The Furnishing Trends in Vogue for 2019

sancal remnant armchair

The furnishing trends in vogue for 2019. Let’s discover together the top trends that will characterize the homes for the whole 2019.

sancal remnant armchair

There is no sector that is immune to trends and innovations. Along with fashion, furniture and design are among the most sensitive to the subject. Looking forward to the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April, and the more imminent Rome Fair (from the 23rd to the 31st of March) with the latest trends in living on display, this month we have collected for you the exclusive trends for this year that will give your home a touch of extra elegance and exclusivity.

sancal chairs


Delicate, warm and pastel colours.

2019 takes a break from bright and vibrant colours to give space to minimalist environments and Scandinavian style. The walls will be white, the carpets will be in an elegant pastel colour and the furnishings will vary from cream to white, from beige to light brown colours. So let’s choose relaxing and restful colours for the eyes, bright and very modern environments!

pion petra sancal

Get the look: Pion Petra Table Magnum Chair


vesper table sancal

Get the look: Vesper Table Tonella Armchair


trestle table viccarbe

Get the look: Trestle Table


trestle bench viccarbe

Get the look: Trestle Table Trestle Bench


Mixing industrial and modern styles together.

It’s the coolest trend of the moment! Even if the industrial style has already made a successful entry into our homes a few years ago, now the design requirements have changed even further evolving into a new style: Industrial+Modern. The most used examples in new projects combine the industrial style with the most modern one: the concrete of the walls or the floor combined with furniture in the most modern shapes and colors. A real game of contrasts!


biga armchair luxy

Get the look: Biga Armchair


brix armchair viccarbe

Get the look: Brix Armchair


perigallo stool sancal

Get the look: Perigallo Stool


janet stool barcelona design

Get the look: Janet Stool


Modern Open Space.

The ultra-modern open space continues to be enjoyed because it also meets the needs of space organization, to cope with the decrease in square meters available. It should be conceived as a multifunctional space that, especially between the kitchen, living room and study, should be able to be easily transformed according to the situation. You need versatile tools and furniture that can be adapted to any space, style and needs.

collar chair sancal

Get the look: Collar Chair Pion Stool


barnaby sofa sancal

Get the look: Barnaby Sofa  Nido Armchair


tonella sofa sancal

Get the look: Tonella Sofa


magnum armchair sancal

Get the look: Magnum Armchair


Modern Bookcase.

The modern and minimalist bookcase has become a must have in interior decoration. It is used close to the wall or as a divider between two rooms, creating an exclusive environment full of personality. It is not necessary that the bookcase contains only books, it can also be used as a support for plants and objects.


matassa bookcase miniforms

Get the look: Matassa Bookcase

Design Living Room.

Lately, among the rooms that attract most interest there is definitely the living room. The place where domestic life takes place often extends to the kitchen or dining room, becoming one with it. Or the living room remains a cozy retreat to rest and relax, leaving the world outside. In both cases, the trend for 2019 will be to create as much as possible a well-kept, design, simple but very elegant living room, thanks to refined and modern furniture with never banal shapes and finishes.


sofa obi sancal

Get the look: Obi Sofa


sofa deep sancal

Get the look: Deep Sofa


happen sofa sancal

Get the look: Happen Sofa


tecno sofa sancal

Get the look: Tecno Sofa  Nomada Armchair


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Furnishing trends for 2019: what you like is in fashion

furnishing trends

Furnishing trends for 2019: what you like is in fashion. A trend that leaves everyone free to cultivate creativity.


cattelan italia skorpio

A trend that comes from international fairs and leaves everyone free to cultivate their creativity. Relying on craftsmanship and a mix of styles. With only one firm point: the elegance of solid wood.
Enough with furniture that follows a single trend. Whether it’s modern, urban, Scandinavian, artisanal, shabby chic, classic, everything is allowed as long as it’s pleasing to the end consumer and follows his individuality and creativity. It seems the simplest of conclusions, but from the latest trade fairs – first and foremost Tendence 2018 , the international consumer goods fair held in Germany – this is the most interesting fact that emerges: what you like is in fashion!


solid wood img1


In this pot pourri of aesthetic paths, cultures, traditions, materials and fantasies are mixed together to highlight craftsmanship, the beauty of imperfection (which makes an object unique), as well as the origin and history of products, designs and creators. And if you want to find the lowest common denominator that brings all these trends together, this is precisely the rediscovery of techniques and craftsmanship that are becoming extinct and that can give objects a very special tactility: the 2019 furniture wants to be caressed, with the eye but also with the hand. Today’s design approach therefore requires a high quality of details, finishes and workmanship that can lead to the recovery, where possible, of ancient know-how.


Product in the pictures: Natura Table  


natura domus artis

The material that dominates this explosion of craftsmanship, creativity and mix of styles and cultures is solid wood, better if raw or natural to reveal the imperfections that give the furniture variety and uniqueness. A wooden piece of furniture is in fact an evergreen, it creates a perfect contrast with the more urban styles and integrates perfectly with the more traditional ones, giving warmth but also elegance and a feeling of harmony to the environment.

natura domus artis img1

In wood furniture, the sobriety of the colour is combined with the elegance of the shape and the refinement of the design in order to add prestige to the furnishing solutions. Wood becomes the protagonist in handcrafted furniture, where manual processes create that touch of exclusivity and the advantage of being able to exploit every space in the most suitable way for your needs. Solid wood is the material that places among its priorities the sustainable approach of production, the natural and healthy aspects of materials, a simple, effective design, but not without refinement.


bonaldo big table

What are the most popular and best-selling solid wood design furniture? Italian companies such as Domus Artis uses this precious material for the production of handcrafted dining and kitchen tables. Other luxury companies, such as Cattelan Italia and Bonaldo have created high level iconic products that have had great success at the international level. The choice is very wide; from handcrafted products to exclusive luxury. The important thing is that you like it and that it matches the environment, giving also a touch of warmth to the space without compromising the visual impact.


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