’s iconic Wing table design retains its recognizable signature, defined by the trestle structure, lightweight top and central channel for organizing accessories that is enhanced with new features. One front is equipped for preparation and cooking with the latest generation appliances designed with Frigo2000 – including burners, sink, oven and storage elements – the other is an open…

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    Your New Bed Buying Guide

    Your New Bed Buying Guide for the purchasing of the most important item of your home. It’s never easy to choose the right bed for our needs. There are so many factors to consider: model, design, comfort, mattress, slatted base, costs, upholstery… Our New Bed Buying Guide aims to talk you through the many options available, from style to materials, to help you make a clear and informed decision.   What are your primary needs? As a starting point it is better to consider what you need, not only from the personal point of view but also according to the characteristics of the room in which the bed will be placed.…