The New Rug Collection by Nanimarquina

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The new rug collection by Nanimarquina: celebrating colour, simplicity and lightheartedness.

Nanimarquina rug collection 2022


The new carpet collection by Nanimarquina that will be officially presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2022 consists of 7 new items for both indoor and outdoor use. It is an explosive mix of elegance, use of colours, essentiality and, of course, very high quality!

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Let’s delve into this preview of Nanimarquina’s new carpet collection!

Tones rug

Nanimarquina tones rug img1

Nanimarquina Tones was designed by Claudia Valsells who created an elegant collection focusing on color. Four rug models that bring a distinctive, harmonious, rhythmic and sensitive touch, with color as the primary tool. The Tones collection is based on a design that invites you to live the rug, inviting people or furniture into the middle of it rather than merely being spectators of the piece. Nanimarquina Tones rug features an infinite wealth of shades, highlighting the chromatic harmony reminiscent of musical notes.

Nanimarquina tones rug img2

Tones rug


Ceras rug

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Ceras collection, designed by Nani Marquina, arises from the manual process of the tracing of waxes combined with an exhaustive study of the colour to achieve the total balance. Thanks to the elegant design, the Ceras rug is perfect in almost any space and combined with any style.

Nanimarquina ceras rug img1

Ceras rug


Troupe rug

Nanimarquina troupe rug img0

Nanimarquina Troupe, designed by Jamie Hayon, is a rug that speaks of friends, children, free-spiritedness and spontaneity. Animals of different kinds and sizes float in space, strangers to boredom. The new Hayon’s work is characterized by a balanced and harmoniously matched color palette that enhances any space and style. Available in 4 different sizes the Troupe rug is a must-have piece for your home!

Nanimarquina troupe rug img1

Troupe rug


Re-rug collection

Nanimarquina re-rug img0

Re-rug collection, designed by Nani Marquina is born out of the desire to make use of excess production in the workshops of Nanimarquina’s suppliers in India…

Nanimarquina re-rug img1

Re-rug collection


Tiles rug

Nanimarquina tiles rug img0

Tiles collection, designed by Nani Marquina, is inspired by the rectangular and square patterns we found in pavements. Those modules, square and rectangle, create an architectural pattern that allows it to grow and shrink the rug maintaining the original combination. A similarity with the real pavements that we find in public spaces.

Nanimarquina tiles rug img1

Tiles rug

Nanimarquina tiles rug img2

Tiles rug


Shade Outdoor pouf

Nanimarquina shade outdoor pouf

Shade pouf outdoor, designed by Begum Cana Ozgur & Marcos Catalán, is a cylindrical seating accessory born from Shade collection that is light, manageable, and comes in 4 different colours. Now available for outdoor use thanks to the new structure made of recycled plastic.


Tres Outdoor pouf black

Nanimarquina tres outdoor pouf black

Tres Outdoor Pouf Black, designed by Nani Marquina + Elisa Padrón + Marcos Catalán is soft, comfortable and contemporary. Now available for outdoor use thanks to the new structure made of recycled plastic.


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Swimming Pool Life

OGO starfish pouf img4

Swimming pool life: the best poufs to use inside and outside the pool.

OGO starfish pouf

Starfish pouf

The warm weather is coming and it’s time to get your pool ready to enjoy the summer months to the fullest! What could be better than sunbathing in the water lying on a comfortable and original pouf! Let’s discover together the novelties for the summer 2022!

OGO starfish pouf img 1

The OGO Starfish pouf, designed by Nacho Timóm evokes a sense of marine feelings, and it will sure not go unnoticed! Conceived as a seat for two or a seat with a back, starfish is ideal for any surrounding. The garden, the patio… Throw it into the pool if you feel like it! Besides, you can combine its two sizes and different colours to create chilled out and relaxed areas that will definitely make all your friends jealous!

OGO starfish pouf img2

Get the Starfish pouf

Because the heat begins, and with it the orange and reddish tones that go with it, OGO this year has presented in limited edition, the new colour Savanne applied to the Ágora fabric, perfect for all their outdoor products and for use in water.

OGO don out sofa img0

OGO don out sofa img1

Get the Don Out sofa

Savanne is a perfect tone to combine with the other Ágora colours such Anthracite or White and in more daring and colourful ranges with Coral, Green and Blue.

OGO starfish pouf img3

OGO products are able to create a natural paradise in which to disconnect and enjoy the pleasures that the swimming pool and the garden offer.

OGO sit pool 1 lounge chair img0

OGO sit pool 1 lounge chair img1

Get the Sit Pool 1 lounge chair

Shop the entire collection of outdoor products by OGO and ask about the new limited edition Savanne color on Lomuarredi shop

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Tiger Art Gaulino Easy Chair

Bd gaulino chair limited edition

Tiger Art Gaulino easy chair Limited Edition by Oscar Tusquets.

Bd gaulino chair

Spanish art furniture manufacturer BD Barcelona Design offers a limited edition of the famous Gaulino chairs reinterpreted by designer Oscar Tusquets; the seat, completely hand-painted, recalls the elegant fur of tigers for an iconic and unique result!

Bd Gaulino chair 1

The Gaulino Easy Chair is an armchair which gives the impression of being light. It has a not so high backrest, manufactured in wood and leather using artesanal and industrial processes. It serves to sit on in a different way. It is a little lower and more comfortable, due to the not so apparent virtues of the Gaulino Chair, which is its amazing comfortableness. This is a more robust version but carries the same aesthetics, inherited from Gaudí and Mollino.

Bd gaulino chair 2

BD Barcelona Design introduced it back in 2016 to offer other uses than accompanying a table. Now it is presented in a limited edition, hand painted by its author and is part of the Art Editions catalogue. This is not the first time that Tusquets has personalised a seat for this collection. Several years ago, he painted 20 unique pieces. This is proof of authorship and are already part of private collections.

Bd gaulino chair 3

«A limited edition of 50 unique pieces, where the seat has been painted one by one by myself, with the interpretations of a tiger’s skin. This edition celebrates, on the one hand, BD’s 50th Anniversary, and on the other hand, the Year of the Tiger in the East. The leather is minimally altered. It is not ‘pressed’ and preserves the imperfections of the animal. The frame is stained, revealing the natural grains of the ash». Oscar Tusquets.

Bd gaulino chair 4

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Design, Art and Well-Being

Sancal furniture

The indissoluble connection among design, art and well-being.

Sancal tonella

Get the look with: Tonella armchair

Although not everyone agrees, design is an art form that combines beauty and functionality to create both physical and mental well-being. Over the years, many artists (painters, sculptors…) have tried their hand at designing furniture.

Sancal mousse

Get the look with: Mousse sofa

This synergy between art, design and the creation of highly functional objects is in front of our eyes every day when we return home from work and enjoy a pleasant evening sitting in our favourite armchair or relaxing on the sofa. Not everyone knows that it was an artist who created the comfort we experience when using furniture.

Sancal diwan

Get the look with: Diwan Lounge Chair

Exaggerated shapes, bright colours and innovative materials! The experimentation never ends! Many manufacturers invest in the artist and his vision of the world by making the use of colour their manifesto. Others focus on original yet cosy and comfortable shapes. Others focus on ecological materials combined with minimalist yet modern design.

Sancal dividuals

Get the look with: Dividuals pouf

And let’s not forget the illustrators, in the photos Clara-Iris and Sonia Pulido, who are responsible for setting the furniture in various types of spaces using their imagination and making the eye of the beholder perceive all the art and beauty of the world of interior design.

Sancal remnant

Get the look with: Remnant armchair

These two illustrators have worked with the famous Spanish manufacturer Sancal to present the various collections in an original and unique way, highlighting the functionality, design and versatility of the furniture.

Sancal roll

Get the look with: Roll chair

More specifically Sonia Pulido examines the intimate dialogue between body and mind. Using different rooms at home and Sancal’s new furniture, for which the artist has discovered new uses. Vitalistic scenes in which the protagonists, all of them women, explore a simple and homely new normal approach such as listening to music, having a cup of tea, reading a book or making balls of wool. These activities are combined with high doses of agility, balance and a lot of elasticity.

Sancal totem

Get the look with: Totem stool

Instead Clara-Iris was inspired by the poetry of nonsense, turns the everyday into the absurd. Her graphic narrative is striking and reflects on how we behave. If there is one thing that characterises human beings, it is that, on many occasions, we complicate the simplest things.

Sancal tortuga

Get the look with: Tortuga armchair

Have a look at the whole Sancal’s collection on Lomuarredi’s shop

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Decorating with Wooden Chairs

Ercol originals all purpose

Decorating the dining room using wooden chairs: the best models in the market.

Emeco navy wood 0

Integrating wooden chairs in the furnishing of the dining room means creating a warm and welcoming convivial environment; in fact, wood is a living material in addition to being ecological and totally recyclable.

Emeco navy wood 1

Get the look with Emeco Navy Wood chair

Wooden chairs with curved but essential lines will be perfect around an important table; chairs, instead, with a more “imposing” and “massive” design will attract all visual attention and for this reason it will be important to focus the choice on a model that is exclusively of design.

Cassina capitol complex 0

Cassina Capitol Complex chair

For a furnishing inspired by nature, you can opt for models that pick up on natural elements (tree branches for example) such as the chairs by Ercol, a famous English manufacturer of high quality wooden furniture.

Ercol flow 0

Get the look with: Ercol Flow chair

In order to furnish a dining room with wooden chairs it’s not always necessary to choose the classic colours of wood such as walnut, oak, ash… Indeed, to give a touch of colour and modernity to the environment, why not opt for bright colours that create interesting contrasts with the rest of the furnishings?!

Ercol butterfly 0

Get the look with: Ercol Originals Butterfly chair

If you are not a fan of the minimalist style but you prefer a more modern and comfortable one, it is recommended to choose chairs with wooden legs and seat/back covered in fabric or leather.

Miniforms iola

Get the look with Miniforms Iola chair

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Interior Design Projects with Textile Folding Doors

Textile folding doors 0

Interior design projects by using the textile folding doors as the main decorative element.

Textile folding doors

Textile folding doors opening systems are designed to highlight different types of environments. Small spaces and limited widths prefer doors that open sideways.

Textile folding doors 1

Double-sided opening allows the space to be used in its entirety, thanks to the characteristic double passage. If applied to wardrobes, it allows the use of 100% of the capacity.

Textile folding doors 2

The central centred opening is suitable for very large rooms and has the task of creating a central passage point that varies according to need. Two side elements complete the picture, framing the whole.

Textile folding doors 3

The decentralised central opening is the answer to a specific need, required according to the space in which it is inserted.

Textile folding doors 4

The multiple opening guarantees maximum versatility and functionality: it is designed to be complementary to all the systems described above. In large spaces it has a double task: to give the right balance to each element and to increase its usability.

Textile folding doors 5

Let’s take a look at some projects by famous interior designers who have chosen the textile folding doors either as a purely decorative element or to separate spaces in order to create visual privacy.

The walnut flat

“Purity is not in the absence of form. It is found in the exaltation of light and surrounding forms. In this private home designed by wok studio, Dooor combines the warmth of walnut with the composure of white surfaces through delicate waves and a neutral texture. A reconfigurable surface softens the austerity of wood and accommodates a flexible way of living.”

Textile folding doors 6 Textile folding doors 7

Darkness & Light // Park Associati

“Light dominates the intimacy of “Darkness & Light”, the dressing room designed by Park Associati for “Vietato l’Ingresso”, at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan on the occasion of Design Week 2021. The atmosphere where the artists conjure up their ideas and thoughts is dark: the light enhances the intimacy of the typical dressing room experience and creates a comfortable nest where a formal symphony is performed for the guests.”

Textile folding doors 8 Textile folding doors 9

Very Simple Kitchen

“Dooor makes the combination of industrial style and simple shapes “very simple” around the colours, materials and mood of the Very Simple Kitchen showroom in Bologna. Using pastel colours and bright surfaces, the textile door combines a playful atmosphere with the brand’s light-hearted and comfortable shapes, transforming the monolithic kitchen into a lighter and more authentic alternative, based on freestanding modules for every space.”

Textile folding doors 10 Textile folding doors 11 Textile folding doors 12

Photographic Studio

“A photographer’s home and studio designed inside a 600-square-metre former factory dating back to the 1930s is the evocative refuge for a large 5-metre textile door, which acts as an undulating backdrop to the studio/gallery and dialogues with the original industrial space, with its exposed bricks, high ceilings, severe walls, theatrical stairs and concrete floor. The suspended volumes and the flexibility of the textile wall define the domestic and professional spaces within the building.”

Textile folding doors 13 Textile folding doors 14 Textile folding doors 15

Are you an architectural studio, a company or a private individual and would like to include textile doors in a project or in your home? Visit our shop for more information on The textile folding doors by Dooor

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Wissmann Raumobjekte Furniture

Wissmann raumobjekte collection 1

Wissmann Raumobjekte: Made in Germany stylish furniture.

Wissmann raumobjekte collection

Wissmann Raumobjekte is an emerging company specialising in exceptional designs of furniture and living accessories. The company consists of a small but very professional team.

Wissmann raumobjekte

Get the look: Tv Holder Trpod art 130

Chief-designer and company founder Dipl-Ing. Holger Wissmann and his team offer tasteful and stylish furniture just right for your home. The products are all made ​​in Germany, and thus meet the high quality demands.

Wissmann raumobjekte collection 0

Get the look: Table Single art 609

Wissmann Raumobjekte offers a variety of different design furniture like TV-holder, bed, bedside table, coffee table, dining table, bench, wardrobe, mirror, coffee table and washstand.

Wissmann raumobjekte collection 1

Get the look: Tv Holder Column art 118 S

As individuality plays an important role for nowadays, Wissmann Raumobjekte company is very happy to cater to all customers’ personal wishes and ideas relating to measurements, colours and materials.

Wissmann raumobjekte collection 2

Get the look: Tv Holder Solution art 123

According to customers’ wishes, Wissmann Raumobjekte uses natural solid woods with thick laminated wood veneer or particle boards with thin laminated wood veneer.

Wissmann raumobjekte collection 3

Get the look: Table Mikado art 611

The scratch-resistant clear coat protects the wood surface, if desired, a pore-filling furniture oil can be used as well. There are 6 different types of wood and 9 RAL colours available.

Get the look: bed Float art 325Bed Float art 325

Shop the most iconic Wissmann Raumobjekte product on Lomuarredi

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Furniture Trends 2022: The Vienna Straw

Miniforms shiko wien bed 0

Furniture trends 2022: Vienna straw is the new must-have furniture component.

Miniforms colony armchair

Miniforms Colony armchair

Vienna Straw is made from rushes (drawn rushes) and is cut into long, thin strips ranging from 1.75 to 3.00 mm in width, giving it a high degree of strength. Vienna straw has a surface as smooth as plastic and was originally used for the construction of small accessories and for stuffing chair seats.

Miniforms brulla chair

Miniforms Brulla chair

Vienna straw is resistant and can withstand even very high loads. Thanks to these characteristics, Vienna straw in metre lengths is ideal for replacing or making new seats and backs of chairs and sofas, both antique and modern.

Miniforms brulla chair 2

Miniforms Brulla chair

Why Vienna straw? Because from the mid-19th century, the chairs produced by Gebrüder Thonet in Vienna were a worldwide success and became a style icon.

Thonet chair

Thonet S32 chair

In the last two years, some modern furniture manufacturers, such as Miniforms, have started to offer various types of furniture made entirely or partly of Vienna straw: beds, screens, armchairs and chairs…

Miniforms colony screen

Miniforms Colony Screen

The result is a collection of furniture with a discreet, elegant and versatile style. This type of material can be combined perfectly with various other styles: classic, contemporary, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian…

Miniforms colony bed

Miniforms Colony Shiko Wien bed

The Vienna straw used by Miniforms is available in two different finishes, natural or black, creating pleasant visual contrasts or single-colour effects with the various types of wooden structures available: walnut, black-stained ash, natural ash, oak…

Miniforms colony armchair 2

Miniforms Colony armchair

The new 2022 collection by Miniforms also includes a bed with a Vienna straw headboard. The product in question is called the Shiko Wien bed and was conceived by the famous designer E-ggs.

Miniforms shiko wien bed 2

Miniforms Shiko Wien bed

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Fusion of Classic, Modern and Contemporary Style

Sancal core sofa

Fusion of classic, modern and contemporary style: a winning mix thanks to uniquely shaped furniture from renowned designers.

Sancal diwan lounge chair

Sancal Diwan lounge chair and Totem side table

The new Purple Book collection by Sancal is all this! A meeting of various styles, new ways of living and new ways of interpreting the domestic environment.

Sancal roll chair

Sancal Roll chair

The furniture creations presented for the first time in the Museum Collection are combined with those of the previous collections and placed in various domestic contexts: from the typical Spanish house to chalets, from the modern home to multifunctional environments…

Sancal tonella armchair

Sancal Tonella and Totem table

The result is, in all cases, a warm, comfortable and cosy environment enhanced by contemporary shapes and original furniture fabrics. The designers who have created these collections are world-famous: Luca Nichetto, Studio Note, Rafa Garcia, MUT, Sylvain Willenz…

Sancal remnant armchair

Sancal Remnant armchair

The constantly updated catalogue of available finishes is truly extensive and includes materials, colours and fabrics that can be perfectly combined with any style and type of environment: domestic, commercial, professional, contract…

Sancal elle armchair

Sancal Elle armchair and Tortuga side table

All the furniture in Sancal’s Purple Book collection is designed to be versatile, so to be used in the home, the office, shops, bars, restaurants and hotels.

Sancal click sofa

Sancal Click sofa and Pion table

Discover the entire Sancal collection in our shop Lomuarredi

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True Design Furniture

True design inside table

True Design furniture: a long project of a family.

True design furniture img0

True Design is a joint project: the project of a family that has become a company. Founded in 1983 under the name TMA, an interesting geographical acronym of three towns – Treviso, Monselice, and Asiago – particularly active in the furniture industry and, specifically, in the office furniture industry.

True design blade cabinet

Get the look with Blade cabinet

The increasingly high capacities achieved in the upholstered furniture sector and the downturn in the auditorium seating sector led the family to evaluate a new path: the creation of a company that carries forward the expertise acquired over the years, combined with the agility and freshness of a family business a family business which since 2009 also includes the second generation of entrepreneurs.

True design abisko bench

Get the look with Abisko bench

By virtue of necessity in that same year True Design was founded, an Italian company that creates high-quality furnishings and accessories, able to respond to the changing needs of the market in an innovative and lasting manner, providing a service that can always effectively satisfy customer needs with industrial products which can be customized upon request.

True design abisko armchair

Get the look with Abisko armchair

The spirit of True Design brand is contained in a single concise and precise adjective that reflects the values on which its collection is based, characterized by authenticity, practicality, and concreteness.

True design anyway side table

Get the look with Anyway side table

These same adjectives fit perfectly with the coherent and visionary, but also pragmatic, work of the architect Aldo Parisotto, who has been in charge of creative direction since 2014. Parisotto, an internationally renowned architect, co-founder and owner of Parisotto+Formenton Architetti, immediately joined the True Design family, with whom he established a direct, spontaneous, sincere, and substantial relationship.

True design clara armchair

Get the look with Clara armchair

Each of the company’s creations originates from the passion for the work and the profound sense of responsibility of those who work there, in a family atmosphere in which production increases and is developed.

True design ethrio bookshelf

Get the look with Ethrio bookshelf

True Design’s production is the result of a thorough analysis of the demands of both the market and international production, organized in an open and flexible manner, adopting cutting-edge methods and technologies, focusing on knowledge and training. And, above all, cooperation with designers!

True design fender sofa

Get the look with Fender sofa

The designers whose creative talents contribute to further enhancing the True Design catalog are, therefore, chosen according to the affinity between their ethical and aesthetic approach and that of the company to transform wood, fabric, metals, and leather into furnishing accessories both beautiful and accessible that are exclusively manufactured in Italy.

True design grillo armchair

Get the look with Grillo armchair

A decade after its inception, True Design’s objective is to grow continuously in the name of research and innovation, and to expand and increasingly stand out on the international level due to the quality of its production and service, competitively consoli- dating its brand among the most important market segments!

True design sho sofa

Get the look with Sho sofa

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